9 Signs She Secretly Likes You: Body Language

how to read a girl's body language

What is Body Language?

When you’re meeting a girl, you should be aware of non-verbal communication. What is it? Well, speaking in broad terms, it is everything besides language and verbal communication. Your own facial gestures, pose, tone of voice, and body language of your girl speak louder than any words. In order for you to succeed in personal relationships, it is crucial to know about your girl’s body language. How she moves her head and hands, how she sits and walks – everything matters because it can make you aware of how she feels about you.

Be Attentive and Look for Clues

So, how to read a girl’s body language? Start with being attentive. If you’re not attentive, you simply wouldn’t notice the signs her body sends you. You should try to feel as if you’re witnessing a magician doing a trick and you want to know how he performs it which makes you follow his every move and attentively monitor his hands. Try being aware of how the girl you’re dating sits and what she does with her hands. For example, psychologists say that people who tend to keep their hands in pockets or under the table may feel uncomfortable. How your girl positions her legs when sitting is also important. For example, position with one leg being put over another is considered to be defensible. Same goes for arms crossed on the chest.

Unlike some very general gestures and moves, people usually have their own individual body languages. Therefore, it is impossible to guide you and show you what to look for. What is possible is to make you attentive in the first place. What you need is getting to know your girl’s body language. It means learning about her. For example, having two dates at different times you may have a chance to compare her behavior in different circumstances with her also being in different moods. how to read the body language of a girlObserve and memorize what she does when she gets angry or how she reacts to something surprising, and what makes it clear that she is joyful? People express their emotions differently and knowing her usual gestures, moves, and expression you’ll be able to understand her body language.

How to Tell if She Likes You: Body Language Signs

Essentially, how to read the body language of a girl depends on what do you want to know. Reading body language signs is the most effective way to know whether your girl really likes you or not. Here are some positive moves and gestures that generally express fulfillment.

She Looks You in the Eyes

Not really part of a body language, an eye gaze is still one of the most important non-verbal communication tools. People generally look in each other’s eyes when they are interested. Speaking in broader terms, the more she looks you in the eyes, the better. It means that she is interested in you and wants to know you better. Long mutual eye gazes are sure sings of attraction and passion.

She Doesn’t Make Sharp Moves

Psychologists say that sudden abrupt moves make people nervous. It is also true that people who are nervous tend to make sudden moves. On the opposite, when a person is relaxed, his/her moves are smooth and precise or, in other words, natural. One of the signs of body language she likes you is the absence of sharp moves. When she moves naturally and smoothly, it means she’s relaxed. If a girl is relaxed, she is comfortable. The fact that your girl is comfortable with you is good news and exactly the thing you wanted to know, right?

Remember that she may have her own body language signs as well. Learn them and compare her movements during a period of time. Learn how to know when she is not satisfied. For example, perhaps she doesn’t make sudden moves when nervous as all other people. Learn her own individual features of nervousness in order to know when to change your attitude. Often, people, and women especially, do not say directly and clearly what they want or how they feel. That is the reason why learning non-verbal communication and body language signs are important.

Pay Attention to How She Sits, Stands, and Walks

Among other signs she likes you, body language can help you read her according to her manner of the walk. The way she sits and stands is also important. For example, people tend to move quicker when in rush but they can also change their pace because they are nervous. A person who is nervous subconsciously changes his speed and walks faster even though there’s no rush. If she sits and constantly checks her purse or has something in her hand to hold and put from one hand into the other, it means that she’s nervous and uncomfortable.

how to tell if a girl likes you body language For those wishing how to know if a girl likes you, body language techniques can help quite a lot. Remember that only half of all information is expressed by words. You simply can’t ignore the other half if only you want to succeed. Reading the signs right can guide you in the right direction and help you adjust your attitude correctly.

People who are nervous or uncomfortable usually can’t stand still. They either shift their feet or do something else as if trying to move even though they need to stand. In case your girlfriend can’t seem to stand still it means she’s nervous.

Does She Mind Touching?

To know how to tell if a girl likes you, the body language of your girlfriend should be correctly evaluated. One of the features she may like you is her willingness to make physical contact. It can be a handshake, a kiss on the cheek, a little torso push, etc. In other words, depending on how physically relaxed she is with you, your girlfriend either likes you or not. The right signs are the following: she doesn’t mind you taking her by the hand or touching her shoulder and is willing to make physical contact. On the contrary, if she feels secluded and stressed, she would avoid physical contact and be less open. Remember that you and your girlfriend are possible lovers. In case everything works out for you two, you’d be touching a lot. That is why the absence of small occasional physical contact should be treated as a bad sign. It means that a girl is not physically attracted to you and probably does not like you very much.

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Tone of Her Voice

Like eye gaze, tone of the voice also is not technically an element of body language. Still, this is an important element of non-verbal communication. People in anger typically raise their voice while depressed and stressed people tend to speak quietly. Remember that the tone of her voice can say a lot about her emotional condition and feelings. You’re probably interested in her feelings towards you. That’s why it is crucial for you to pay attention to how she talks.

