Yoga for Sex Health: Poses and Practices

yoga for sex

General Information

In yoga, there are more than a dozen poses or, as they are also called, asanas. There are no universal postures of yoga for better sex, but there are those that give the woman the opportunity to get more pleasure and experiment with the position of her own body. They are suitable for those who are flexible enough, love yoga and want to try something new in sex. Using yoga for sex is a great thing for your health, satisfaction and relationships.

Do yoga and sex go together? Of course. Yoga has the most direct impact on the intimate side of life. Moreover, it is not about the mythical super-powers of yogis and not about tantric sex. So, combining sex and yoga is absolutely natural and highly advised.

How does it look in the eyes of a doctor? And what, from the point of view of “banal” medicine, is necessary for high-grade, high-quality sex? Good health is necessary. Agree that even a runny nose can seriously damage the magic of a romantic date, what can be said about more serious problems. It won’t feel like love. But sex between two people is not only physiology, it is a complex process, where the state of mind, mood is of paramount importance. That is, mental health is also a necessary condition for normal sex. We will not delve into the arguments about what is normal, what is not; so many people – so many opinions (and “what’s good for a Russian – is death for a German”, as they say). But common sense suggests that regardless of orientations and preferences, a favorable psychological attitude, the ability to distance oneself from external circumstances and concentrate on specific sensations is a prerequisite for success in affairs of love.

What are yoga sex benefits?

Obviously, a well-developed musculoskeletal system, more elastic ligaments and healthy joints allow if not to perform wonderful acrobatic sketches from the pages of the Kama Sutra, but it at least greatly expands the possibilities and enriches the sensations. Sex on a yoga ball is quite an interesting thing you should try out. So, yoga for sex health, how do they go together?

sex and yogaThe body becomes more flexible and stronger

Improving the flexibility, strengthening the muscles and increasing the overall muscle tone leads to the fact that you notice that you can use more poses, you are comfortable with them and you are more enduring. And yoga does not strengthen only the abs or arms separately. Asanas involve a variety of muscle groups; the body pulls up and the overall impression of oneself in the mirror after a couple of months of practice changes. And it is visible not only to you.

You become more sensitive

Skin is more sensitive to touch, and you become more sensitive to smells and tastes – it’s about the interaction of your body with the outside world. Yoga teaches you to listen to your body, to notice a variety of nuances of sensations. At some point you understand that there are far more shades of sensations that are now available to you. If to compare them to colors: “before” there were 7 colors of the rainbow, “after” – there are hundreds and thousands of shades of it. In sex, such semitones make enjoyment even more acute …

Awareness and ability to control one’s feelings

When we run or work out, we do it listening to music. We do exercises mechanically. Yoga is the opposite of this. In asana you “dive” into the depth of yourself, sensations in the body, pop-up emotions. Attention is directed fully inwards. And here comes the ability to distinguish, understand, control your feelings and control your orgasm. At some point, you come to the realization that not only the man is responsible for enjoyment of sex, but you are of great significance as well.

Romance with yourself

Practice leads to contact with yourself, whether you want it or not. Contact with your “dark” side can be painful. A deep understanding of your needs, desires, the truth of what you are doing. It becomes very important to be in harmony with yourself. From this, grows respect for oneself and awareness of one’s own worth, self-confidence. And of course, the quality of sex and relationships in general becomes important. The romance with oneself begins.


It happens during the maternity leave, either because of her husband’s business trips, or because he is not there, but the child is there, and there is no time for personal life. The practice of asanas helps to avoid accumulation of tension in the genital area, stagnant phenomena and transform the unrealized desire into creativity. In simple words: “disperse” energy throughout the body.

Who can have sex in yoga positions and who can’t

In fitness, the main task is to increase muscle tone, while in yoga – bring them to relaxation. In sex, too, everything leads to relaxation, so yoga goes well with sex. Therefore, there is the Kamasutra – the Indian science of love, where there are many dizzying positions, but they are not to break a man, but to be able to interact with a partner in different ways and receive different kinds of pleasure.

Sex in yoga poses is a kind of experiment. If you start trying, then with a partner with whom there is a certain degree of trust and who definitely will not hurt. Usually, if a woman does yoga, she knows exactly what her body is capable of, what poses are easier for her to do, which ones are more difficult. It is better to use the poses that have been well worked out in training.

You need to start with breathing, adjusting to each other and more simple poses for warming up the body. Sex itself is dynamic, so in the process the asanas will change.

