How Much Masturbation Is Too Much

too much masturbation side effects

We all are good at something. Some are born great cooks, while others can make a palm tree grow in Greenland. But there’s one thing almost all of us are experts at. We’re talking about good old masturbation. What can be better than to get turned on, have fun with yourself, and blow off some steam? It feels nice, has tons of health benefits, and you don’t even need to pay for this pleasure! So it’s not surprising that many consider masturbation a good thing. But can we have too much of it?

The questions regarding the potential side effects of excessive masturbation are so frequent that it’s hard to tell which answers are right and which aren’t. Let’s try to sort through them and find out how much masturbation is too much, starting with the root of the issue.

Why we masturbate

According to statistics, around 80% of men and 50% of women play with themselves from time to time, but the numbers are probably a bit higher in reality. Add at least 10% to both, and you’ll get a more accurate picture. Why so many? Here are a few reasons for that.

is too much masturbation badIt feels so good

The first (and the most obvious) reason is pleasure. When we masturbate, our brain begins releasing a lot of dopamine. This neurotransmitter “tickles” the pleasure center. That’s why you want the fun to last longer and don’t care about too much masturbation side effects.


We want sex right here and right now, but there’s no one around

A man’s got needs. And when he feels the need, he tries to somehow satisfy his desire. For instance, his girlfriend goes to work before he wakes up, and he has to deal with a morning boner himself. So he just goes to a bathroom and helps himself, whistling his favorite football team’s anthem when having a shower. And there’s nothing wrong with that at all. There’s no need to fight this habit. In this case, masturbation is just a substitute for a partner who’s not around at the moment.

We explore our body

Just like kids who learn much better when playing, we discover new hot spots on our body as well as more effective ways to get turned on. Masturbation becomes our guide to erogenous zones. While guys might not get much from it, ladies can significantly improve their intimate life by literally taking the matter in their own hands. Apart from that, “self-entertainment” can make you more confident in bed.

We get rid of stress

Guys can relax in two ways: by getting drunk or having sex. And the latter variant comes in two options: with a partner or with his hand. And it all comes down to choosing the most available one. Masturbation has a few advantages here because it requires less effort and energy: you just find a quiet spot, take your pants off, and say goodbye to stress. That’s it. How much is too much masturbation? Maybe you can’t tell that for sure, but at least you feel how much is enough. Another good thing is that physiology is on your side. When nervous excitement increases, blood flow to the genitals is improved.

Not enough sex

This concerns both men and women, but it’s usually ladies who don’t have enough sex: having done his job, guys just turn back to the wall and fall asleep, making their partners reach orgasm on their own. The opposite outcome is rare but possible when a man wants fun every day, and his loved one doesn’t. And the only solution to the problem is masturbation.

How much masturbation is too much?

Although the need for sexual self-satisfaction is an individual matter, professionals believe that playing with yourself just for kicks a few times a day might be harmful. There are a few signs showing that you’re having too much masturbation.

Daily inconveniences

First things first, any activity that negatively affects your daily life and causes certain discomfort is already a problem, and the same goes for masturbation. Let’s take two examples. When you begin masturbating, you can’t make yourself stop, and because of that, you may even come late to work. And this happens so often your boss threatens you with consequences. too much masturbation effectsAt home, you prefer masturbation over real, hot sex with your partner. These are the reasons to start worrying. Some use masturbation to escape from reality for a while and let their fantasies loose. This can go too far.

Physical changes

Another warning sign that you overdo it is, of course, physical harm. If something’s itching, the color of your genitals changed, or if you notice other changes, you should limit yourself to self-entertainment. For instance, too much female masturbation usually results in vagina rawness or even bleeding in worst cases. Male symptoms aren’t that different.

Lack of control

If you don’t get any pleasure from masturbation but keep touching yourself out of compulsion, this could mean you have a serious addiction. In this case, the best decision would be consulting with a specialist and starting to find a solution to the problem.

There’s one more potential pitfall ladies may stumble upon – faded sensations. Masturbation (as well as sex) shouldn’t be monotonous. You must always try something new, changing speed, getting different erogenous zones involved, or trying new toys. Women have a much wider range of possibilities compared to men. What can too much masturbation do if a woman keeps touching herself the same way she always does? She may get used to it, and her body won’t react to other positions and techniques, which can ruin her intimate life.

If none of these three signs bother you, there’s no need to keep track of how often you masturbate (even if you do this six times a day).

