10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Orgasm


Orgasm is a state of bliss, the highest point of enjoyment that a person can get in the process of sexual intimacy. Despite the fact that many aspects of the sexual sphere are thoroughly investigated by modern medicine, orgasm remains a mysterious phenomenon. Especially it concerns such a kind of orgasm like a strong female orgasm.

People are the only living creatures that have sex mainly not for the biological need of reproduction, but for the pleasure that the process itself delivers to them. And the culmination of any sexual act is an orgasm. Orgasm, like everything related to sex, is surrounded by myths and prejudices. But what do we know about orgasm, except that it is indescribably nice and the male orgasm differs from the female one? Do you know how to make a girl have the best orgasm ever? Here are ten things you didn’t know about orgasm:

1. Many women fake orgasm

It’s no secret that many women are afraid to seem cold and frigid to their partners, they are afraid that men will think about their inability to satisfy a partner. And therefore they do a little trick – they pretend that they have an orgasm. This trick can be used by women of different ages. Usually, their goal is to keep men nearby, to show them that their chosen life partners have all the virtues that they would like to see in them. However, in most cases, such a technique is not a solution to the problems facing a couple. After all, if a man suspects that his soulmate simulates, then in the future, any effort to try to really bring her pleasure can be lost.

Women experience more vivid and diverse sensations during orgasm than men do. Listening to the stories about orgasm, we can conclude that every woman’s sexual discharge occurs in different ways. Someone feels the growing heat in the genitals, which then spreads throughout the body. Someone defines an orgasm as an involuntary contraction of the vaginal muscles (it always happens, but not everyone feels it). And someone feels a wave of convulsive contractions, which runs all over the body from the top to the heels. Signs of orgasm are: rapid breathing (or, conversely, its short-term holding), convulsive movements, contraction of the muscles of the vagina (which is easy to determine by inserting a finger), a variety of sound accompaniments (or, conversely, convulsive compression of the jaws and biting of various objects), etc. Sometimes the manifestations of orgasm are so weak that it is almost impossible to determine them by eye.

2. Women can behave very violently during orgasm: cry, scream, swear, bite, experience world’s loudest orgasm, and even lose consciousness

And all this is absolutely normal. During orgasm, in the female brain, there are observed phenomena similar to that occurring during epileptic seizures. Therefore, many women are really not able to control their behavior during orgasm.  Moreover, scientists have found that orgasm from sex with a loved one is much more useful than masturbation. It’s all about the concentration of the hormone prolactin: during sex, it is generated about 400% more than in the process of self-satisfaction. There are cases when orgasm is so strong that heart stops, which sometimes leads to death. Therefore, the French call orgasm “a little death”.

3. In addition, the female orgasm is usually longer than the male one

women talk about orgasmHow long does it take for a woman to orgasm? In some cases, it can last 30-60 seconds. How long does an orgasm last in men? The duration of male orgasm is usually directly proportional to the duration of male abstinence. That is, the more often a man has sex, the less the intensity of his culmination is. In women, the situation is somewhat different because a frequent sex life, on the contrary, enhances the positive sensations obtained with each intimacy. Also, unusual sensations experienced by a woman at the culmination of her sexual pleasure are significantly different from the feelings experienced by a man. At that moment, a woman feels a strong push in the whole body and then warmth, spilling from the genital area. Also, many women experience rhythmic contractions of the muscles of the vagina.

In the vast majority of cases, a man experiences only one orgasm during sexual intercourse. This is explained by the fact that there is one ejaculation during intercourse. Although, scientists say that at the neurophysiological level, orgasm is not strictly related to ejaculation. That is, such a phenomenon as several culminations in a man for one sexual act is theoretically possible. But in practice, this requires a complex psychological preparation and mastering the technique of controlling physiological processes. On the other hand, the total absence of orgasms in a man is also a rarity. Of course, the strength and duration of this phenomenon can range from weak and very short to powerful and prolonged, during which a man can even lose consciousness for a short period of time.

