Would-You-Rather Questions for Your Girlfriend

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There is nothing more beautiful in the world than being with a loved one. It can change your whole life in the best way. It creates the impression that wings grow on your back and you are able to fly. You are no longer bothered with various petty troubles. The world is beautiful and you smile at it broadly. When your loved one is around, you immediately have a good mood and you want to dance due to the feeling of happiness. And in order this state doesn’t come to an end, you should do joint activities and communicate. For example, it can be a game of Would You Rather. Thus, you will not only get closer to your partner but also will better understand whether you want to spend the whole life with a particular person.

So, find a comfortable place, for example, sit comfortably on the couch with your companion, and start to play. The game is very simple. Each subsequent question turns out to be more personal and people get closer to each other. So, continue reading this article and you will find questions that you can ask your girlfriend.

Would-you-rather game as a way to strengthen the emotional bond

It is difficult to imagine a real relationship without emotional intimacy. This is the component that helps a couple stay together. Let’s see what’s behind it and how not to lose that connection that exists between you.

would you rather dirty editionAccording to the research of the famous family psychotherapist John Gottman, happy couples, who are satisfied with their marriage and relationships, don’t get tired of getting to know each other collecting information and exploring each other throughout their life. Happy lovers are well aware of the things that their partners like, want, and don’t like; what problems, thoughts, and feelings they have, etc.

So, how does Would You Rather game work? Winners in this game are both of you as you get to know each other on a deeper level and create unity and intimacy playing this Would You Rather game.

How to deal with the silence that appears during a meeting with a loved one? What should you do if bored? You need to play games like Would You Rather that will help you relax and have a good time! You can play Would You Rather games on the weekend, come up with your own questions and develop your relationships.

Would-you-rather questions for your girlfriend

It is not so difficult to get new information about your partner. You just need to find some would-you-rather questions for your girlfriend. These questions below are created for finding out more about your soul mate.

Of course, you can’t answer to these would-you-rather questions for couples in a right or wrong way. You may also answer these questions while your girl answers. Or you may think about how you would answer a question before you ask her.

It is nice if your answer to some questions coincide. For example, “would you rather get up early or sleep up to 3 p.m?” Thus, you will understand whether you are compatible. Such a would-you-rather question for your girlfriend will not surely help find a perfect partner, of course, but it can help you get to know a little more about your partner with whom you have relationships or just want to date.

So, here are some would-you-rather questions for your girlfriend:

Would you rather…

  1. …spend $1,000 on traveling or on a new iPhone?
  2. …choose a career or a family life?
  3. …. cheat on your boyfriend or just make him jealous saying that you cheated on him?
  4. …. love someone who doesn’t love you back or have a heart of stone but everyone falls in love with you?
  5. … choose tenderness or passion?would you rather question for your girlfriend​
  6. … have a date at home or in a restaurant?
  7. … go to a luxury restaurant or an ordinary café?
  8. … be a president of a little country or a minister of a big powerful country?
  9. … kiss your boyfriend when you are in a crowded place or when you are alone?
  10. … work in a big and famous company and earn a lot of money or be a volunteer?
  11. … have first sex with a new partner on the beach or on a date?
  12. … hug or kiss your boyfriend?
  13. … publish a book about your life or shot a film about your first love?
  14. … watch a comedy film or a horror film?
  15. … give up Facebook or use only this social network for the rest of your life?
  16. … ask for help or solve problems by yourself?
  17. … wear a snowsuit in Africa or be naked in Alaska?
  18. … have a handsome but dumb boyfriend or an ugly but caring boyfriend?
  19. … listen to Justin Timberlake or Justin Bieber?
  20. … give a handmade postcard to your boyfriend or an expensive gift?
  21. … spend your day at home or somewhere outside?

So, you can continue asking such kind of questions. Don’t be afraid to express your opinion, even if a woman doesn’t ask you. You should also think how you would answer a particular question.

One more thing – a girl should answer the questions you like and want to hear her answers. Girls usually feel when you are really interested in their lives and when you ask something just in order to have sex, for example.

Would you rather game: dirty edition

Dirty would-you-rather questions are entertaining and intimate. This is also a good way to diversify your sex life. Dirty would-you-rather questions can be simple or, vice versa, very personal and intimate and it is better to ask them in the bedroom. One of the reasons why you have to play this game is because it excites and opens new sides of your relationship.

How does this Would You Rather a dirty edition work? This game contains questions about two hypothetical situations from your sex life. This is the best way to understand each other’s fantasies or fetishes. This sex game is quite simple and the questions can be dirty or ordinary.  It’s really simple and interesting. Most people in love start out with modest questions and continue with more intimate. Dirty questions directly affect sex. This type of questions can be used if your relationship has already taken a “horizontal position”. They will be good as foreplay. Don’t ask them during the first meeting. Some couples even use alcohol asking these dirty would-you-rathers in order everything to be light and fun.

So, why is it necessary to play this game? Because a relationship becomes banal over time and it is important to diversify it by such kinds of activities in order to keep it interesting.

And here is a list of dirty would-you-rather questions:

Would you rather…

  1. … watch a girl or guy porn in order to turn yourself on?
  2. … have intimacy with the lights on or turn it off?
  3. … get money for sex or pay for it?
  4. … have sex in the morning or at night?games like would you rather
  5. … sleep in a nightgown or naked?
  6. … watch porn or look at erotic photos?
  7. … have sex or a kiss at the end of a date?
  8. … have sex with your male friend or with your ex-boyfriend?
  9. … have sex with someone who smells bad or someone who has bad breath?
  10. … choose doggy-style or a standard position?
  11. … have sex with several ugly men at the same time or 5-minute-sex with one handsome guy?
  12. … have sex in a car or in the wood?
  13. … have sex with music or in silence?
  14. … date someone who is excellent at sex or who has a perfect body?
  15. … be naked or in a nurse costume before having sex?
  16. … have several little orgasms every night or have only one amazing orgasm once in a month?
  17. … kiss a 16-year-old boy or a 70 year-old-man?
  18. … have sex near the cemetery or a police office?
  19. … look at your dog when it has sex or a dog looks at you when you have sex?
  20. … have sex on a dirty bed or in a dirty restroom?
  21. … have excellent sex with a superstar only once in a month or have ordinary sex every day?
  22. … have sex with someone who needs 10 seconds to cum or who needs at least 3 hours to cum?
  23. … watch porn or have sex with a stranger?
  24. … choose BDSM or oral sex?
  25. … find out that your “perfect” partner uses Viagra or has a strange fetish?
  26. … have sex with a superstar you hate or with your ex?
  27. … repeat your first sex or have sex with a person you don’t like?

And you can keep it that way. Remember, you can always come up with a bunch of different interesting questions for a girl and try to make sure that they are about a relationship of a man and a woman because it brings you closer.

As you could understand, some questions are relevant only in a specific context, others are too intimate, requiring detailed answers. Seize a moment and ask a girl what is most relevant now. Also, you should react to the girl’s answers, express emotions and make compliments. As it was already mentioned, this might help you get to know a person better.

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