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Ethnic Diversity in US Marriages and the Rise of Mail Order Brides

In the United States, one in five marriages involves partners from different ethnic backgrounds. Among these unions, 5% include a mail order bride, a practice that has evolved significantly since its inception in the 17th century. Originally established to support new American colonies, the practice has expanded with advancements in globalization, travel, and technology.

Modern Evolution of Mail Order Brides

Historically, men seeking brides had to place newspaper ads and endure long waits for their partners to arrive. Today, international dating websites have revolutionized this process, making it swift and straightforward to connect with potential brides globally. Let’s explore the intricacies of this industry further.

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At, we believe that love transcends borders. Our mission is to connect hearts from across the globe, fostering genuine and lasting relationships. With our deep expertise in international matchmaking, we are dedicated to guiding you on your journey to find your soulmate.

Our Approach

  • Expert Evaluation: Our specialists meticulously review dating websites, highlighting their strengths and weaknesses to ensure you have the best options at your fingertips.
  • Custom Rating: We analyze thousands of real user reviews and ratings to create personalized rankings for dating sites.
  • Trusted Scores: Using all gathered information, we provide you with the most reliable dating sites tailored to your needs.

Personalized Matchmaking

At, we value a personalized approach. We recognize that each individual has unique preferences and stories. Our experienced team respects these differences, blending traditional values with modern techniques to ensure your path to finding love is smooth and enjoyable.

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Our Mission & Values

Our goal is to simplify the international search for love, emphasizing authenticity and mutual respect.

  • Integrity: We uphold the highest standards of honesty and transparency.
  • Personalization: Our matchmaking is tailored to meet the unique needs and preferences of each client.
  • Respect: We ensure a respectful and dignified experience for everyone.
  • Quality Connections: We focus on meaningful, serious matches rather than the quantity of connections.
  • Cultural Sensitivity: We celebrate diversity and foster understanding across cultures.

Understanding Mail Order Brides

Mail order brides are single women seeking husbands abroad through matchmaking sites. These women, typically aged 25 to 55, might be looking for their first spouse, be divorced, or even have children. Regardless of their background, they share a common goal: to establish a serious international relationship or build a lasting family. These women are active, responsive, and family-oriented.

Overview of Mail Order Brides: Current Trends

Currently, around 200,000 women worldwide aspire to become mail-order brides for men in the US, Canada, and Europe. This trend has seen significant growth over the past decades. In 2007, approximately 16,000 foreign brides married US citizens, and by 2022, nearly 25,000 women entered the US using K-1 fiance visas. This number was even higher in 2019, with over 41,000 foreigners receiving fiance visas before the pandemic.

Although it’s unclear how many foreign brides ultimately marry Americans, studies show a growing acceptance of interracial marriages, reaching a 94% approval rate in 2021. With the steady increase in intermarriages, reaching over 17% in 2017, Americans are increasingly open to and enthusiastic about international and interracial relationships.

Motivations Behind Becoming a Mail Order Bride

Women’s reasons for becoming mail order brides are diverse, often driven by:

  • Unsafe or Oppressive Environments: Women from countries with high crime rates or authoritarian governments, such as Bolivia, Russia, or Belarus, seek a safer life abroad.
  • Economic Disparities: Economic opportunities are often better in Western countries. For instance, the wage gap in prosperous nations like South Korea and Japan exceeds 20%.
  • Gender Stereotypes: Conservative and religious societies pressure women to marry young and focus on household duties. International marriage offers an escape from these expectations.
  • Lack of Suitable Local Partners: Women may seek foreign partners due to a lack of respectful, affectionate, or financially stable local men.

Many women are influenced by a combination of these factors, prompting them to seek a foreign husband.

History and Evolution of the Mail Order Bride Industry

  • 1600s and 1700s: The first mail order brides arrived in Virginia in 1619 to support settlers. French orphan girls, known as The Filles du Roi (King’s daughters), arrived in Canada for similar reasons. However, in Louisiana, few women were willing to relocate due to the dangerous conditions.
  • 1800s: In 1849, Eliza Farnham published ads seeking women to move West and marry Californian men during the gold rush. Matrimonial ads became popular before the Civil War, helping potential spouses connect.
  • 1900s: The early 20th century saw a decline in mail order marriages, with a resurgence towards the end of the century as attitudes toward interracial marriage softened.
  • 2000s: The industry revived at the turn of the millennium, with K-1 fiance visas increasing until the pandemic.

Pros and Cons of Mail Order Bride Relationships


  • Opportunity to meet marriage-minded individuals.
  • Advanced online features to build emotional connections.
  • Finding a partner with similar values.
  • Shorter dating period before marriage.
  • Higher success rates compared to traditional marriages.
  • Mail order brides’ commitment to healthy, happy relationships.


  • Language and cultural barriers.
  • Inevitable long-distance relationship phase.
  • Risk of choosing a poor-quality service.
  • Potentially high travel expenses.
  • Lengthy and complex visa application process.

Top 5 Countries for Finding Mail Order Brides

  • The Philippines: Known for family-oriented and devoted women. In 2022, nearly 5,000 Filipinas entered the US to marry. They are appreciated for their loyalty, hard work, and ability to assimilate into new cultures.
  • Ukraine: Ukrainian women are sought after for their beauty, education, and family values. Around 5,000 Ukrainian marriage migrants entered the US in 2022.
  • Vietnam: Vietnamese brides are known for their friendliness, hard work, and beauty. Approximately 600 Vietnamese marriage migrants come to the US yearly.
  • Mexico: Cultural compatibility and geographical proximity make Mexican brides popular. In 2022, over 1,200 people applied for K-1 visas from Mexico.
  • Thailand: Thai brides are appreciated for their gentleness, compliance, and strong family values. Over 300 Thai K-1 visa applicants were recorded in 2022.

Understanding Mail Order Bride Costs

While you cannot buy a mail order bride, costs include online dating services, travel expenses, visas, and optional expenditures like gifts and weddings.

Cost Breakdown for the Philippines:

  • Online dating services: $600 for six months.
  • Round-trip tickets: $1,200.
  • Three-week stay: $2,100.
  • K-1 visa: $1,000.
  • Optional expenses: $1,000+.
  • Total: Around $6,000.

Tips for Managing Costs:

  • Choose sites with reasonable pricing.
  • Focus on women meeting your criteria.
  • Avoid red flags.
  • Travel during off-peak seasons.
  • Make serious decisions to avoid frequent, costly travel.

Common Questions About Mail Order Brides

  • Do mail order brides still exist? Yes, with increasing numbers seeking foreign husbands.
  • What percentage of mail order brides stay married? Approximately 60%, higher than traditional marriages.
  • Are mail order brides a form of human trafficking? No, the industry does not involve force or coercion, and laws protect foreign brides.

Dynamics of Finding Mail Order Brides

The process includes choosing a destination, selecting a niche dating site, creating a profile, communicating online, meeting in person, and arranging the bride’s move and marriage.

Legal Framework and Potential Risks


The International Marriage Broker Regulation Act (IMBRA) and the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) protect foreign brides.


Online scams, fake profiles, and gold diggers are potential challenges, but with common sense and due diligence, these can be mitigated.

Alternatives to Mail Order Brides

Other avenues for finding partners include mutual acquaintances, social media, and international travel. Meeting through religious practices, school, work, and social venues like bars and restaurants also remain popular.

By understanding the evolution, costs, legalities, and challenges of the mail order bride industry, individuals can make informed decisions about pursuing international relationships.