Tinder: 10 Things to Do and to Avoid


Tinder is enormously popular nowadays; you can actually use it from the age of 13. However, many people don’t know how to work with an online dating service like this and make it work for them.  So I wanna give my advice on how to succeed.

So here are the Tinder dos for the beginning

Speak up

Talk to attractive users you meet even if you don’t like being the first who starts conversations. Unfortunately, other people might be too busy to contact you until you show up and invite them to communicate. No idea what to say? Oh, just say anything for the beginning.

Connect via mutual friends

Since you join Tinder only via your Facebook account, it’s not a surprise you’re gonna meet there friends of your friends. Why not search for a match among them? First of all, you become friends with somebody who is probably aware of you and as the second, you will have a plenty of subjects to discuss and get even closer.

Go out with your matches

Or why match anyone then? No, it’s not about arranging a date once you two like each other’s profiles – wait until you really click as persons. Of course, a live meeting doesn’t guarantee you will have the time of your life as online dating is unpredictable. Just take it as part of the game!

Make fun of those who offend you

No social media exist without flaming or trolling so there’s a real chance for you to encounter weirdoes of all kinds. Don’t take their words too close to your heart but entertain yourself. This is just another way of having fun on the Internet.

Exchange numbers

Yes, if there is somebody who seems to be right for you, exchange numbers for even more productive communication. But don’t be too fast because sharing your contact info with all strangers you meet brings nothing good.

And let’s continue with the don’ts now.

Don’t match someone who lives many miles away

Well, not that it is forbidden or something else. You are free to do anything (well, almost anything) you want but I’d say there’s not so much sense in matching people from too far abroad. Tinder is aimed at matching people who live in the same area. If you are curious about international dating, use sites and apps specifically designed for this purpose.

Don’t use a fake picture

Not all of us are photogenic. Neither am I, for example. But it is possible to take a good photo even if you aren’t a cover boy/girl. By adding a fake picture, you will only reject your future dates as their expectations will be failed.

Don’t tell your friends their significant others use Tinder

Surprised? I personally have been through it many times. And I strongly recommend you staying away. Intruding in others’ lives is not nice at all, especially if they are able to solve their problems without your help.

Avoid writing a too long profile

Some online daters are convinced that a novel-length profile will make them stand out. The real situation is different: no one wants to spend his time on reading novels on Tinder. Write a short description of yourself to let people know why they should date you and leave all amazing details for further communication!

Don’t rematch people you’ve matched

Because it just has no sense. A great many relationships and online acquaintances end pretty soon as partners turn out to be incompatible. Yet that’s how our society works today: you normally have to go out with numerous guys or girls to meet your only one.

That was my list of things to do and not to do if you wanna date people via Tinder. Hope this will make your dating life much easier!

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