How to Deal with an Emotionally Unavailable Girl

Emotionally Unavailable Girl

You might have already heard this phrase. But what is ‘emotionally unavailable’? Is this something bad or normal? What does it mean in terms of dating? I prepared answers to all these questions and some more. Let’s now figure this whole matter out.

Who are emotionally unavailable women?

Basically, there are two main approaches to the problem of emotional unavailability (note that we aren’t talking about its clinical forms now). First, it is viewed as one’s temporary mental state provoked by certain events in life. Those who have recently been through difficult situations e.g. a divorce, harsh breakup, loss etc. as well as those who are simply buried in their current businesses fall under this category. The second understanding of emotional detachment – and the broader one – is directly linked to the social role of a modern woman and her rights. In this case, we are talking about rather a chronic form of this state because it is determined by one’s character peculiarities.Unavailability

Probably, no one can argue with the fact that the way human society lives and develops today discourages people from revealing what they feel. Historically, there was the need for gathering in groups so our ancestors learned to rely on their family members, friends, and neighbours.

The proportion of emotionally detached individuals grows since we become more and more self-reliant. In the light of this, the issues of femininity and the female independence remain subjects for a lively debate. Women have already obtained all the same rights men hold; they are free to live their lives without getting attached to males or building strong relationships.

Here are some key signs that will help you distinguish emotionally unavailable girls. They are somewhat elusive – there are too many businesses to manage during a workday and too many cool options to spend a free time. Their manner of communication may vary from abusive to evasive: they boldly ask personal questions on a first date and behave arrogantly towards people around but also feel uncomfortable when you attempt to get to know them on a serious level. Finally, they avoid discussing their past, especially their former romantic partners, and become overall enigmatic if you wish to know their love plans. Such ambiguousness is caused by the deep fear of getting hurt by the cruel world and people who live in it – an inevitable consequence of self-sufficiency.

Now, let’s talk about your dating life a little. You’ve met a girl and your communication seems to be quite exciting apart from the “detachment” factor. Is she emotionally unavailable? If she probably is, see the recommendations below.

How to approach and treat such a girl

Learn to understand her way of thinking. Regardless of how independent a girl is, she remains a woman. Yes, there are exceptions but they are fewer than you think. You are a man, so you are supposed to perform some “conventional” gender functions in a relationship. Read between the lines and you will be able to know what she wants to get.

Remember she might be new to committed relationships. As a consequence, it is both hard and exciting for her. I suggest you not only enjoy the romance but help your girlfriend obtain this valuable experience and find what she was looking for. Don’t expect too much from her but provide support!

You can’t fix the situation on your own – accept it. If anything goes wrong in a relationship, both partners should be in charge of it. Even though it seems like she only ruins everything by being emotionally unavailable, it is not true. She can also help you take it to a better condition.

solitudeRealize she is not a goddess. Some men are intimidated by the perspective of having fights with their beloved ones. Especially at the earlier stages of your relationship, you might be charmed by your girlfriend’s traits and beauty so it might be hard to notice certain flaws before they become obvious.

Trust your intuition. Although it is considered to be a female feature, men often possess it too. And this is what you need to date emotionally unavailable women: you will be able to notice what your relationship lacks now and shorten the distance between you two. Just be attentive enough.

Keep trying to get to know her though it will be hard. If you think this relationship has the potential for growing and strengthening, do not give up! There’s no need to rush the things so you have a plenty of time to help her become more intimate with you. The result may not be so quick but you can achieve anything by working.

Don’t blame yourself. Think it is your fault that she is unwilling to show her true essence? Look, people become emotionally unavailable for some reasons. If you have no idea what made her afraid of sincere and open communication, find it out. Anyway, you are empowered to change it with your (and her) efforts.

Keep an eye on red flags. You already know what key features distinguish an emotionally-distanced woman. Your significant other probably has some other qualities and you should be aware of them. Merely take those into an account and muse about the prevention.

Let her do what she wants. Don’t use assertiveness to get closer to your sweetheart. We are talking about a girl who lives her own interesting life so you can’t limit her. If she wants to travel around the world, develop her career, or take up a wide range of things, keep away from intruding in her private space without an invitation.

Don’t get mad if she is secretive about your relationship. Your woman might not hurry to tell everyone she knows she is in a relationship with you. Likewise, she might not share any info about you on her social media. Just be ready for it: it is completely normal to protect one’s romantic life from the public.

Is emotional unavailability a problem?

I don’t think it is possible to give an exhaustive answer, just like it happens with all the big problems we try to solve. Of course, this is an inevitable feature of the contemporary era – it developed organically and quite predictably. Society continues fighting for female rights, which means representatives of the fairer sex get an excessive range of powers and opportunities for self-management. Apparently, we should accept it as the part of the actual reality and view an emotionally unavailable woman as an archetype. We will see how exactly it will develop with time. Yet, mustn’t there be the balance between aspirations of women and mere cockiness? I guess this is what we should seek.

I’d also like to say a few words about how to stop being emotionally unavailable (if you feel this is a problem that affects your love life). The very first step to take is to realize that something is going on inside your mind. Just face it and admit you need to fix your issue.

What are the reasons of your emotional detachment? Why exactly do you feel awkward about revealing your soul? Don’t hesitate to work with your psychotherapist if it’s necessary for maintaining your inner harmony. There might be a need to find something that would encourage you to share your mind step by step – new hobbies, new interests, some relaxation techniques and so on. Choose your preferred way of mingling with people and work for the result!

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