Here are some Yoga Postures for Better Sex

It should be noted that women have a differently placed vaginal opening: in front, in the middle and closer to the back of the body, the anus. So, sex yoga poses for couples have to be different. For example, if closer to the anus, the “baby’s position” will be more suitable than the other, and the sensations during sex when using it will be more pleasant. And the “lying on the back” posture is more suitable for those with the vagina “in the middle”. For such women, the most suitable posture are “lying on their backs” on the floor or with their feet folded in a butterfly position (or thrown over the man’s back). The pose on all fours is suitable for women with a regular arrangement of vagina. Here you can make variations depending on how tense or relaxed a woman’s lower back is: to hang her loin down or hold a horizontal position. So, let’s get to it, here are some yoga poses for better sex:

yoga sex positionThe Puppy Position (Uttana Shishasana)

The first yoga sex position is suitable for those who do not stretch well. If you decide to have sex in it, than you need to make sure that the waist and shoulder joints are relaxed enough. This pose removes the clamps and unfolds the thorax and shoulder joints and releases the waist from the clamps. When a woman’s hands are extended forward, then the spine is immediately stretched. If the back is sick, than it is possible that the partner holds the woman well, and she doesn’t hold herself with her hands. You can put a pillow under your chest.

The Downward Dog (Adho mukha śvānāsana)

The second of the yoga sex poses is one of the basic poses of hatha yoga, which fills the whole body with vigor and energy – from fingers to toes. It is best to practice for those who have a well-stretched back surface of the legs. The pose helps to relax and stretch the legs. Usually the majority in this pose bent their knees, and the heels should stand on the ground. If the asana is done correctly, the sensitive front wall of the vagina is stimulated. This is a variation of the dog posture, but in this pose the body has a heavy load.

The Half-Bridge (Kandarasan)

This position is very important for women’s health, so it is recommended to women with frigidity and other similar problems. Some women experience great excitement in it. Usually when having sex is in this pose, women’s feet stand on the ground, but instead of resting on their legs, they rest on the partner’s thighs. He holds it and moves. If she wants to move with him to the beat, it will be easier for her. However, with the increased pressure and serious diseases of the spine, it is better not to use this asana.

The Happy Baby Pose (Balasana)

If a woman has a vagina closer to her back, than this pose for her will be ideal, as she is completely relaxed and the perineal tissues are stimulated. Relax muscles and ligaments, which hold the uterus, and impulses reach the vagina and uterus much faster. There is a deep relaxation, plus good blood circulation to the head, the mental dialogue turns off. In this asana it is easier to reach orgasm. If a woman has high blood pressure, it is better to put a pillow under her head.

Wide Stance Forward Bend (Prasarita padottanasana)

This pose is a variant of penetration from behind and thus the partner can reach the front wall of the vagina. It helps stimulate the front wall of the vagina, making it easier to get to the G-spot during stimulation. In this position, the uterus sags down, the ligaments relax and blood circulation improves. This pose is contraindicated in hypertension.

yoga poses for better sexThe Ananta’s Pose (Anantasana)

Pose with a raised leg while lying. If the partner lays a shoulder, the woman can lean on him. The pose has a beneficial effect on the pelvic area, tones the hamstrings, relaxes the knee joints and abdominal muscles, and also increases the blood flow in the uterus, sensitivity and improves orgasm. The clitoris will be well stimulated. In this position, it is not necessary to have a good stretch, and the lower leg can be bent at the knee. In this case, the woman will have fun, because otherwise there will be a lumbar overstrain and you can tear the muscles of the thigh.

The Cobra Position (Bhudjangasana)

For people with a bad back, you can make a light version, using not your hands but elbows. This is a gentler position for the waist. Sex in this pose is stimulated by the muscles of the perineum, helps to relieve general fatigue, favorably affects the condition of the pelvic organs of the woman, reducing the level of the stress hormone and increasing the level of the pleasure hormone. Those who have hyperthyroidism should not throw their heads back.

The Back Position (Shavasana)

The last of the yoga poses for sex is the best to end a sexual act with, especially if a woman has protrusions and hernias. This is the same missionary position, during which a woman with elongated legs lies on the floor, and a man stands above.

Now you know all the most important things about yoga sex positions, how they work and when and how to implement them. Now you know that yoga positions for sex are quite entertaining and beneficial for your physical and mental health, so be sure to use the information provided above, Godspeed.

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