How to Date Beautiful Colombian Women

colombian women dating

A Deep Insight into the Latin Dating Culture

If you are an open-minded and curious person, then you should take a trip to Latin America or try Latin dating just because life, culture, nature, cities, attractions, and food are different from the usual European ones. And, of course, you will surely want to get acquainted with hot Colombian women when you see them in person.

You know most countries in Latin America have approximately the same level of development since most of the inhabitants of these countries have a common origin and common roots. In the process of development, Hispanics took mainly Spanish and Portuguese cultures as well as a very insignificant part of the culture and life of the native inhabitants of America, Indians. And over time, they have formed their habits and traditions, typical only for Latin America. Having disengaged from European heritage, Latin America is developing independently, without sharp spikes, but also without rapid troughs. All these factors, to one degree or another, directly affect the daily life and dating culture.

Nonetheless, it is worth noting that Latin dating culture and relationships with beautiful Colombian women are not for everyone. This is a world full of paradoxes and truly surreal stories. However, people who live there enjoy life in all its manifestations, realize their dreams, know how to love and create strong families. Ease of communication, a sense of humor, unpredictability and sometimes some extravagance, a love for music and dance, fun and the ability to “approach life with ease” are the qualities that make Latin women attractive to representatives of other nations. This is the very art of “living life” that Mark Anthony sings about.

What’s So Special About Colombia?

Even though the great explorer Christopher Columbus discovered, in fact, two continents, only a small state in South America was named after him. Colombia does not have a very good reputation among those who choose word of mouth as a source of information. However, people who are used to considering more serious arguments, include this country to the list of must-visit places because everyone can find various things to do there even besides dating Colombian women. In Colombia, you will find many natural attractions, architectural monuments, and museums, whose expositions deserve the highest positions in world ratings.

Locals call it the city of eternal spring because it is always perfect 27 degrees Celsius outside. If you are dreaming about meeting Colombian women and having interesting dates with them, then you can easily get such an opportunity there since there are gondolas, salsa bars, interesting places to eat or play something.

colombian women stereotypesBy the way, pay attention to the fact that if you want to please Colombian girls with a bouquet of beautiful flowers, you should choose an even number of flowers, and not an odd one, like in many other countries. Moreover, don’t give lilies at all since here this flower is associated exclusively with funerals. And if you are going to a nightclub, leave your belt at home because otherwise, your belt will be taken away since it is believed that a belt, wound around a fist, is a pretty serious weapon in a fight.

Here’s What Colombian Women Are Like

If you stop a stranger in the street and ask them what they know about Colombia, they will surely tell you something about hot Colombian women. Everybody knows that Colombia can boast of the most beautiful women in the world. However, if you have serious intentions about finding your soulmate there, you should be aware that Colombian women dating is in various ways different than in many other countries. Let’s find out what’s so special about these gorgeous girls.

They have tight bonds within their family          

If you are looking for a family-oriented girlfriend, then you should think about dating a Colombian woman. This is one of the nations with true family values, and you know, nowadays it’s great luck to meet a person for whom “family” is not an empty sound. That’s why charming Colombian girls try to create healthy relationships with decent men who share their values and worldviews. So, if your relationships move to the next stage, then you should be ready to get acquainted with the girl’s family. It can happen even after 5 dates when you both understand that there is strong chemistry between you. The meeting with family can be postponed only if her relatives live in another part of the country, but in most cases, unmarried girls are living with their families. So, since Colombian girls have tight bonds with their families, you should understand that if you are dating Colombian women, their families come along with it.

They take pride in their femininity

Like all beautiful women, Colombian girls are well aware of their main weapon, so they aren’t ashamed to use it to the fullest. On the contrary, they are proud of their femininity and try to show and highlight that in all possible ways. For example, Colombian girls like to wear beautiful dresses and skirts in combination with heels that make them look even more seductive. They watch their appearance, that’s why they are always well-groomed and very attractive. Colombian girls are known for their sensuality, so every foreign man who is not used to dating such hot girls is melting like ice cream in a company of such a stunning girl.

They take pride in their culture          

The modern culture of Colombia has been formed thanks to the ethnic mixture of descendants of European colonialists, the local Native American population and African slaves, so nowadays, this unique culture is Colombia’s calling card girls are proud of. About fifty-seven unexplored ethnic groups are living on the territory of the state, who still walk in loincloths, brightly paint their bodies and huts, so their culture is still original and authentic. Nonetheless, along with the ancient traditional culture, which is common for rural areas, Colombian art received a new impetus to the modern movements in art in the fifties of the twentieth century. You might have seen some works of contemporary artists and sculptors that are known throughout the world. Music, dancing, architecture, applied arts are filled with a mixture of ethnic groups and the cultural treasure of climatic zones.