Effects of too much masturbation

There’s a lot of ways your body reacts to frequent masturbation, and, of course, not all of the reactions are positive. While you might have no desire to dig deeper into the problem of excessive self-care, it’s better to be aware of some of the main side effects of too much masturbation.

Masturbation and sense of guilt

Masturbation messes with your psyche. Psychologists claim that we’re often bothered by the feeling of guilt because of religious prohibitions. But let’s be honest: when masturbating, the last thing most of us think is religion or our loved ones looking down on us. And yet, after masturbation, we sometimes may experience headaches, depressed state, and even depression. how much is too much masturbationSome guys even throw their computers out of the window! Many unconsciously realize that self-care is a waste of energy. This gives rise to that sense of guilt. It looks like the agony of a drunkard who treated a golden watch for a bottle of fake whiskey.

No touching!

Touch yourself several times a day? Take a week break and try real sex. You’ll see the difference. Some people get so used to their hands that they no longer care about someone else’s ones. And if you don’t wait for some time, the arousal will be very weak, resulting in different consequences. In the most positive outcome, you’ll be able to have sex, but it will be harder for you to reach orgasm. Besides, you won’t be as active as you were in bed, which means your partner won’t be satisfied. In the worst outcome, the erection will be weak, or you won’t have any. Don’t worry – It’s not permanent. Unlike the shame that you’ll remember forever. So, how much is too much masturbation? If you don’t want your partner anymore, consider it a sign that you’re overdoing it.

Loss of romantic interest

If you masturbate all the time, then you’re probably doing well on your own. Your lovers are gorgeous porn stars from a computer screen. No wonder why you’re absolutely not interested in ordinary girls around you. And when you finally meet that special someone, you’ll realize that you have squandered your sexual energy jerking off on porn.


Masturbation is like a drug. Too much self-entertainment blows your head off, but it won’t last long! Scientists have long proved that a person isn’t able to give up pleasure they don’t need to put effort to achieve – this is how any drugs act. Touching yourself too often, you can stumble upon too much masturbation effects and lose control over yourself.

What can too much masturbation do to your body?

From a biological point of view, chronic masturbation can affect the chemical composition of our brain and body because of too many sex hormones and neurotransmitters produced every time we touch ourselves. This “overproduction” affects each person individually and can result in fatigue, pain in the pelvic region, changes in vision, back pain, scrotum, or even hair loss. But that’s not all. Is too much masturbation bad? See for yourself.

Penile fracture

That’s right, too “active” self-entertainment could end up with a snap, although there are no bones in a penis. In addition to the distinctive sound of cracking, you’ll feel excruciating pain and experience all other symptoms of a fracture, including swelling and bruises. Sure, there are also risks to get a fracture not only when masturbating but also during sexual intercourse. If this happens to you, be sure to get treatment as fast as you can, as such trauma could negatively affect erection.

too much female masturbationProstate cancer

Here’s some good news. According to studies, regular ejaculation may help you avoid prostate cancer, but there’s no clear answer why. In 2016, a team of researchers found that men who ejaculate at least 21 times a month reduce the risks of getting prostate cancer by 20 percent. A similar study was conducted in 2003 and showed the same results.

Does too much masturbation cause erectile dysfunction?

Is there any relationship between masturbation and erectile dysfunction? As for physiology, masturbation doesn’t have any effect on it. A boner can’t just disappear if you touch yourself regularly. On the other hand, we should take the psychological aspect into account as well. If a man prefers masturbation to real sex too often, he may develop psychological impotence.

Masturbation isn’t a psychological disorder. The majority of men masturbate, and some of them do it since teenage years. At the age of 13-15, a male body begins producing a lot of androgens such as free testosterone and dihydrotestosterone. Changes in hormonal levels are accompanied by an increase in libido. As a result, teens develop sexual desire, satisfying it through masturbation.

So, when it comes to too much masturbation, erectile dysfunction is a myth. The advantage of masturbation is that it allows you to control ejaculation.

Bottom line: How much is too much?

So, is too much masturbation bad for you? Everything’s pretty simple – it doesn’t matter how often you masturbate as long as you feel good. What it means is that self-care should be a part of your life and not become the meaning of it. Once you begin using masturbation as a way to avoid relationship issues instead of just blowing off steam from time to time, the risk of turning fun into a serious problem will significantly rise. If neither you nor your loved ones see the problem, there’s no need to quit this habit.

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