Getting a summer body in a month


There’s no need in telling you that women prefer fit men. You probably know that women find muscular men more attractive. These facts are well-known. So, there’s no doubt that the idea of exercising to become more attractive to ladies works.

This article will tell how to get a beach body and give a few recommendations to stay fit.

Get fit to be attractive to females

Today’s women are so attracted to fit guys because fitness shows that they care about themselves. Girls wish to be closer to those who can protect them physically. Beach body fitness is also a signal of sexual abilities of a man – the fitter he is the more sexual experience he has. If you want to become fitter but need the motivation to begin exercising, just read about how fitness level affects the sexual performance.

Another reason why ladies are attracted to fit guys is that the fitness level means that a man has a strong character. He is determined, dedicated to his goals, hard-working, and successful. If you find time to exercise and keep fit, it means that you can easily deal with everything else, from work to personal life. These traits indicate that you always want more and won’t stop until you achieve success.

Women love fit men because they always try to stay active. Their risk of having a serious health condition is low. And the last but not least, girls want an active man who is as ready for adventure as they are.

Some exercises to get fit fast

For those, who don’t how to get summer body at home, here are a few exercises that will help you pump up muscles in a month without visiting the gym. To do this, you will need a horizontal bar, barbell or dumbbells.

fitness tipsPulling up on the horizontal bar

This exercise is an important part of all beach body workouts. It develops back and arms muscles. Set up for the underhand grip. First, just hang a little to stretch muscles. Then proceed to the pull-ups. Perform each exercise smoothly, without sudden movements. Your chin should be above the bar. You can also pull up with the additional weight on the legs or back but no sooner than one week after you start exercising.


This particular exercise stimulates testosterone boost. Some say that squats should be done with a barbell. But it is wrong because other muscles develop slower. You can do squats with dumbbells.


This exercise is good for chest muscles. It’s best for a summer body workout, as it develops all the muscles of the body. To pump up the muscles of the arms faster, gradually reduce the distance between your hands during the exercise. Be sure to keep your legs straight.


Pumping up the press is hard. You can try doing it by lifting up the legs on the horizontal bar. The exercise should be repeated at least ten times in 2-3 approaches. After a few days, increase the number of repetitions to 20 in 4-5 approaches, and soon you’ll have the perfect beach body.


Fitness experts advise not to forget about nutrition. Without strengthening the physical activity with the right daily diet, you are unlikely to build muscles. Eat enough protein. It’s contained in meat, beans, and milk products. Meals should be frequent – at least five times a day.

Perfect summer body diet for not getting fatter in winter

If the second chin and a beer belly are not included in your plans, here are some tips to help you not to gain weight in winter.

1) Eat as much as you want but regularly

Eating small meals four to five times a day is not for everyone. If you notice that such regime is causing your appetite, try eating two to three times a day. Make your own summer body meal plan. For normal metabolism, it is much more important to have breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the same time, preferably before nightfall. Artificial light, irregular and late meals disrupt the production of the hormone melatonin, which controls sleep and wakefulness. As a result, we gain weight.

2) Burn excess fat with dairy products

Three to four portions (50-100 g) of yogurt, cottage cheese, or milk, added to your beach body diet plan, will start fat burning processes within cells and help lose excess weight faster. Calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium, which are contained in these products, accelerate the disintegration of adipose tissue. At the same time, the body gets a dose of proteins that strengthen muscle tissue and improve skin elasticity.

fit couple3) Eat foods that contain a lot of liquid

Lack of water slows the metabolism, worsens health, and accelerates the aging process. Fill the liquid deficit with fruits and vegetables. They are rich in antioxidants and water that interact with cells of the body without disturbing the blood circulation and causing swelling.

4) Eat flax flour

This flour is rich in omega-3 and omega-6, vitamin B, potassium, magnesium, zinc, and antioxidants, which are important for the immune and nervous systems, brain, skin, and hair.

Flax flour creates a feeling of satiety for a long time because it contains a lot of protein and fiber. You can make porridge, pancakes and homemade bread out of it. This product is perfect for a beach body diet.

Overall recommendations to get a beach body

Glass of water

There’s a simple rule: start each meal with a glass of water.  It fills your belly and calms hunger a little. Besides, you reduce the risk of dehydration.

Change products without losing calories

You can feel full of energy and well-fed by replacing some products from your diet with ones that have the same amount of calories. For example, eat whole grain bread instead of white one.


If you want something sweet, eat a piece of dark chocolate. It will not completely replace your favorite sweets, but giving up sugar will become much easier.


There’s no need in going to a gym, simply walk more. Walk with your friends, family or alone. Use the stairs, leave the car in a nearby parking lot, and spend lunchtime walking around your office.


Lack of sleep triggers hunger. The body does not receive the right amount of energy and tries to compensate with food. 7-9 hours’ sleep is enough for an adult.


  1. Nice post! But why is there no word for yoga or jogging in it? Aren’t they better than squats? Cause I hate them!! I’d rather bike 20 miles than do 50 squats. And how am I supposed to do pull-ups if I don’t have a horizontal bar???

  2. You know, there’s a better way to get a summer body. Just try limiting the number of hot dogs, tacos, and other junk you stuff your belly with every single day! Maybe it’s time to remember how vegetables look like?))

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