15 Dirty Things to Text to Your Girlfriend

how to dirty text

We often underestimate the power of the word. Words can change our perception of the object described. Words can change our point of view. Actually, words are that thing that makes us different from animals. Our verbal communication is something unique, but we often forget about it. We rarely think that a candidate can win the election by using the right words. We often forget that the plot and the topic are only 50% responsible for the novel becoming a #1 best-seller, while other 50% of its success depends on the words that writer uses.

In terms of romantic relationships, right words can help you win the partner or end your relationship when you are on the verge of the scandal that leads to the inevitable breakup. Words can kill the romance and they can turn you on. When you watch porn you may not think about that, but the phrases and the way they are spoken also mean a lot.

You definitely have a desire to say or to text your girlfriend something that would turn her on. Mainly, anyone can turn on from the dirty text. Whenever you text, you should mind that intonation means a lot. The girl should literally hear your voice while reading your messages. While no one tries to underestimate your own talents, we offer you our list of dirty texts. So, let’s delve into dirty things to say to your girlfriend over text, without further ado.

Mild Dirty Text

dirty texts for her​ When you want to go in for pouring dirty dares over text, there is no need to lay down everything that was hiding in the dark corners of your mind. You should start from something simple like:

“Mmmm… I wanna trace soft patterns over your skin. I want to memorize every single inch of your perfect body…and I want to f**k you until you forget your name”.

This is one of the best ways how to text dirty. It will work perfectly, especially if it is the first time you are sending her dirty text. She is most likely to be shocked for the first few minutes, but then she will get an unbearable desire to be near you.

Tell What You’re Going to Do After

If you want to know how to text dirty, you need to keep in mind that you shouldn’t be talking solely about sex. You definitely don’t want your girlfriend to think that sex is the only thing that you want from her. That’s why you should write something like:

“I’ll make you beg. I’ll f**k you until your body goes numb. Whisper in your ear to cum for me, while you sink your nails in my back. And next day I will wake you up with tender kisses, treat you like a princess and give you that special smile you like”.

Giving her a feeling that you are a sexual maniac is great, but don’t push it too far, for her not to get suspicious.

Detailed Description Works Well

If you want to know how to talk dirty over text, you need to give your girlfriend something more than just an abstract description. You can remind her certain moves that she enjoys during sex. Try something like:

“I’ll whisper French words in your ears, while you lay with your hands behind your back and my c*ck pushing up against you”.

That’s how to text dirty a girl.

Harry Potter Will Do Just Fine

dirty dares over textWell, if you both are bibliophiles, the best way is to base your dirty messages on something connected with your favorite books. Let’s see how you can use Harry Potter to text dirty a girl:

“I would like my Basilisk to get into your chamber of secrets”.

Of course you can say that it sounds stupid. Well, something stupid can be sexy. E.L.James proved it with “Fifty Shades of Grey”. Speaking about that Twilight-rejected fanfic, it is basically full of dirty things to say to your girlfriend over text. Basically, you can just send her any paragraph from the book.

Questions Will Also Do Fine

Talking dirty text messages don’t forget asking questions. While you may beg or demand, you still can ask question that will drop her a hint what you really want. One of the best questions to turn her on could be:

“Quick question… what is something you’ve always want to try in bed but we’ve never done before?”

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Still one of the dirty texts for her but much more altruistic than all of the previous examples. With a dirty message like that, you show her that you are eager to try something that she wants. This will definitely turn her on and she would count the minutes before you get to see each other after work to try that something you’ve never done before.

Questions Will Do Just Fine #2

Well, questions can work just fine. You can either go straight ahead with something obvious like with the previous message or you can send something more abstract, like:

“What do you think you look sexiest in?”

This question works perfectly, when you want to start a seductive conversation to tease her before spending a perfect night time together. Make sure that your conversation will leave her wanting more.

