How to Be Successful in Sex After 50

sex after fifty

What’s About Dating and Sex After 50?

Dating after 50 is a topic, which is not discussed that often. Sometimes it feels like people should forget about all the romantic stuff after they turn fifty. Is it really so and you should just meek and surrender to this unspoken rule? Well, only if you feel this way. If you don’t feel like the thrill is gone and you are still open for romance, go for it then, doors of over 50 dating are open for you.

When you decide to go for dating after 50, you have two options. The first one is dating someone of your age. In order to do so, you can create an account on one of thousands of online over 50 dating sites. Dating with someone who is as well over 50 has certain advantages.

1. You understand each other

You are definitely better in understanding each other, as both of you had a certain background. You are both confident about your desires. You are no longer a teenager who lacks confidence, and you have a certain level of wisdom, you know what you want and what you don’t want. This kind of relationships may be not for you, only in case if you are a big drama queen, who enjoys engaging in scandals. You are unlikely to be so, after 50, but who knows.

2. There is more to romance after 50

over 50 dating sitesDating after 50 feels different. You might have the sense that the clock is ticking, thus you cherish every moment spent with your partner or a date-mate. Moreover, dating after 50 makes you feel more alive and makes you way more engaged in life. Everything feels new and everything feels different, although you may have had the same experience before. Basically, dating after fifty is th e same dating, but it has a different taste, which is way richer than before.

3. Exploring something new

Dating after fifty gives both, you and your partner a chance to experience something you disallowed yourselves previously. You always dreamed about traveling to Indonesia or to Africa? Probably it’s the best time to do that. Or maybe you dreamed about making a tourist trip to Europe? Take your partner and go for it. You dreamed about becoming a painter, but that idea was scrapped because there was a career in accounting to pursue? Well, why not to try it now? With your partner encouraging, it can be a great experience.

Another option is dating someone younger. Young girls are more likely to fall for you because of your experience, something that guys of their age lack. But you must remember it and be ready to share your experience with your younger girlfriend. Here are few tips on dating younger girls:

1. Show your maturity

You may feel much younger than you really are, when dating a younger girl. But, don’t act as some college freshman. Boys’ maturity is miles behind girls’ maturity, that’s why young girls date older men. Young dudes can be physically sexier than you, still you have an emotional stability. And if she longs for it, give it to her. Show how mature you are.

2. Avoid being superior

It is an undeniable truth that you’ve lived longer and have a bigger life experience, you don’t play your younger girlfriend down. Her experience may be inferior to yours, but it doesn’t mean that you should play “the teacher and the student” unless she asks you to. Moreover, sometimes an inexperienced can give a good advice to the experienced one. So, listen to her thoughts and ideas, as male knowledge and experience are often inferior to female intuition.

3. Stay away from paranoia

You must also take care for keeping your paranoia demons out of your relationship. Because otherwise you may start thinking that she is cheating on you and the sole reason for her being with you is your money. If you have suspicions like that with a mere thought of dating younger girls, then you probably should forget about this idea and concentrate on dating women of your age, as nothing kills relationships as easy as paranoia.

Sex after 50

Famous Canadian director David Cronenberg published his debut novel “Consumed” in 2014. During the 2016 interview to France 24 channel, Cronenberg was asked why his novel had old people having sex, to which the author replied: “Because I’m old and still having sex”. Mind that David Cronenberg was born in 1943, meaning that he was 73 at the time of the interview. So, yep, sex after 50 is not a myth. Mind that Cronenberg is known as a “Godfather of body horror”. In order to avoid “body horror” you should stay fit, and in order to be successful in sex after fifty, you should know certain tricks.

How to Be Successful in Bed after 50: Complete Guide

As we’ve mentioned above, sex after fifty is not a myth. Against the common belief that with age people lose interest in sex, there is no age limit for sexuality. Moreover, a lot of people who are over fifty claim that they are more satisfied with their sexual life than when they were young.  So, how people manage to gain success in sex after fifty? Most likely, because they know certain tips for successful sex. So, let’s check out those tips without further ado.

success in sex

1. Use your experience

While sew between older women and younger men and vise-verse is no longer a taboo, a lot of people after 50 claim that they have way more successful sex with partners of their age. How can it be possible? Well, younger people have young flesh, but they lack the experience. The problem with a lot of people after fifty is the fact that they don’t show their sexual experience that often, which often results in boring sex. So, the best thing you can do to improve your sex life after 50 is to use your experience. Moreover, you experience may push you to exploring new sexual sensations, and your and your partner’s sexual life will only benefit from it.

2. Friends with benefits

No matter how strange it may sound, but friends with benefits is a kind of relationship more popular among those who are over fifty than among youngsters. How your sex life benefits from that? Well, when you are not romantically involved, your sexual adventures are boosted. Basically, nothing holds you back and you feel a little bit less ashamed trying something new with you friend than trying it with your steady partner or spouse. So, whenever it is possible, leave building long-lasting romantic relationships to youngsters. You are sort of been there done that, so you can enjoy sex while in friends with benefits relationship.

3. Use sex toys

As friends with benefits type of relationships, sex toys enjoy more success among older people than among youngsters. And, believe it or not, sexual dysfunctions have nothing to do with that. While yes, some use sex toys such as dildos, vibrators, cock rings, and prostate stimulators, because older organisms need some extra help to reach orgasm, the vast majority of people after 50 try sexual toys as a part of exploring something new in sex. So, why not to use sex toys in order to spice up your sex life after 50?

4. Flirt

Flirting has always been a great sexual stimulator. Flirting often helps partners to feel really wanted. When you are after fifty, your sexual life will only benefit from flirting, so flirt as much as you can.

5. Show your confidence

It doesn’t matter whether you are dating a younger partner or someone of your age, you need to show your confidence. Being confident is highly important after fifty, because you may be dismissed by your partner. While, you are more confident than ever, never lose a possibility to show your confidence. It is that simple, but it will make you successful in bed after fifty.

dating over 50 6. Know your body and its needs

You know how awkward first sexual experience can be. That mainly happens because we don’t really know our bodies when we engage in sex for the very first time. When you are after fifty, you are unlikely to have problems with understanding your body and its needs. You know how much sex you need, you know when to stop. Moreover, thanks to your experience, you are more likely to understand the needs of your partner. And remember one thing, regardless of all the imperfections the naked body is already sexy.

7. Flaunt your flexibility

We are not talking about physical flexibility, although it may also require some work when you are after fifty. We are talking about mental flexibility. You already know that there is no point in having unreasonable expectation, as it leads to nothing more than big disappointments. Your what’s right/wrong thinking might have changed, but you shouldn’t stop on that and keep on flaunting your mental flexibility. You need it to explore the new shores of sexual experience.


As you see neither dating nor having sex after fifty is not a myth, but pretty much a reality. It takes courage to enjoy your life after fifty, but what doesn’t? Moreover, if you haven’t been risky all that time, maybe that’s the perfect age to start it? You have two options whom to date. You have an advice on how to date both partners of your age and younger girls. You have the vital tips on having the best sexual experience after fifty. So, the only thing you need to do is to be brave enough to embrace your after fifty sexual experience and keep your mind open to everything new.

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