This website is one of the oldest online dating services in the world. What is more, the most visited and trusted website created to unite people. Therefore, now you are reading my review. The creators claim to have connected more than 5 million people with their perfect matches since the day they emerged on the Net. Let us see whether a long experience matters and if so, find out what is so special about a typical dating website. Well, if you still wonder whether all of these are true, let me go ahead and prove it right. vs. Traditional Dating Agencies

Online dating is so popular nowadays. It seems like only savages may not know about it. The most spread problem is not where and how to find a dating website, but how to pick the reliable and legitimate one. This one was also a problem I coped with.

While traditional dating agencies like to conceal hidden costs from you in order to deceive and ruin the whole romantic process, is pretty open about its prices. Having chosen the premium version you will not have to wonder whether you can or cannot afford chatting, video broadcasting and other services. Such boundaries tend to belittle your true intentions and opportunities. What is more, you can be safe, as there are no scammers. At least I have never found such information in any review.

Fake Profiles vs. Real Member Profiles on

Everyone can check out the info on the website saying there is no fraud on Of course, every company, whether it offers dating or other services, will try to advertise itself by giving an average user only a positive answer on controversial questions. Therefore, let me answer the most asked question. Are there fake accounts on

No. At least I’ve neither come across these nor found negative reviews on the Net. That is why, you can have a sigh of relief as you are provided with a reliable content.

The Women That You Meet on reviews Here comes the most interesting part of dating, the types of women. First of all, here you can find all the women of different marital status. In my opinion, it’s a perfect opportunity to find a match suitable for you. Sometimes men who suffered from previous relationships are eager to tie the knot with women who had the same experience. Here comes the shaadi com for divorcees!

Secondly, many advertisements and shaadi com reviews say the website is proud of its diversity of matrimonies. We all are acquainted with problems that differences in faiths can cause. Customs and traditions, for example, are the pillars on which any relationships are built. Therefore, the team of made it possible to choose your religion and, what is more, to find the attractive parishioners. Just pick the one during the registration or search. There are more than 10 different creeds and customs, which are received by the whole world. The same is about your ethnicity.
Thirdly, all the women here are clever. Really, you can talk about anything with them. Once I spent 4 hours chatting with one of the women. Actually, time flies when you use the website.

The Pros of

The registration process

What stroke me most was the ability of the website to search for your region and city automatically. You do not have to enter your full address by letters. You just click on the regions (which are basically ready) and avoid making spelling mistakes as well. Therefore, the registration process takes less than 5 minutes.

The Premium membership

Personally, I paid for the premium version the second day and have never regretted. I spoke with over thousands of women.

SO hot ladies

Some of the girls were so attractive that I thought their profiles were fake. In addition, they are always nice while texting.

Nobody of these asked me for money

As I mentioned before, nobody tried to deceive or force me to give money. The relationships here as well as an atmosphere are built on trust and respect.

The interface

The website looks fabulous. I mean it is simple and convenient. Everything is always in order. The loading speed is very fast. I have never been jammed or forced to wait for the page to load during my use.

The Cons of review Signing up is the first thing you do when entering any dating website. That is why, this process must be full of enjoyment and pleasure. Here comes a little downside. After you click the tag “Sign up” on you are forced to complete the full questionnaire before you start to use the website at all. This process is a bit more complicated also because of the last verification system. Although checking your phone number in order to prove you are a human makes the website much safer, the registration process becomes a bit more boring.

And that is all.

Search on

One thing we want to emphasize your attention in our review – search of a partner. The dating website is very attentive to a multicultural environment of the Eastern countries. Here, you will find one of the most multi-featured search algorithms. Shaadi will sort your potential dates by a language dialect, religion, and even by many of national communities in India. For example, there are 30 possible options of community, and in each of them, there are dozens of decent partners to look for.

You also can search for a date by choosing a country they were born, where they live, and where they were grown up. Moreover, there is a separate category for a diet of your potential dates: you can choose a person with a specific diet and life philosophy that defines their way of life.

Surely, apart from these very important features, provides its customers with a basic search you can see on any dating site: appearance, astrological sign, weight, interests, education, and many more. We are sure, you won’t find the wider search on any other Asian dating site. is NOT the Right Dating Site For You If…

…in most cases you are looking for no strings-attached relationships.  Usually, only the females with serious intentions are browsing all over here. Even if you find a right match for you, I do not think you will manage to convince her just to mess around. What is more, the majority of the content is highly religious. Therefore, such unnecessary relationships will only frighten them away

…you are sure that it is impossible to avoid buying a premium membership on, therefore, the whole site is a fraud (do not be foolish)

…you are not attracted to women is the Right Dating Site For You If…

…you are looking for your soul mate

…you are ready to communicate with women and enjoy the process

…you want to meet ladies despite thousands of miles separating you two

…you are tired and desperate of real dating that leads to nothing

How to Join and Contact Girls (Step-by-Step Tutorial)

Start with the registration. If you are not a robot, everything will go well). Secondly, write down the categories of women you are searching for. Below you will have the most suitable results for you. My future wife, for example, was the fourth among such of mine. And destiny has nothing to do here. Just a simple machine work. If you have any problems or wonder, for example, how to delete my profile from shaadi com or in general how does shaadi com work, go ahead and click Support. People here are always ready to help. If you still doubt whether to join this website, check out other reviews on the Net.

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