Suggestion Will Do Just Fine

Suggestion is one of the dirty things to say to a girl over text, if you want to drive her crazy. You can send her something like:

“What if I told you to start masturbating right now and lick my head slowly while looking into my eyes?”

A suggestion like that sent over the text will definitely drive her wild. She will regret the fact that she is not near you at that moment and would try really hard to compensate it in the evening when you are together in bed. So, suggesting is one of the best ways to make your girlfriend wet over the text.


how to dirty text a girl One of the dirty things to say to a girl over text is foreshadowing what you are about to do with her tonight. It is better to text her something like:

“Let me rub you through your cute little panties. I like to hear you whimper as I get you all heated up, baby girl”

We do not assume that dry humping is the most seductive thing in the world, but a message like that will leave her counting minutes till the night, which is what your intent was. As with a previous point, she will get upset because you weren’t near her, when sending the text, so she will try as hard as she can to compensate it later.

Imagine That You Are Doing It Already

Why suggesting or foreshadowing something that you are going to do, when you can pretend that you are already doing it? Send her something like:

“I want you on your knees. Crawl to me. I want you to turn around and shake your ass for me. Tell me you want me to f**k you in your most innocent voice”.

It will put her in the right mood and prepare for tonight. Beware, if she would like to tease you, as she can easily send you a voice message saying “I want you to f**k me” in her most innocent voice.

Detailed Description

While teasing goes great in “more is less” formula, sometimes giving a complete description of what you are going to do with your girlfriend, will make her wet right away. Something like:

“First I’m going to tease you with my d**k, then when I get enough I’m going to drab you, spread you legs and go down below, where all life begins… I’m gonna use my tongue and try writing your name down there”.

The detailed description can bring the right images in her head. Imagine that you are writing script for what you are going to do tonight. She will definitely like to stage it when she returns home.

If She’s in the Kitchen

Although your girlfriend may be not the biggest fan of being disturbed while doing something, dirty texts is something that should make her forget about cooking the dinner and start fantasizing about things you can do together. So, let’s imagine that she is saying that she’s trying to defrost some meat. In this case you can text her something like:

“I would like you to defrost me. I’m getting so excited thinking of you licking all my frostings off, and then I could slowly go down your throat”.

Of course it can result in some comical conversation, but it can turn her on and leave her counting minutes before she sees you in the evening.

Comical Approach

Well, mainly sex and jokes don’t go hand in hand. We know that a good joke can kill an erection, but sexual jokes are allowed in dirty text messages. You can send her out of blue something like that:

“I’ve just read in Science Weekly that girls who are good in giving head are smarter and they live longer…just letting you know”.

She can dismiss it as a mere joke or ask you whether you think she is good or bad at giving head. Than you can go into saying how much you like her giving head and how much would you like her to do that in the evening.

Comical Approach #2

dirty textOkay, the previous one was less funny. We have something more abstract to text your girlfriend, which can easily leave you receiving hundred of messages or phone calls from her. Just text her something like:

“I’m so afraid of the future. What if they invent mind reading machines? I’ll be taken away if they learn the things I desperately want to do to you…”.

It starts like your regular “What do you think about hadron collider?”, but when she finishes reading your message, get ready for your inbox to be filled with messages like “What exactly you wanna do to me?”

Your Thoughts

Continuing with your what’s going on in your mind, there is no need in going to future and inventing mind reading machines. You can simply text her something like:

“Why is my mind filled with doing dirty things to you? That’s so distracting”.

The result will be quite the same as with the previous point. Your inbox is most likely to be filled with her begging for details. And if you leave her with no reply for quite long, she’s going to start phoning you.

Complaining About Work

Do you often complain about your work to your girlfriend? Well, if so, we have an alternative way to do that. Send her something like:

“Send me a sexy picture of you, I need to take my mind off work”.

This will show that you want her and she would eagerly do that. Be careful though, as you might become the one who is counting minutes till the evening.

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