Here is one of the signs a girl likes you. Body language can give you a clue by the way she uses her body when talking. A lot of people like to use their hands when speaking as if illustrating something. You should know how the voice of your girlfriend changes and how she involves her body in her speaking. Being angry she might keep her hands on the waist or cross them on her chest. Learn from her position and know for sure what mood she is in. Knowing her mood is always helpful. It might help you understand her better and she’d most surely appreciate that.

Approach Her Correctly

Looking for the surefire signs a girl likes you, the body language of your partner should always be taken in consideration. It’d be dramatically catastrophic for you not to hug the girl when she wants it. Still, it happens rarely that a girl asks directly “will you, please, hug me?” No, she asks for it with her body language. Aiming for success it’s not enough for you to just read her. As you’re doing it for a reason, you should adjust your behavior and approach her correctly instantly responding to her body language signals. Be attentive because very often the most important things happen without words and agreements.

Does She Touch Herself or Her Dress?

Another advice on “how to know if a girl likes you” body language can give is to observe how she uses her hands. For example, dating counselors say that women who touch their dresses, hair or body repeatedly are more likely to desire sensual contact. When she touches herself, it may very well mean that she wants somebody to touch her. And by somebody she probably means you.

Facial Expressions

You simply can’t overrate the importance of mimics. In many cases, a look on a person’s face can say much more than this person’s words. Face can show thousands of emotional expressions and is able to say a lot about person’s thoughts and feelings. All people smile when they are happy and frown when they are sad. But besides these plainest emotions, there are thousands of more complex and delicate emotional expressions as well.

As with your girl’s body language and tone of voice, you should learn about your girl’s mimics. For example, make a difference between her happy smile and formal smile, between her angry face and sad face. Becoming familiar with each other’s facial gestures, you’d have more effective ways of communication.

There is no better answer to the question of how to tell if a girl likes you body language can give than that of being attentive. Always keep in mind that attention is the key. Most people have communication problems because they ignore non-verbal communication and body language altogether refusing to notice what’s in front of them. But as you now know body language can say a lot about how your girl feels about you.

Non-verbal signs she likes you: Eyes

Posture, gestures, voice, and reaction can say a lot about her attitude. Also, there is other great non verbal signs she likes you, and they are all about the way she looks. And the time she gazes at you is not the topic we are going to discuss.

signs a girl likes you body language 1. Her pupils

This secret signs she likes you is quite difficult to notice, but if a girl has bright eyes like blue or grey, pay attention to her pupils. When we are happy or satisfied, they are widening. It seems like a person is high or drank some alcohol. It’s a natural reaction to something that is very interesting to us. Moreover, this reaction of our bodies is absolutely uncontrollable, so pay attention to a girl’s eyes if you want to know if she likes you.

2. The shape of her eyes

There is a reason why a suspicious emoji has squinting eyes. When we don’t trust a person we unknowingly squint our eyes in order to look carefully and find something a person is hiding. But when they fully trust us, their eyes are open wide and their look is full of curiousness.

3. She is looking at your mouth

Not only men love beautiful and tender female lips. Girls also pay attention to a guy’s mouth if they like him. This is one of the most attractive parts of a male body for women, so when looking for non-verbal signs she likes you, be sure she is looking directly at your seductive smile.

4. She avoids a direct eye-contact

Sometimes, women want you to notice they are into you, so their prolonged eye-contact may be a sign she likes you. But if a girl secretly likes you and she is a bit shy, she may hide her feelings inside by looking down or to the side. Pay attention to her character. Is she always so shy with other people or only with you? Where do her eyes move when you are next to her? If she smiles a bit but rarely looks into your eyes, maybe it’s time for you to act!

Sure Signs a Shy Girl Likes You: Body Language Clues

Body language can say a lot about shy girls. Shy girls are mostly introverts who often find it uncomfortable to interact with men. Due to that, they might not say a lot but their body can show you a lot. For example, a shy girl may want you to kiss her but she’d never say that. It is crucial for you to know how to “read” a shy girl. Remember that if she looks you in the eyes and does not mind your touching her, it means that you’re on the right track.

It is also evident that shy girls tend to avoid eye contact and keep their hands out of sight. It can make you think that she’s nervous and uncomfortable. Still, she’s only just shy and needs you to comfort her.

All in all, now you understand why non-verbal communication matters and how body language of your girl can affect you. Your main task is to be attentive and stay focused. If you’re not focused, you wouldn’t be able to recognize body language signs and interpret them accordingly. Keep in mind that different people have different body language signs. In order for you to succeed, getting to know your girlfriend’s body language is critical. You simply can’t communicate effectively without it. Now, you are also aware of how most people express their feelings and emotions through body language and non-verbal communication. Therefore, the amount of information which can be derived from body language appears to be too big to ignore. So, communicate in full and prepare to be awarded for your efforts. Good luck!

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