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When it comes to online dating services, you can’t escape a certain aura of negativity that surrounds them. We all know that a lot of users are being scammed and those services that are here today and gone tomorrow are crowded with con artists that aim at earning money on your blind trust and your hope to find your perfect match.

When it comes to, the aura of negativity is inevitable too, just because you may not be into sugaring. But don’t judge that harsh in advance. The best way to check out sites like is to read reviews. Of course, you can go and check out other reviews on the web, but if you are already here why not delve into our review on Interface and Navigation

It’s a site for those who enjoy sugaring. So, the very first point in our review on is figuring out what is sugaring. If you are new to this term:

Sugaring is a type of relationship, where Sugar Baby provides Sugar Daddy with companionship in exchange for either money or gifts.

But you don’t need any review to explain it to you, as the site is good enough in explaining it itself. Just go to the “How it Works” section, and you will find all the useful information on what is sugaring and who are sugar daddies and sugar babies.

When you read reviews on other dating services, you can see that one of the most typical complaints is that it is hard to navigate the site. is different. has an easy to navigate interface, and you don’t have to spend a lot of time figuring out how everything works.

Charges: Fair or Not?

While most of the online dating services try to make you pay for each and every move, which all of the sudden happen to have its price, has absolutely zero hidden costs. So, unlike many other online dating services, no one is forcing you to pay for options that you have no desire to use. Scam or Not?

According to reviews on different dating sites, another most popular complaint about dating services is dating scam. As online dating sites are paid, it means that someone will use it just to steal your money. The Internet is full of scam stories where someone landed about $1,500 to his or her online partner and never saw the money, and the partner as well. There are more serious fraud scams stories, like victim allowing the online partner to use his or her personal bank account, and then got into trouble with the FBI. Fortunately, you can always avoid becoming a victim of online dating scams when you stick with reputable dating services, like You won’t find profiles that look alike, and no one is going to ask you to land them money and run away with it.

People You Meet at

Well, you are going to meet sugar daddies (or mommies) and sugar babies. If you are that lazy to go to the site and check it on your own, we will explain it to you in a nutshell:

A Sugar Daddy or Sugar Mommy is a successful man or woman who knows what he or she wants and enjoys attractive company by his or her side. Money isn’t an issue, thus he or she is generous when it comes to supporting a Sugar Baby.

A Sugar Baby is an attractive girl or boy in search of finer things in life. She or he appreciates trips to exotic countries and enjoys being presented with different gifts. A Sugar Baby gets to experience a luxurious lifestyle and meets wealthy people on a regular basis.


Now, a few important questions that you might ask:

Is it only about sex?

No, not necessarily. Most of Sugar Daddies and Sugar Mommies like to spend time in the company of an attractive person without having sex with them. Moreover, the offers its users to set their own terms of dating, so in case if you are a Sugar Baby who doesn’t want to engage in sexual relationships you can easily opt for it.

How much?

If you are a Sugar Daddy, you set how much you are eager to pay for anything. In case if you are a Sugar Baby, mind that some old gentleman or lady may offer you as much as $200 for just having a cup of coffee with him or her.

Are Sugar Babies Escort?

Basically yes, only there is no agency that Sugar Babies work for. It is up to them whether they want to meet that particular Sugar Daddy or Sugar Mommy or not. And it is up to you, whether you want to be just a companion or a sexual one.


All in all, is a good dating site, where you are unlikely to become a victim of online dating scam, and you won’t be attacked by con artists. The site is easy to navigate and has information, which can be highly necessary for people who are new to sugaring. charges fairly and has no hidden costs, which is really pleasant.

You can get what you want regardless of you being a Sugar Daddy or a Sugar Baby. The main thing is that nobody forces you to do things that you don’t want to do. The only reason why you may not like using this site is if sugaring is simply not your cup of tea.

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