Biggest Turn Offs in Bed: What Ruins Your Sex?

turn offs for women

The best thing a person in a romantic relationship can do when it comes to sex is to find out what he/she does wrong. The problem with sexual turn ons and turn offs is serious enough, so regardless your gender, you have to be brave enough to face the awkwardness of the moment that comes along with asking this question.

Since you might not be daring enough, we have done the asking for you. Right after that, we’ve conducted an anonymous online survey for both men and women to give out their main sex turn offs and, in final account, we actually did manage to get a bunch of some really astonishing answers that could certainly bring certain improvements to your intimate life.

The question was straightforward and simple: “Frankly, what things in males/females tend to turn you off” and the replies proved to be abundant and diverse. The bigger part of them was obvious while some others were quite surprising. From wearing too stylish footwear to having the wrong type of penis (what the actual hell?!), those men and women uncovered their biggest turn offs and here’s what they told us. But first, let’s find out what “turn offs” means.

Turn ons and turn offs: what’s it all about?

So what are turn offs? According to the common point of view, those are either material or moral things preventing a person from reaching sexual arousal.

Most people don’t even analyze what exactly turns them on – arousal just happens. Small doubt, it might appear at the strangest of things, coming upon in the most unsuitable moments. Or vice versa, it may be more predictable, with the heat bursting out from a favorite sex scene in the erotic movie or magazine.

Oftentimes, we tend to have a more general impression of what types of men/women we are drawn to, or perhaps even know for sure what kinds of sexual act we like. Still, outside of those common concepts and beliefs, sexual arousal reminds pretty much of a black box — we recognize it when experiencing it, but its real mechanism is hidden from us.

Many kinds of research appear to claim that women’s arousal is much more complex, but have too little to say about its specifics. Most women believe they can be turned on only by special feminine aspects of sexual act like physical intimacy and soft touches, when some surveys report that some women’s sexual fantasies are often as bold and “naughty” as men’s are.

Biggest turn offs for girls

sex turn offsA guy has awful footwear taste

Well, this might sound pretty weird, but most girls just can’t stand when guys have poor taste in shoes. Like, for example, if a dude is wearing sandals with his socks on, she’s most likely to pass. Same goes for the footwear that has been worn for many years and was not even cleaned. He must be so lazy! Or maybe he just disrespects me.

He’s too cocky

There is a bold line between acting cheeky and confident and the answer often lies in person’s conceit. One of the major turn offs for women is when a man constantly brags about himself, so he must be cocky. A confident guy will never brag about himself as it is an actual sign of insecurity.

He’s uncircumcised

Jesus Christ, man. That is just gross! Some girls say that when a penis’s erect, it actually looks and feels the same, but, in fact, they don’t think so. Pass!

He does not mow his lawn

One of the biggest turn offs in bed for women is tearing the underwear off of a guy and revealing he is actually a bush supporter. “If you want me to keep things baby smooth down there, I’m definitely expecting you to do the same.” © An average girl.

He’s selfish

So he takes a lady to the restaurant and then throws her on a bed. Is he a sexual maniac? Or just too selfish? In any case, it takes a woman a lot more than some nights out to get her off. If you still did not get the point, we mean the great importance of foreplay. Every book starts with a preview that is leading to the main part and every girl deserves one as well.

He’s too aggressive during sex

A woman’s vagina is strong enough and can be tougher than your nuts, still that does not mean it wants to. Rough sex does not suppose you to jackhammer girl’s genitals pointing out that there are some more effective and enjoyable ways to go for a “rough” sex. And of course, that one’s among the biggest turn offs for girls.

He’s a really bad driver

A man who simply can’t handle a steering wheel can’t handle a woman in bed. Again – a serious lack of confidence. No need to discuss that. That probably goes to guys who are piss-poor dancers.