They are one of the most gorgeous in the world             

Historically, Colombian men are breadwinners and earners, so women can have some time for themselves. Colombian girls are very sensual and loving, and they are not only very beautiful but also sexy, it is attractive and chaste at the same time. Usually, Colombian ladies have tanned skin thanks to the constant sun and hot climate. However, one of the most amazing traits is their almond eyes, which they have acquired from the ancestors, Indian tribes. So, dark hair, beautiful brown eyes and radiant smiles in addition to the above-mentioned characteristics make these girls one of the most gorgeous in the world. So, if you are going to meet Colombian women, make sure you correspond to their level.

They are really into nightlife

It will be difficult for you to date a Colombian girl if you don’t like nightclubs and hate dancing since nightlife together with dancing is a part of their culture, and Colombian girls just cannot do without it. Colombian girls are dancing everywhere and almost all the time, it’s a common thing there. When the sun goes down, people devote time and energy to their active social life, so you should be ready for the fact that there are high chances your girlfriend will not want to stay at home in the evening.

How to Make a Colombian Woman Fall in Love with You?

Now when you know at least something about amazing Colombian women, it’s high time to think about how to make them fall in love with you. You know that all women are unique and need a special approach, but when it is about some other nation, you should redouble your efforts to succeed.

Look good. Like, extremely good

In the modern world, girls are used to the fact that many men watch their appearance. And a man who doesn’t watch his image looks not just like an ordinary man, but he repels all worthy women. If nature does not endow you with beauty, this does not mean that you need to do plastic surgery. You should just try to emphasize your strengths and hide your flaws in all different ways. And in addition to the usual hygiene, which you need to watch every day, there are a few details that are worth paying attention to. For example, if you do not have an outstanding appearance, then you should take care of your hair and try to do your best to choose the right hairstyle. Select a perfect wardrobe, which will allow you to look attractive and comfortable at the same time. Besides, don’t forget about your ideal perfume, which will play its (crucial) role in seducing a hot woman.

Be ready to spend a bit

In Colombia, women are used to the fact that men pay for everything, so if you refuse to pay the joint bill or offer to share it, there are high chances it will be your last date. Nothing looks so awful as a greedy man. So, if you are going to be involved in dating a Colombian hot girl, make sure you have enough money for all the entertainments. However, you should understand that if a girl offers or even insists on visiting only some special expensive places, there are chances she is an ordinary gold-digger. But don’t be surprised if a girl expects you to pay for her roundtrip taxi, this is quite a common thing there. So, to avoid awkward situations, be ready for such things in advance.

date a Colombian girlLet her have a good laugh

As they say, “If you know how to make a girl laugh, there’s half the battle.” Laughter brings together, even if you met a charming stranger just a minute ago. Besides, it is known that a good sense of humor is an indicator of high intelligence, and it can be perceived as a huge additional strength of a man. Undoubtedly, a cheerful man who knows how to successfully joke and make the girls laugh has all the advantages over other guys since 8 out of 10 girls consider the sense of humor to be the most attractive and important side of a man’s personality. If you don’t know how to make women laugh, then you should make efforts to develop it like muscles, prepare some interesting and funny stories beforehand. You can search for some tips on the Internet, but don’t believe too much in the advice of some dodgy pick-up artists who know about humor even less than you.

Do not be afraid to flirt intensively

Before you decide to approach a beautiful girl, you should come up with several good icebreakers that will help you at the right moment. You know Colombians are a different nation that treats almost all strangers with warmth, so you may even think that they are talking to you like to their friends. That’s great but not in the case when it’s about dating. So, if you feel the slightest chemistry between you, then you should start flirting quite intensively with a girl that she has no doubts you are interested in her as in a woman. Make special eye contact, slightly touch her or even hug if she doesn’t mind. By the way, if you are good at dancing salsa, for example, then you can ask a girl to dance with you. Everyone knows that dance is the best foreplay. So, such a great start can become a very interesting continuation of the evening.

Discard stereotypes about Colombian people

One of the main stereotypes is that Colombia is a very poor country. This is not true. As elsewhere, there are the poor, rich and middle classes. Nevertheless, the inhabitants of Latin America are different from representatives of other parts of the world. Of course, the differences are neither in criminal inclinations nor in a pathological attraction to the opposite sex. Of course, this is not true. The average Latin American is a completely law-abiding citizen of their country, moderately lazy and completely unaggressive, and family values ​​in Latin America are quite traditional and strong. So, you should get rid of Colombian women stereotypes before you decide to enter committed relationships.

Haven’t You Met Your Colombian Beauty Yet?

As you see, Colombian women are gorgeous and just amazing in so many ways that they are 100% worth of your attention. If you don’t have a chance to take a trip to Colombia in the nearest future, but you are still interested in meeting one of these lovely beauties, then you can try a modern way of meeting a soulmate and just register on a dating site or use social networks to find your one and only.

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