How to Have Better Sex, According to Science

tips to have better sex

Sexual life reaches an incredible height when you are in your twenties, but afterwards, you can face despair, from which it is very difficult to get out. You might face it right now. If this is the case, you need to sort things out and take advantage of the following tips for better sex.

Anyway, you need sex not just to continue the bloodline. Sex serves as an excellent action that brings together even the opposite in spirit people. It provides that level of intimacy that is difficult to surpass without resorting to different substances. Sex perfectly copes with stress, it helps fight emotional strain, and in general, sex is a very pleasant thing. Therefore, if you have problems with sex, then you have problems with life and not just with coitus.

Why does sex get worse?

A good sex life cannot be eternal. You grow old, your body ceases to be capable of various kinds of experiments and physical exploits. However, in fact, the sex life can be prolonged almost to very old age. Your task is to pay attention to the reasons that kill the quality of your sex as sooner as possible. When you understand the reasons, you can quickly find a solution and improve everything, using the main tips to have better sex.

How to have better sex: for her

It’s necessary to mention that the secret of great sex is inside the woman. Everything depends on how much she enjoys sex in general. Everyone has different needs for sex and the ability to enjoy it because of the natural temperament, as well as upbringing. For example, in childhood, the girl lacked parental affection, so she grew up cold and unemotional. Many women rarely experience orgasms or do not experience it at all not because they have something wrong with physiology, but because they have a high level of anxiety, their psyche is unstable, or there are some depressing emotions. Nonetheless, as a rule, when a girl falls in love, everything changes, and there’s a great chance to enjoy the process. There are several great ways to have better sex if you are a girl.

tips for better sexTell what you like

If you find that both of you are not satisfied with sex, then this is not bad news, but an opportunity to get to know each other better. Good sex requires serious work. Even those who are in a long-term relationship, in time, discover that their sexual preferences have changed. People discover new things that they like and discard old sexual habits. So, it’s absolutely normal if your sexual needs grow with you. Don’t forget that you can have a completely different experience every time, even with the same partner! Start a conversation with the fact what you like about your sex, and only then tell about what you would like to try or change.

Watch your breath

Try to take a deep breath when you are going to reach orgasm, your feelings will be greatly escalated. Some women hold their breath, and others start hyperventilating when they feel that the orgasm is close. If you take a deep breath at that moment, your orgasm will become much acuter. Loud groans of both partners also can heighten the orgasm.

Watch your diet

It is your diet that can cause your orgasm. If you want to get a sensual and bright orgasm, you need to eat lots of fish and fewer carbohydrates. Fish, oysters, and pineapple are the important food for better sex. Also, the diet should include daily consumption of multivitamins and orange juice. In addition, it is necessary to take fish oil. The goal of proper and balanced nutrition is to achieve orgasm. Consumption of carbohydrates should adhere to 40 percent.

And if you are a man who wants to help his girlfriend cum, there are several important moments you shouldn’t forget about.

Don’t forget about foreplay

Do not expect a stunning orgasm of the girl if you start undressing her from the first kiss and decide to penetrate as soon as her panties is on the floor. Give your loved one some time to excite, but do not be idle, caress her face, tits, legs, and clitoris. This will be a wonderful foreplay, after which any girl will be ready for sex.

Do a massage

Full body massage is a very sensual and wonderful way to excite a woman. Besides, it is very pleasant. Do her a massage, gradually undressing her, starting with head to foot. She will not mind. However, you should still stay dressed. This ensures that all your attention will be focused on her body, and this will turn her on very much. Besides, you can gently bite her clitoris through her panty, this process is quite exciting.

How to have better sex: for him

Usually, men are ready to have sex with an attractive girl, and they don’t need special preparation or mood. However, there’s always room for improvement, and you surely have some reasons to look for better sex techniques and efficient tips.

Increase sensitivity

If you want to experience the whole scale of sexual sensations, you should learn to enjoy the stimulation of all elements of the penis. The easiest way to do that is through training during masturbation. You need to work on any part of the penis while trying to achieve orgasm. At first, it is quite difficult to cum with stimulating only the base of the penis, but when it starts to work, the real sex with a beloved partner will bring much more powerful pleasure to you.

better sex in marriageBuy vacuum erection device

A good vacuum erection device for training penis allows to increase its size and increase sensitivity. This device can be used both at the usual time (to achieve a lasting effect) and immediately before sex to make the process of sex more enjoyable for both partners. You can buy this device in an online sex shop.

