10 Reasons to Have Sex Every Day


Experiencing insomnia or stress? We know a sweet and effective pill that will help you – sex. Here is the list of benefits, an active sexual life will give you, and a few interesting facts about the positive effects of sex on both your body and your life.

Having sex even if you are not in a mood

There may be a thousand and one causes of low sexual desire. However, it is important to keep having sex even if you aren’t in a mood, believes Kerner, the sexologist.

The most common reasons for the lack of sexual desire include a stressful day at work, feeling unwell, and the fall of sexual activity among both partners. Therefore, sexual relationship experts advise to fight the temporary lack of sexual desire and have sex even if you believe you are not in the right mood for it.

Ian Kerner claims that women feel sexual desire as a result of their physical arousal. Involving your body in the process of having sex will put your mind to sex as well. Thus, if you experience an orgasm during the “forced” sex, the next time you will recall that intense delight and realize what you lose before you decide not to have sex.

Besides, the research has shown that we increase our libido by satisfying our partner. Therefore, try to use sex as a means of finding out your partner’s preferences. Thus, your participation in the process is worth the effort, even though you don’t feel any sexual desire. The thing is that the absence of sex drive may make you refuse to have sex.

Sex can be really diverse. It can be a part of the emotional bond, a means to reduce stress or bring to life your fantasies. Sometimes, you need to study the whole range of sexual possibilities in order to feel the sexual desire. Besides, it is normal to have sex every day.

Reasons to have sex every day

Stress relief

If you have failed to relieve the stress using breathing techniques, sex will definitely help you!

Dopamine, the stuff that fights against stress hormones, is produced when we have sex; endorphins, also known as “happiness hormones” and Oxycontin, the hormone that increases the desire, are also produced when we have sex.

In a study published in the Public Library of Science, three neuroscience scientists conducted an experiment with male rats and found out that sexually active males tend to be more relaxed in genera


Sex is a motion. Sex results in physiological changes, comparable to those that occur in the process of physical training. During sex, breathing becomes faster, which means that you get tired, which means you burn calories. If you have sex three times a week for 15 minutes (of course, we know that you can do it longer), you will burn about 7,500 calories annually. It’s as if you were jogging for 75 miles! Because of the rapid breathing, your lungs are filled with oxygen, and testosterone, which is produced during sex, helps muscles and bones stay strong.

Reduces the pressure

Regular hugs and sex normalize the pressure. Sex helps to reduce the blood pressure. Researchers from the Paisley University conducted an experiment and came to the conclusion that sex improves our blood pressure.

Boosts immune system

Wondering about how to stop a runny nose? Sex is the best pill, as it helps to boost the immunity. The more sex you have, the more immunoglobulins your body produces. Thus, having sex every day is healthy.

Helps you stay young

According to a researcher from Scotland, if you have sex three times a week, you will look 10 years younger. “It’s useful to have sex,” says David Weeks, the neuropsychologist at Edinburgh Hospital, who studied the effect of sex on aging.


Pleasure is the best remedy for pain. If you suffer from migraines, sex will help you. Just keep in mind, in case if your back hurts, it’s better to consult your doctor. Dr. George Erlich from Philadelphia conducted a study on the connection between sex and arthritis. As a result, he concluded that patients who had sex regularly felt less pain.

Commitment and gratitude

During sex, our body produces oxytocin, a hormone responsible for joy and love. If you experience any troubles in your relationship and it seems that your partner is growing apart, sex will help. The increased oxytocin level often results in strong relationships and mutual trust.

Reduces chances of cancer development

Regular ejaculation reduces the chances of cancer development. Australian scientists examined a group of men and have concluded that those who ejaculated 21 times per month were less likely to have cancer. Another study aimed at studying the interaction of sex and the development of cancer has also confirmed this.

Prevention of erectile dysfunction

50% of men over forty suffer from erectile dysfunction. The best remedy for impotence is sex. The flow of blood during the erection helps tissues stay healthy. Doctors compare the erection with sports: the more you train, the better the result is.

Good sleep

After such physical exercises as having sex, you will sleep like a baby. Sex has the same effect on the body as any other physical activity. Increased pulse leads to your further relaxation. Sex can perfectly help those who suffer from insomnia. It is a well-known fact, actually, that men become sleepy after ejaculation.

The effect of sex on salary

It is a well-known fact that sex helps us relax, gruntles us, and serves as a tonic experience for a man. Furthermore, the rich sexual life results in higher salaries according to the latest researches.

Most of us consider sex life and career as two separate (if not contradictive) notions. But the truth is they are not! If we experience a trouble at work, we feel devastated at home. Thus, what we bring home is high pressure, headache, and insomnia.

And vice versa! We feel great at work when we are happy at home. Thus, we become calm and make reasonable decisions, avoid conflicts, and come up with creative ideas. Sex, as a highly important factor, influences those eight hours we spend at work as well.

Sex and Salary

The lucky ones, who have frequent and healthy sex life, are more valuable to the employer. The research conducted by the Institute for the Study of Labor in Germany has shown: those who have sex at least four times a week tend to have a higher wage than their constantly overwhelmed colleagues. Probably, the reason is that men, having sex every day, tend to be more balanced and positive. Thus, they are more enthusiastic and more stress resistant, speaking about their work. This obviously leads to a higher wage.

Sex and Business

Another interesting fact is that sex can influence your business, as well. And vice versa! If you are wondering about how to improve your sex life, here is a great tip. Business can help married men improve their sex lives. According to the research done by the PlanetSoho company, 14% of the entrepreneurs claimed their sex had become frequent and passionate as soon as they started their own business.

Many of us do their best in order to make their personal life and work co-exist on different levels. However, it is absurd to challenge the fact that these notions are interacting all the time. The more time we spend having sex with our partner, the better the chances to get a promotion are.



  1. great post. but I still think having sex literally every day is OMG. I mean who can bear it for so long??? my record is four days in a row and I was dead after such games. but still, if it wasn’t so exhausting, I would have sex few times a day any time

  2. What about those men and women who are 50 or even more?)) I doubt if they can survive after that XD
    BTW, you had a nice article about sex after 50, I think it has more sense and it’s more realistic)))

  3. nice article. it is true that the more sex you get the more bright is all the aspects of your life. personally, i noticed that a good sex with a person you love sets brilliant mood on a whole day. my success on work really depends on my mood. so, a regular sex improves my productivity. nice way to get a promotion, huh? 🙂

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