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This is a free dating site full of millions of single women from Ukraine, Russia, USA and other countries. Its mission is to help the user find his/her life partner. This dating website enables men from all over the world to get to know girls and start serious relationships with their online beloved directly.


There are a few ways of registration. The fastest ones are with the help of Google, Facebook, VK, Yandex and other accounts. Another method may take a minute longer. This one is done by filling the blanks with your e-mail address or username and a password. After that, your account must be confirmed with the message on your cell phone.


The main part of the interface are the photos of the users. These are everywhere in order to capture your attention, instantly come across at somebody and reach your goal at once.

The special search, located above the photos, helps to sort them out according to the country, age, and your expectations.

In general, the interface is really simple. Although there are some orange lines, the design is totally white with the several colorful icons. However, the goal of it is to be a tool, a bridge between people. The complicated moving pictures, icons, and links would slow the website loading and affect its main function in a bad way. Therefore, graphics are kept to a minimum, which is great because the load time is cut down.

At the top of the homepage, by clicking on the icon with the flag, anyone can change the language into one of 24 available. It is a proof that the website surely connects the whole world.


The first and the most necessary fact to be mentioned is the true content of the site. The photos seem to be made by real people.

Secondly, there is only a direct communication between a woman and a man without any limitations. That means you can share your contact info (e-mail, phone number, Skype) and communicate additionally. You can even do video chat to see how the girl looks in real life on this website.

There is a mobile version of the site, so it can be used from the farthest parts of the Earth.

To sum up the RealUkraineWomenForMarriage review, this is the largest free service for dating Ukrainian and Russian women. Try your fate and you may find a future wife here. Who Knows?)

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