The World of Casual Dating: Who and Why

Casual dating is popular in the modern world

For many 20-somethings, casual dating is an ideal scenario…

These days, people tie the knot in their late 20s which means that until that time, they are involved in minor short-term relationships. Dating multiple people is actually good for us since we learn to deal with different characters and find out what partner we’re looking for. While some may condemn casual dating and identify it with one-night stands, it can’t be called a totally negative phenomenon. In order to understand what it is all about, we need to gain insight into the essence of casual dating.

The Concept of Casual Dating in the Modern World

What is casual dating? Basically, this is a no-strings-attached relationship that evolves casually, lightly, and without the perspective of settling down and committing to each other. It involves emotional connection but lacks serious intentions. Some men resort to casual dating to gain confidence with women. With every next date, they feel more comfortable with the opposite sex. The fear of commitment is another reason why guys assume only casual dates. They want to have experience with different women, and it runs contrary to the idea of exclusivity integral to a committed relationship.

Casual dating doesn’t necessarily involve sex. Thus, we speak about intimate and non-intimate free relationships. Your dates can be either purely platonic, aimed at spending time in a good company and gaining the experience with the opposite sex, or end up with a one-night stand. Yes, sex dating is a type of casual dating, and the older generation often blames young people for being promiscuous. They often use the word “promiscuity” referring to casual dating. However, it would be rightful to call it so only if we speak about its sex-involving type. The dating culture has changed significantly. There is a tendency towards enjoying life outside serious relationships. Moreover, pleasures have become easily accessible thanks to the Internet. There are casual dating sites where men and women can meet the like-minded partners. Also, you can find a casual partner through a sex date app. It proves once again the popularity of informal dating.

Multiple Girlfriends: Advantages, Concerns, and Drawbacks

The main difference between the regular and the casual dating is that the latter implies no commitment and allows for multiple partners one can date simultaneously. A commitment-free relationship is not a bad thing and it’s no longer frowned upon. As anything in this world, it has its pros and cons.

When casual dating is right for you:

You’ve recently got out of a long-term relationship. It’s very difficult to make a new start after a failed relationship. You need some time for analysis and recovery. Usually, men don’t want to rush things after such an unpleasant experience. So, they opt for something liberal. Moreover, what goes casually ends casually.

Settling down is not in your plans. If you’re not interested in serious relationships, then keeping things casual and easy-going is right for you. Many guys feel that a monogamous relationship will limit their freedom since your partner must be exclusive and you can’t have other intimate partners.

You want to have fun. Meeting new women, winning their hearts, going out on dates – isn’t it exciting? The more dates you have, the more interesting your life is. Every woman is unique which means every date will be not like the previous one.

You’re a hunter. You like to meet and date multiple girls because you enjoy the initial phase of relationships. The moments of approaching a woman, striking up a conversation, getting to know her better excite and entertain you.

Casual dating leaves much room for freedom and this is what makes it so alluring for men. However, not every guy would choose this kind of dating. Here are its disadvantages that can repel you from practicing it.

It’s unnatural. We read in the books and see on the screen that dating several people simultaneously is wrong and dishonest. Ideally, you should pick one girl and try to build a relationship with her.

You have less time for each date. If you arrange several dates for one day, it means the amount of time you can devote to one date is limited. Moreover, you should come up with an appropriate excuse to end your date if it’s lasting longer than planned.

You should have a good memory. Dating multiple girls you should keep track of the places you go to and things you discuss with each of them in order to avoid any awkward situations.

You may feel the emptiness inside. Although you have many dates and you have sex regularly, there is one thing that can make you feel miserable – lack of a deeper connection and closeness. There can be the moments when you want to get those things that a monogamous relationship gives people.

Casual Dating vs. Standard Love Relationships

Of course, there are advocates and opponents of casual dating. Still, you are the one who decides what is better for you. Just stop and think what you really want at this period of your life. If you want a reliable, faithful, and caring woman by your side, obviously, you’re ready for a serious relationship. But if the idea of hopping from one woman to another without any obligations and twinge of conscience sounds tempting, casual dating is right for you.

A traditional loving relationship starts with a dating stage where you date one and only girl and do all those lovey-dovey things. You call your girlfriend frequently, go out on romantic dates, and build a deep emotional connection. Your relationship gradually develops and goes to another level where you start to co-habit. In the long run, you introduce her to your parents and start preparing for a wedding.

Practicing casual dating, your relationships with different girls don’t progress very much but stay on the same level. You see a particular girl no more than twice a week or when it’s most convenient for you. Since you date many girls, you get to know them superficially. Many of your dates are one-night stands. Also, your “girlfriend” should have the same views. You can’t casually date a girl that wants to have a serious relationship with you. That is why both of you should be willing to date with no strings attached. Otherwise, drama is unavoidable. You should also accept that your women can simultaneously date other guys apart from you.

Final Thoughts

Hope, you found the answer to the question, “What does casual dating mean?” It means not only casual sex dating but also, and mainly, the way of dating that allows you to date multiple women at the same time. For many guys, it’s a good alternative to traditional dating since it gives them more freedom and lets them meet many girls and improve their dating skills. Yet, casual dating is not for everyone. You need to have a clear understanding of what kind of relationships is better for you – casual or serious. If you decided to or already date women on a casual level, you should follow certain casual dating rules. The main advice Casanova Style would like to give you is that you should date those girls who are OK with your lifestyle. For this, be honest from the outset and let your dates know that a long-term relationship is not in your vocabulary. And remember there is always a possibility your casual dating will grow into something more solid.

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