4. Men and women turn on differently

It is also necessary to take into account the difference in the rate of sexual arousal, which is inherent in men and women. When women talk about orgasm, they say that it is impossible to have it without a good foreplay. Most men get excited quite quickly, within 5-10 minutes and, therefore, quickly finish. A woman needs a much longer time for excitement, sufficient to have an orgasm – about 15 minutes. Therefore, often a woman doesn’t have time to reach this stage. However, this doesn’t mean that a woman is not able to achieve it. That’s why such a component as foreplay is important for a woman. It is also important for a man but in a lesser degree because his sexual reactions develop much faster and depend more on visual than on sensory stimuli. However, for women, preliminary caresses are sometimes the only means for emancipation, in order to feel the harmony of her body and body of a partner.

5. Women can experience multiple orgasms

Another feature that distinguishes male orgasm from the female one is that the female orgasm is much more likely to be multiple. In other words, a woman can experience uncontrollable orgasm several times for one sexual intercourse, unlike a man for whom orgasm almost always ends with ejaculation. This feature is due to the fact that sexual arousal that a woman receives during sex is not relieved immediately, but gradually, in separate portions. As a result, a woman, after receiving satisfaction, can experience it again and again. Although in practice, a woman can rarely experience more than three orgasms in a row.

6. Menstruation is the best time

For most men, the best time for orgasm is any, but women have certain periods that are better suited for this than all other time intervals. It was found that the best time for an intense female orgasm is menstruation. But, unfortunately, this is exactly the period when many women (and some men too) feel uncomfortable to have sex. The reason why female orgasms are better at this time is an increase in the intensity of blood circulation in the inguinal area.

7. Orgasm is the evolutionary function of nature

worlds loudest orgasm​In 1967, Desmond Morris wrote a controversial book called The Naked Ape. The book revealed the goal of female orgasm. Also, in the book, it was supposed that such a difficult achievement of female orgasm is a kind of natural selection. Only the most patient, caring, and sensual men have a chance to cause an orgasm in a woman and, accordingly, successfully conceive a child.

8. During orgasm, important hormones release into the bloodstream

First of all, these are the “hormones of happiness” that are called serotonin and oxytocin. They have a beneficial effect on the psyche and can even have a curative effect on the body. Probably many women noticed that after orgasm, they have some pleasant symptoms, for example, they don’t feel headaches. This phenomenon is largely due to the beneficial effect of hormones on the body. In addition, if a woman regularly has sex but doesn’t experience orgasm, it can negatively affect her health. The fact is that the blood strongly flows to the genitals during sexual intercourse, and without a powerful discharge in them, stagnation of blood occurs, which can adversely affect women’s health.

9. Some women can’t experience orgasm

Women, who don’t experience these feelings during intercourse, can be divided into two categories: some can artificially induce this sensation by stimulating the clitoris. And this skill is acquired by them as early as adolescence. However, when such women enter the period of sexual activity, it turns out that they absolutely can’t receive the desired satisfaction during sex with partners. Sometimes these women come out of the situation with the help of artificial stimulation of the clitoris during intercourse, but this method can’t be called convenient.

Other women initially didn’t experience orgasms during puberty and this situation didn’t change even when they started having sex with regular partners. Of course, this state seems more difficult to correct than the first option. However, often there is a situation where a woman experience orgasms only with the onset of sexual activity, although before that, in adolescence, she never had it.

10. Appearance matters

So, how to make a woman have a strong orgasm? It is important for women how their men look like! According to scientists from the University of Penn State, this directly affects fertility. The tests showed that the vagina of a visually satisfied woman is more susceptible to seminal fluid than a woman who is not impressed by the appearance of partners. Despite numerous studies (in which we can doubt), one fact remains unchanged: pleasure in bed is an important component of a happy and healthy life. After all, a deficit or lack of sex can lead to serious problems.

Sexually satisfied people are much closer to happiness than everyone else

Trust between partners is also important for a full sex life. Therefore, it makes sense for people to share with partners their most intimate dreams and desires concerning their intimate relationships. Otherwise, a partner will have to guess what his or her soulmate needs. No matter how sensitive your partner looks like, don’t rely too much on his or her intuition. This article reminds you that orgasm is not only a habitual attribute of sex. Your body needs constant orgasms. It’s just as important as food and drinking regimen! In addition, the nervous system also needs a discharge – it is known that during orgasm, the center responsible for emotions in the human brain turns off. Thus, a kind of reboot and adaptation to stress passes better. So now you know all about orgasm.

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