Month: July 2017

online dating success

What Prevents You from Online Dating Success? 7 Biggest Mistakes

Do you know that according to statistics, one couple in six started their relationship online? This is quite...

modern chivalry

Is Chivalry Dead in the 21st Century? An Honest Insight

What is Chivalry in Modern World? You hear all the time that chivalry is dead. Men blame women...

signs of commitment issues

Are You Ready to Commit to Someone? 11 Questions to Ask Yourself

Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Making a Commitment Are You Ready to Commit? Long-term personal relationships require...

age gap in relationships

The Age Gap in Relationships: How Modern People See It

The unspoken rules of modern society have always been telling us that in relationships, the man must be...

why do girls cheat

Why Do Girls Cheat? 7 Real Stories to Understand Them Better

There is one general reason for both men’s and women’s infidelity. People cheat on their partners when their...


The Smartphone Etiquette: Most Crucial Do’s and Don’ts

Alright, my dearest smartphone users, today we will talk about the smartest creation of the last centuries. Can...


Does Porn Affect Your Sex Life?

Pornography has always been a controversial topic, especially when it comes to relationships and sex life. More and...

Dating a Feminist

15 Things You Should Know Before Dating a Feminist

According to its most correct definition, feminism means equal rights in all aspects of modern life to all...

Online vs. Offline Dating: Choose the One for You

Online vs. Offline Dating: Choose the One for You

Dating is something people have been involved in for centuries. Although the format of dating, its rules and...

dating and drinking

Alcohol & Dating: Friends or Foes?

Alcohol is an ambiguous stuff when it comes to dating, especially in the beginning of the relationships. Both...