How to Pick Up a Virgin Girl

Gentlemen, this is going to be a very serious article. And before I reveal the ways of seducing virgins to you, I consider it extremely important to talk about them first and about what happens to a girl when she loses her virginity. Talk about the responsibility you take when you meet a virgin.

Have you noticed that some girls have complexes in bed? Do they try to avoid the topic of sex? Do they not know how to flirt, and are very aggressive in communicating with men? Once, I did a little research, and the results were shocking: the first sex of a girl influences her further behavior with men significantly!

The inner world of a virgin

Therefore, if you meet a virgin, you have a very responsible mission: to lead her into adulthood; to give her some key tips on how to behave with men; to initiate her. It sounds loud, but this is what you do for real. Besides, if you do everything right, you will improve your karma and get virtual respect from men all over the world. But if you do it wrong, it is likely to back. Don’t make your life difficult. The words “what kind of freaks have you met before” will be exactly about you.

First, let’s agree on some postulates. It is very important to understand them correctly. This is for you to realize what exactly is going to happen and what emotions you and she are going experience:

  1. For the first time, NEITHER YOU, nor she is going to like it. I would say, the probability is 90%. It will hurt for her, and there is a high probability that you will not even to finish.
  2. I give you 60% that she will not experience orgasm with a man during the first year.
  3. She is likely to fall in love with you. Especially if you give her a hope for a long-term relationship.

Now, do you really need it? Think about it – it is you who have to take a pasting of her attic rats, blaming you for the loss of her innocence. So, guys, let’s take a girl’s virginity so that the universe regularly returns us a hi-five from guys thankful for the right girls!

This is one of the reasons why I do not recommend taking girls virginity being drunk. Many girls perceive such an act as rape and get a strong psychological trauma. I’m not saying that alcohol is forbidden when depriving virginity… Just don’t take her virginity if she is really drunk. Besides, you will have a serious trouble, when she wakes up in the morning and realizes what happened last night. I doubt that guys will be pleased to deal with such a girl in future. The number of attic rats in her head after such a defloration will only increase.

Three relatively honest ways to pick up a virgin

In this article, I will speak about three general methods to pick up a virgin and take girls’ virginity, with their pros and cons. The above-mentioned philosophy is applicable to each of the methods, so I ask you to treat the virgins with respect and cynicism. Love them!


Before using each of the methods a virgin girl should be identified. She should verbally and seriously share her problem with you. At this point, you need to concentrate, and make a decision – whether you want to deflower her or not – and act.

The identification of virgin girls is the moment when she confesses in her innocence. Take it seriously, and do not promise mountains of gold. Listen to her, let her know you appreciate her courage.

“It is really good, that you told me about it and did it in time. But why did not you do it before? What would happen if you were drunk and had sex before your confession? Do you understand that the way how girl looses virginity influences her attitude to men in general and to sex in particular?”

After identification, we go directly to the methods. Pay attention that the following methods should help her think logically – she should agree to lose the virginity WITH YOU and WITHOUT ANY FURTHER OBLIGATIONS FROM YOU.

#1 Method. “I’ll teach you everything”. It is good if you have proven to be an excellent guy and the girl trusts you.

This is how one picks up a virgin girl on You should tell her in details and with demonstrative examples how to satisfy a man. It is very important to let her know that it is not enough just to be beautiful. The beauty will be gone in 15 years. Her growing sexuality is the only thing which will keep her man in bed with her and not with another 20-years-old girl. It is important to teach her how to touch a man properly, how to caress his penis properly, how to make a blowjob (the virgins agree to it easily) and say the following: “Honey, I love spending time with you. I’m very respectful to your virginity but sooner or later you will lose it. And it’s very important that you do this with an experienced man. I’m ready to become the one, but you must ask me about it consciously, and I will do my best. I’m very glad that you told me about your issue in time.

Afterward, she REALLY should ask you to do it. It’s VERY important. If she does not ask, it’s okay. Trust me, it’s better than a big pain in the ass and claims from her.

#2 Method. “I love you, and I’ll hit on others.” The method is based on the classic closer-further technique.

This is how to pick up a virgin girl. The basics: honey, I love spending time with you but you should understand, I’m a young and healthy man and I need sex, at least for physical purposes, so until you’re ready, I will have romantic relationships with you but will hit on others. Afterward, you may hear the following:

  • She leaves and does not communicate with you anymore. Yes, it’s possible. This option is risky, but personally, I think that it’s for the best if she leaves. Defloration is a complex operation, and serious side effects can occur without proper treatment of the patient.
  • She starts to claim you. If you went this way, there’s no turning back. If she with “all men are bastards”, you should say that she is selfish and does not care about your health. It is VERY-VERY-VERY important to sustain your line till the end. It is better not to use this method if you are not capable.
  • She keeps you “closer”, wants to continue to communicate with you, but does not want to have sex. In this case, communicate with her, have a great time but regularly refuse to meet her saying that you have a business. If she starts blaming you see the previous paragraph.
  • Finally, she ripens and agrees. Then you should take her virginity. But to do gently and in a sophisticated way. Thus, read the tips below and you will get to know everything, including “do all girls bleed when they lose their virginity” question.

#3 Method. Virginity is an issue and not a virtue. The method works well if the girl is beautiful and behaves according to the principle “waiting for the prince on a white horse”. Meta-message: are you silly, this is not a reason to be proud of.

The thesis: “Well, the bad news is you don’t get younger with time, and your attractiveness will decrease, boobs do not become more elastic. The good news is men are attracted not only to your body but to your femininity and sexuality. Fortunately, these two will increase, as the peak of female sexuality is 33-35 years. Let’s start working on your femininity and sexuality.”

Afterward, say that you can teach her everything (as in #1 Method).

Tools required for deflorationcouple with wine

  • A bottle of wine, vermouth, champagne. Right before the defloration, give the girl a drink. Half of the glass is enough. It will relax her.
  • Take a shower afterward. For medical and hygienic purposes, it is not recommended to take her virginity on a picnic, in the car.
  • Take a red towel. In 95% of cases, they actually have blood. A red towel will allow carrying out the operation without serious losses for your bed. Then you can give the towel to the girl as a memory.
  • A well erect penis. Guys, I’m not kidding. You must be turned on, and be as strong as a stone. The girl is likely to kick, wriggle, it will hurt, but you need to finish the operation and come to the logical end.

The defloration and what do you need to know about it

  • It is a must to use a condom when you take a girl’s virginity. The fact that she has not slept with anyone, does not mean that she is 100% healthy. We cherish our health, don’t we?!
  • Please take the training of virgins seriously! You need to teach her in advance during the part when we turn her on and she is relaxed.
  • Before the defloration, the girl must be really turned on. The foreplay before sex should last at least 20-30 minutes. This will relax her even more.
  • If she has an unshaven pubic, tell her that she should shave And don’t forget to praise her for the shaved pubis next time.

Enter into her quickly and confidently. This way you will reduce her suffering. The best (the most recommended) position for losing virginity is a missionary position. Stop after entering and let her get used to new sensations, after that you may begin to make frictions. Guys, if it really hurts, it’s not necessary to finish it for the first time. In extreme cases, ask her to do it in another way (perhaps, medically). It can be REALLY painful. Therefore, the recommended duration of the first sexual intercourse is not more than 5 minutes. If it does not hurt and it seems like she’s starting to like it – great! Then the recommended duration of the act is not limited.

Well, most importantly: the girl must fall in love with sex after you!

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