How to Find Love in the Modern Era


Dating in the digital age is great. This is the age of Tinder and other popular mobile dating apps and websites. So, why not use its benefits to find love in the modern era? Why not have fun? Some people think dating apps will lead us to a kind of dating apocalypse, some find it a simple and a comfortable way of meeting people. Of course, it is totally up to you whether to use them or not.


Young people in their 20s don’t enter into relationships in order to start a new family anymore. They don’t think about kids or marriage a lot at this age. However, it is essential for them to communicate and spend time building connections. They will 100% need this kind of experience (sooner than they may think).

Unfortunately, building connections often lacks real emotions and face to face communication nowadays. With all the available gadgets, apps, and the Internet, there is no need to see each other in person all the time.

Young people feel comfortable being emotionally distant from each other. They believe it is easier to start communicating or even enter into a relationship with someone you’ve never met in real life. And, you know what, this is absolutely fine. The thing is that there is so much you can learn about a girl online, that you won’t feel like she is a total stranger. Simply find girls online and look through their profiles in advance. Besides, chatting is safe and you don’t have to worry about such issues as:

  • how to leave correctly;
  • how to embrace the rejection;
  • how not to look shy;
  • or where to take a girl out on a date.

Furthermore, online dating does not take as much as time as real dating does. You may easily chat with your girl while working or while driving (although the last one is not safe, so don’t practice it). And the young people feel incredibly busy 24/7.

It may seem to senior people that the way millennial generation is dating and communicating with each other lacks romance. However, it is not true. You may give presents, send flowers and make other romantic gestures online, as well. It is not a big deal to pay for a delivery if you want to impress your girl and send a bunch of flowers right to her office. Now, THIS is romantic.

By the way, do not forget about video chats. If you use modern dating technologies, use all the variety of them. Webcams and smartphones can make you two closer even if you are a 1000 mile away from each other.

Of course, at some point a couple that met each other online will hope to see each other offline. Still, it does not mean you’ll have to stop using all the mobile dating apps and dating websites.

The most common ways for people to meet in the modern world
The most common ways for people to meet in the modern world


Online dating is becoming a more and more popular way of meeting people. This is the second most popular way to meet new partners. Relationship studies prove that finding love online is overtaking more traditional ways.

Besides, statistics show that attitudes towards online dating grow more positive. Senior people do not consider online dating as a way of meeting someone when you are desperate. This is a convenient, easy, and funny way to communicate with new people.

Just think about it. You have a job, you have some close friends, you don’t hang out much and you have no idea, not to mention the absence of the desire, where to go to find a girl for serious relationships. Thus, dating websites and mobile dating apps suit you perfectly.

Avoiding online dating is the same as if you would avoid smartphones and social networks in general. Let’s take Tinder, for example. It was aimed at speed dating in the first place. However, as any phenomenon that is gaining a mass character, it does not possess a specific aim anymore. People are looking for everything there: a hookup, wives and husbands, guides to show a new city, a way to avoid loneliness, etc. The interface is pretty basic. Sounds like a lot of fun, although you only judge people by appearance on Tinder. I believe there are not so many users who click on profiles and check out their bios. When I was still in a relationship, I was happy to choose potential matches for my gay friend having a glass of wine at the bar, and when my personal life suddenly collapsed, I downloaded Tinder to my phone as well. I started using it in Moscow, where I was staying for a couple of months.


No matter which age you live in, love is always the most important feeling
No matter which era you live in, love is always the most important feeling

Here are five ways people date each other and find true love in the modern digital world:

  1. Performing background checks is a must 

    It is essential to make sure that you are going to date the right person. Thus, it is better to google some details on that matter. Find her profiles on other websites and social networks. This will help you avoid meeting scammers or just not the right people. Finding love is becoming even safer with all the digital technologies available.

Besides, it won’t take much time.

  1. Texting is the most common way to communicate while dating

    You can’t call anybody anymore. If you try to call someone, they go like, ‘What? You’ve got nothing to do? Then quit wasting my time, text me that shit!’”, says Aziz Ansari, the comic. This is so true!

A great number of men say they prefer texting when they need to arrange a date and talk the timing over. Besides, it is easier to text your girls, if you are shy or just not in a mood to talk on the phone with your mate. Texting won’t bring any awkward pauses to your conversation.

  1. There are still better things left to be done IRL

    Video chats and Skype are great options if you are to find your love somewhere in Russia and there are about 5000 miles between you. Still, most people prefer in-person dates. Online dating does not sound complete when you know that the real meeting isn’t following your remote dating.

Besides, most people choose to break up face to face.

  1. Technology makes people more confident 

    It is pretty obvious that when you are online, you have enough time to come up with a perfect response. Now, imagine that you’re on a real date! You cannot freeze your girl and unfreeze her when you find a perfect word, right?

Moreover, she does not see your clothes, hair style, and mimics and it makes you even more confident when dating online.

  1. Ghosting is a problem

    If you have ever tried to find your love online, you are likely to be aware of the art of ghosting. This is a bad habit of leaving the chat without saying something. Another key thing about ghosting is that it is equally awful to ignore and to be ignored. Love is worth finding but it becomes difficult to look for it online when people are unfriendly to you sometimes.

However, it does not actually matter whether you are friendly or not. You are likely to see photos of your ex-girl with the new mate, which may hurt you, this way or another.

Don’t bother your relatives and friends with the questions like “Why can’t I find love” or “Will I find love”. It’s your life – make it easier with online dating and you will find just a perfect girl!

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