He’s a pushover

If a guy has no balls, no girl can be turned on. She wants a real man, not a high school graduate. Usually, pushover men are less likely to be leading the process in a bedroom and can be easily dominated. Sure, many women love it when their men are easily dominated, but sometimes gals just want it rough.

Biggest turn offs for guys

She’s got no idea what to do with a penis

Small doubt there’re many and many men completely unaware of what the hell they are doing with a girl’s vagina, but, obviously, a dick is exponentially easier to master as it is external. However, there are still dozens of women acting like they’ve never heard about the existence of a man’s love tool.

While it might be about the teeth during oral, pulling and tugging male’s penis like you are actually checking if it can be removed will never turn your boyfriend on but signalize about your lack of knowledge and/or unwillingness to make it feel nice to your partner.

turn offs for girlsShe’s a starfish

The same as a starfish man is among the major turn offs for girls, a starfish woman is one of the grandest sex turn offs for guys giving the fact she is convinced that sleeping with her is like a God’s gift for you.

She sees her body as a temple and it is you who should kneel down and worship. Thus, she will just lie still on the bed and…well, that’s it.

The hint: Most guys don’t like making love to a dummy, nor do they wish to have sex with a girl completely uninterested in sex with them, so at least make some contribution.

She refuses to experiment

She has stopped with missionary and feels off experimenting and trying something new. She reviews this position as a resort for its efficiency. But sex should not be regarded that way.

If you are with a guy you fully trust, open yourself up to new sexual experience. Your boyfriend will be really happy to try something fresher than just missionary and doggy style. Want to bring him an ultimate happiness? Hop on top and have an enthusiastic ride. Dudes absolutely love this stuff!

She’s a dictator

Having sex with a commander girl is like watching a teacher marking your exam paper right in front of you. She’s constantly telling you what to do like you have never done this before.

In fact, do not get it wrong, a bit of coaching may encourage your sex. Yet, emasculating your man while he’s still inside won’t make a perfect idea plus it is on our list of turn offs.

She lacks confidence

Females always keep citing men’s confidence as one of the biggest turn ons and guys actually expect women to do the same way. A woman lacking confidence is often too shy. She refuses to keep the light off while having an intercourse and even prefers to leave her bra on.

She lacks sexual initiation

A woman without sexual initiation is probably uninterested in your actual needs. The point is, you are here to please her — no reciprocation needed. You are essentially becoming her living dildo.

Damn, her hand has not even traveled below your hips, at the same time you are here, risking your carpal tunnel (and the nervous system too) fingering her.

She’s faking an orgasm

Most men certainly know women can successfully fake an orgasm, but in reality, that knowledge could never be even worse.

When faking an orgasm, you are basically telling your guy that whatever he keeps doing – he’s doing more for himself. And if the man is your regular partner, he will definitely continue doing it as he thinks it’s making you hornier.

sex turn offs for guysShe’s trying to mimic the pornstars

We’d have to claim this is one of the most common turn offs for men. Of course, it’s totally okay that you are enjoying yourself and letting the dude know what exactly works best for you with a whole bunch of verbal cues and affirmations. But there can be absolutely no way on earth your man feels as good as you are making the whole process look like.

You might think men enjoy all those theatrics because they love watching porn. But the real thing is, most guys do NOT view porn movies as reality. They definitely know the stuff is sometimes plain ridiculous and all your blood-curdling screams of lame orgasm won’t make it any better.

Final Moments

Unsurprisingly, the gender differences turn out to be pretty apparent in sexual life. Apparently, females tend to be turned off once they can feel an emotional connection with their male partners is fading out, while guys are traditionally looking to get down straight to the main part of the play, say, with or even without spiritual bond.

All in all, female sexual arousal is generally quite complex and pretty complicated to manipulate – mostly because, for ladies, sexual desire is driven more by the relationship details than by physical attraction. And what about men’s sexual desire? Well. Typically, show an average guy a set of fine tits and booty, and he will probably be ready to go.

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