How to Improve your Communication with a Russian Girl


Communication with a girl has always been of a great importance. Communication with a Russian girl will help you to build a healthy relationship. It is really difficult (if not impossible) to share your feelings or to solve problems without the communication. Even when you smile to a Russian girl, it is a kind of communication (non-verbal one), because you send a message to a girl with the help of it.

How to communicate with girls in general

There are some general tips on how to communicate with a girl. These include being positive, choosing the right topics, the right place and time, manner, etc. Here are some of the best general recommendations:

  • Make sure she is interested in you, before starting the conversation itself. It is not necessary to come up with any extraordinary tests. All you need is to smile to a girl and wait for the right time to pass her saying you are sorry. The point is to look into her eyes for a while passing. And here you are – she is thrilled that you liked her and is interested in you now.
  • Compliment your girl. Complimenting a girl is a real art. What a conversation without a compliment. The main thing here is to be sincere. If you give your Russian girls a true compliment it will 100% improve your communication.
  • Say funny things. Russian girls love men with the sense of humor. Even if you find it difficult to develop you humor, try to learn what your girl is laughing at. Her smile will break the ice. Positive.
  • Do not try too hard. A Russian woman should see a confident man in you. That’s why you should not try too hard. She may think that your lack of self-confidence makes do all these things to win her heart.
  • Mind your eye contact. Eye contact is an important part of communication. This way you will show both your respect to her and your interest in relation to things she is talking about. So try to catch her eye when speaking to her.

However, it is difficult to follow all the available recommendations on how to communicate with a girl without examples. That is why we will share here different comments on how to talk to a Russian woman to avoid all the possible issues and how to improve communication skills.

What issues with communication you may face and how to avoid them

  • Dating a Russian girl may be incredibly loud sometimes. Russian women for dating are emotional and sensitive. It happens that they talk too loud when arguing with a man. It may sound more like a huge fight. There are some ways to improve your communication. Consider replacing your conversation somewhere in public. For instance, it will be quite embarrassing for both of you to shout at each other in a café or at a library. This way you will be able to talk about your issues in a calmer atmosphere without shouting.communication with russian girl
  • Being open-minded will play a huge role in dating a Russian woman. If you are open to compromises, your Russian mate will do the same for you. It is crucial not help her with that, and not vice versa. Use more “I” in your communication instead of “you”. The point is that when you say “you” to a Russian girl while arguing, for example, she will automatically feel that she need to defense. Improving communication skills will help you to find alternatives in your relationship.
  • Using your body language wise is another way to improve communication with your Russian girl. Do not irritate each other while communicating with wrong non-verbal signs. It is significant to make you partner feel that you listen to what she is talking about and understand. First of all, do not lose the eye contact. Giving and receiving feedbacks when you talk to a Russian girl can turn the tide of the conversation. It won’t help your communication if you stare at your watch all the time, or even worse – do something with your phone.
  • Make sure you understand her right. Do not be lazy or afraid, to summarize her ideas in order to get the confirmation that you get the point. This way you will avoid misunderstanding in the relationship with your Russian lady. It will also help you to avoid further quarrels and communication issues.

Language barrier, cultural barrier, age gape

Russian girls for dating is what a great number of men want. However, you may face some communication issues dating a Russian lady. These include language barrier, cultural differences, age gap…

Unfortunately, not every Russian girl, who is looking for love abroad, knows English or any other foreign language. Of course, it does not mean that the only way out is to give up such a relationship. Most marriage agencies and dating websites (both local and international ones) provide translation and interpretation services. This way you may chat with you Russian girl and she will answer you with the help of a translator. If everything is going great and you are intended to visit your girl in Russia, you will be able to take her out with the same person who was helping with your communication online. I know, the does not sound like an intimate date, although professional interpreters do their best to be just a shadow during your date.

Besides, if your Russian girl does not speak English it does not mean she has no desire or time to learn it. Not even close! Russian girls simply do not want to waste a precious time and prefer learning a foreign language in the process. They register on a dating website and their English classes simultaneously. Lack of language skills may lead to some misunderstanding in the beginning, although Russian beauties are quick learners. You may be even surprised if you see the effort.

Cultural barrier and age gap are easier to solve. The thing is that if a Russian girl is looking for a foreign man she is ready to face all the cultural shock. Besides, if both of you do some research in advance, you won’t feel like you have any cultural issues at all.

Finally, the above-mentioned tips on how to improve your communication will work with all the cultural and age issues as well. So keep in mind those things and keep searching for you Russian love.

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