Go to the gym

You can wake up excited and all day anticipate the upcoming evening entertainment, but hard workday and other “pleasures” of modern life do their dirty work. Fatigue is the most terrible enemy of sex in the world. It can happen that you do not have the strength to meet your girlfriend or have sex at the end of the day. You would prefer to cancel your date at all, wouldn’t you? The best thing that you can do in this situation is to visit the gym. It just seems like you do not have the strength to train. In fact, it will give you a charge of energy and will stimulate your libido, so you will be ready to practice all new better sex positions.

Look at an erection ring

An erection ring with vibration is a modern device that will bring variety to your intimate life. This toy is easy to use, and it does not go beyond ordinary sex. The ring allows you to achieve a maximum erection and increase the duration of sex process. For those who suffer from premature ejaculation, this is a good opportunity to change the situation and take power over the duration of sexual contact. Your partner will be satisfied as well because, besides all the above pluses, the erection ring stimulates the clitoris by vibration, which allows the woman to get even more pleasure.

How to have better sex in marriage?

Sexual relationships play a significant role in the couple’s well-being, both psychologically and physically. Knowing the secrets of healthy and better sex in marriage will help you understand your own sexuality, your sexual past and be ready for a sexual future. The main thing is to agree that you still love each other and want to find a way out.

Stop moping

Marriage is not the end of sex. Sexual life can slow down a little during your wife’s pregnancy and childbirth, but when children grow older, your sexual activity will increase again. In addition, men and women after fifty are as sexually active as in their youth. At this age, it is much easier to focus on sensual sensations because you are mature and experienced.


71% of men and 86% of women believe that it is very difficult to make love without a spiritual intimacy. If a woman refuses to have a spiritual intimacy, considering that a man needs only sex, then she reduces her opportunities to enjoy the process and humiliates her partner. Spending more time together and doing ordinary but joyful deeds, you imperceptibly approximate the time for a complete exchange of feelings of true love.

Try morning sex

Sometimes, the night is not the best time for sex. It is difficult to relax because of fatigue and daytime worries. In the morning, the body is full of energy, and slightly increased body temperature after sleep allows you to relax better, the man has usual morning wood, so all this can be used to mutual pleasure. Just set the alarm clock a little bit earlier.

Think about the benefits of sex

Lovemaking trains the cardiovascular system like morning jogging. It can relieve stress due to the development of oxytocin, a natural tranquilizer, significantly reduce pain syndrome by increasing the level of cortisol, help increase the level of internal antidepressants, prevent migraines, and, above all, enrich affinity with your loved one.

Make time for love

The main enemy of love is the lack of time. It is necessary to make time for dates and making love, especially if you have been married for a long time. After all, you don’t want to have sex just “for health’s sake,” you want to do it slowly, laughing softly, and enjoying the process.

exercises for better sexTalk candidly

Do not be afraid to start a frank conversation about your aspirations and preferences or fantasies. New places, unusual underwear, role-playing games are quite simple things, but many people are afraid to discuss their desires. However, it’s an indispensable condition for better sex for married couples. You can try new forms of sex or even include other people in your intimate life. Of course, the last decision refers, rather, to radical ones, to which both partners should be prepared, having discussed in advance the boundaries of what is permissible and making sure that their behavior does not injure the partner.

Exercises for better sex

Before proceeding to the study and practice of various sophisticated poses, you should prepare your body physically. Yes, this is an important factor. You shouldn’t neglect the following number of physical exercises for better sex.

Endurance. If you are not much for the physical stuff, then the first thing you notice when you have sex is that you start having trouble breathing in a while. This means that you have to change positions quite often as well as to limit its number to feel comfortable, or significantly slow down the pace. Cardio exercises like running, jumping rope, swimming and cycling will increase your endurance.

Exercises for the lower body. The next thing you need to do is focus on improving muscle endurance and flexibility of the hips, abs, and spine. So, you should do squats, gluteal bridge, and hyperextension.

Exercises for the upper body. The development of this part of the body plays an important role in sex, and specifically in a man-on-top position and a doggy style position. So, practice push-ups and pulling-ups. Besides, don’t forget about different yoga poses for better sex.

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