Tips & Advice to Have a Great Conversation on a Date

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You can talk to a friend for hours. When you are in a familiar company, you just do not close your mouth: story follows another story, anecdote follows another anecdote. But as soon as a stranger appears in your company, all your oratorical talent disappears somewhere without a trace. And if suddenly (God, what a nightmare!) you and the stranger are left alone, purposely or accidentally, you want to sink through the earth and never come back again. Let’s make our terrible attraction even more terrible: you liked the girl. You talk and it turns out that your sympathy is mutual. You’re ready to take the plunge and ask her out on a date.

But then memories begin to creep in, as one day, at a friend’s party, you stayed in the kitchen with his girlfriend one on one and your vocabulary reduced sharply to muffled mutterings and monosyllabic answers. You suddenly forgot all great conversation starters. Sounds familiar, buddy?

But do not panic. If you could not keep up the conversation earlier, it does not mean that it is impossible in principle. The trick is that some people have very developed communicative skills since birth. They can find great conversation topics without any effort. This can be explained by heredity, a supportive environment, and other abstruse things. After all, you are a tough guy who used to give out words like food stamps during the Great Depression. But those days have long passed and it’s time for you to leave the shadows.

We will teach you to maintain a conversation even with the most charming and sexy beauty in the world. You can stare at her breasts and simultaneously answer questions with such an unconstrained look and skill that perhaps they will make a documentary film about your super abilities. Perhaps its director will be Oliver Stone himself.

Mr. Excellent Interlocutor: Great Conversation with a Girl in a Few Easy Steps

So, are you ready to try on a completely new role? Do you want to be like the guy who is in any movie about young and successful? Hold a glass of champagne in your hand, paw your best friend`s girlfriend ass and simultaneously talk with a crowd of admirers? We would also like to be able to do so, but it happens only in the movies. But we can easily teach you how to have a great conversation with your crush on a date. It is not such a complicated science as it seems at first glance.

Be in the Trend

great conversationThe first thing that distinguishes an interesting interlocutor from a sad bore is awareness. How can you choose things to talk about on a date if you are not aware of current trends? You should have a superficial understanding of everything: politics, fashion, cinema, literature, and even a little of painting. The whole Internet is at your service.

If you stick all day on Facebook, then make this stupid pastime a bit sensible: subscribe to interesting public pages that will tell you the latest news in the world of art, entertainment and so on. Do you use a Telegram to write idiotic jokes to friends and show off stickers? Subscribe at the same time to the cognitive channel. Profit will be felt already on the first date when you will flash knowledge of what new was invented by the eccentric Ilon Mask. Choose a theme to your liking but remember: you have to learn something new every day. Otherwise, the reflection in the mirror will remain your main interlocutor and you will have no problems with topics to talk about on a date. Forever.

Method 50/50

There are two categories of men who constantly fail on dates. Some are ready to talk about themselves for hours (this story often transforms into an annoying whining, but they do not notice it), others pour questions without stopping. And these questions are not always appropriate. We offer you a new, wise approach: distribute the story about yourself and questions about your beautiful companion in the proportion of 50:50. Thus, you will kill two birds with one stone: you will show yourself as an interested, considerate companion and there will be no awkward pauses between your remarks. With this approach, even the most banal dialogue can evolve into a lively and interesting conversation.

conversation on a dateYou will have no problems with what to talk about on a second date thanks to this method. To use this method, you must be careful. Follow the conversation, listen to her every answer. They contain peculiar signals, with which you can understand what this beautiful woman wants from you. It sounds like quantum mechanics but in reality everything is much simpler. If your IQ is slightly higher than that of a monkey, you will understand everything. You will benefit from the female habit of constantly telling the man about her needs, so that you will satisfy them. And as soon as possible.

Develop a Sense of Humor

Can you joke? At least in your head? If yes, then it`s fine. Even the rudiments of a sense of humor are a good sign, it’s a material with which you can work. On a date there is nothing better than an old good joke. Humor lifts the mood and destroys the barriers that, whether we like it or not, arise between strangers. But you must handle humor skillfully. Do not even think of joking about the physical defects of a guy who will dine at a nearby table. First, it’s rude. Not everyone likes black, primitive humor. And even if your girlfriend does not mind laughing at a passerby who slipped on an ice cream, she will not show it to you at once.

We hope everything is clear with jokes about her appearance and so on without our help. Use the universal weapon – self-irony. The girls are crazy about guys who know how to laugh at their own failures or small defects. It’s even sexy. In addition, you will immediately show that you are not selfish.

Do Compliments. Be a Gentleman

compliments on a dateWe think that you know such an expression: girls love with their ears. That’s the truth. A great power lies in compliments. But it is disclosed only under one condition – compliments should be sincere. Your false smile and no less false comments about her bright yellow dress is the worst thing you can think of. Heard an interesting thought from her? Mark this out, but not in too loud epithets. Do you like the deep blue color of her eyes? Tell her about this with a slight smile on your lips and with a casual tone. It is not necessary to accompany each compliment with pathos and solemn tone – many girls get sick of it. In general, compliments can be used as an effective weapon against awkward pauses. A note about a nice T-shirt often leads to more interesting topics: brands of clothes, clothing stores, interesting prints on a T-shirt you saw yesterday… a vast field for the work of your imagination, buddy.

Be Yourself

This is the most valuable advice. A person who tries to play an unusual role for himself only to be liked by a representative of the opposite sex is a miserable sight. You will never be a good interlocutor if you keep telling lies about your achievements, react to every remark and show a false interest instead of real. Do you not agree with your companion in something? Tell her about it. Girls prefer men who have their own opinion and they do not hesitate to share it. Do not like the topic of your conversation? Tactically shift the conversation into another direction. This is possible even for the most closed introvert. In the end, enjoy. That’s why you came. So forget about your complexes and imaginary dangers. Say what comes to your mind, be sincere, joke, eat, drink and get busy the whole time. That’s the whole secret of a successful date.

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