Types of Men’s Behavior that Russian Girls Hate


It would be wrong to assume that Russian girls are over-picky and require something impossible from men. In fact, Russian girls are pretty sure about how they want men to behave.  Nothing extraordinary – simply treat your Russian woman right.

How to treat a russian girl right

If you believe that you know how to treat women, you may be sure that it will be easy for you to find a girl in Russia. The thing is that a great number of Russian men treat Russian girls bad. Simply treat Russian women with respect and you’ll be surprised with these happy and shining eyes looking at you as if you were a saint.

So how women want to be treated? If we are speaking about Russian women, they want their man to behave as a gentleman. It’s not a big deal to hold a door for your Russian lady, right? Then why not to treat Russian women this way? Believe me, she will be thrilled with such a behavior. Besides, Russian girls are far from world feministic issues, so you should not be afraid to carry heavy bags for a girl you like in Russia, she will appreciate the gesture. So, Russian girls dating is all about respect.

If you are dating a Russian girl you must have heard creepy stories about jealous Russian men.  Russian women consider jealousy as an annoying behavior.  They assume that happy relationships should be based on mutual trust. This excludes crazy jealousy automatically. You know, it would be understandable if a Russian man was jealous of a girl, who enjoys flirting with other men, for example, but this is not the case. Russian men are being jealous even about loyal and honest women. It results in huge fights and often tends to end with a divorce. This is really important to trust each other when you are dating a Russian woman. So, Russian women dating is all about trust.

Another thing Russian girls hate about men is being careless after marriage. This fate is worth than a death for a Russian beauty. It is horrible when a great romantic relationship ends up with a careless marriage. It means that the biggest part of her life will be all about laundry and disrespect of her individuality. Russian women adore men who show their support in relationships. Such a behavior helps them to get inspiration from their marriage and create something beautiful. So, Russian ladies dating is all about support.

treat women with respectAnother thing which may spoil your relationship with a Russian girl is becoming weak. It is important for a Russian woman to feel that her man is a leader in their family. Note, leadership has nothing in common with chauvinism. Women want to star family with bread-and-butter men. It seems natural, that Russian girls prefer getters. She should feel safe with her man. Russian women simply want a man to be a good example for their children.

Besides, if the man treats his woman right and is not greedy, he will be rewarded with a stunning and young woman. It is easy to look fresh and beautiful when you are happy. So, it will be quite reasonable if you both do best to make each other happy.

Do not give into temptation

Russian girls hate men without any self-control or any strength of will. Weak men often become addicted to all the possible temptations, once they got a problem in their life. The ability to fight and to go against heart is an important thing for a Russian girl.

There is a great number of Russian men who start taking alcohol, drugs or losing large amounts of money via slot machines. Show me a woman who will choose a husband addicted to alcohol or drugs willingly? Right, Russian women want to be happy in marriage. Furthermore, they deserve to be happy. Besides, there is a great number of mature Russian women, who decided to leave their Russian husbands, because they could not cope with their weaknesses and addictions. This is even sadder when it affects children. Russian women are patient but not THAT patient.

Well, the reasons are obvious. Russian women want a strong man being around them.

Being a bad guy is what women love, don’t they?

Have you ever thought about why women are attracted to men who treat them badly? In most cases being a bad guy means being a single guy. Russian women are not attracted much to men who treat them badly; they adore those who act like a man. For an average Russian girl “acting like a man” means being able to make important decisions on his own and being able to defense his family. Russian girls adore mannish foreigners because they combine the ability to respect women and to be confident enough to take a large slice of responsibility for their family.

Nowadays, bad guys are popular among teenage girls only, but not among young and mature Russian women, who are looking for serious relationships.

Besides, Russian women hate the annoying behavior, when a man acts like a confident husband with a strong will when being with friends, but is blaming his woman for all the problems at home, because the truth is – he is weak.

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