9 Dating Tips Every Christian Single Should Know

Christian singles dating

A big number of single people wants to find someone to spend their lives with, but the older people become, the more difficult it is to find a soulmate. Married couples don’t usually have many single friends, so, nowadays, being involved in Christian dating can become a real challenge after a certain age.

Most of the churches create their programs to make an appeal to families with little kids and have forgotten about their single groups. At work, there is a lot of strict rules and negative aspects to dating other colleagues. Nobody will argue that modern people have become selfish, they think too much about non-perfection of others, adding them drawbacks even before the meeting.

Notwithstanding all the worries, people are forced to admit that online dating is a good chance to meet a soul mate and to build a relationship. It is even possible to find more than one Christian dating website where people with the same aims are looking for a future spouse. Of course, there are some limitations, but still, it gives a chance to become happy.

Dating for Christians: Rules and Guidelines

Have you ever seen a statement that provides you with bit by bit guidelines on how to obey all Christian dating rules? Anyway, it is necessary to stay faithful to your beliefs and limits as well as to resist temptations. If you read Christian books about dating, and you like to visit different Christian dating sites, then you are already familiar with many rules. It is just necessary to integrate them carefully into your lifestyle.

Remain faithful to yourself

So many things happen in life every day, and your main task is to remain faithful to yourself. There is no need to become someone else, no matter what. It’s a matter of high priority to remain faithful to what you believe in. When you are engaged in Christian singles dating, you should be confident that your date perceives your true personality. In this case, you should not worry that you have different worldviews, or you believe in different things. Being honest with yourself, you should know that your chances to meet your soul mate will increase dramatically.

Christian singles datingAdhere to the moral rules

A big part of people considers physical attractiveness and sexual relationship to be very important.

Nonetheless, you should resist temptations if you are not married or you don’t have a serious relationship. Nobody has a right to humiliate your morality. You should tell openly about the limits, and you should determine your plans for the future and get a mutual understanding of what stage you are at now. These limits show whether you are ready to take responsibility for each other or not. If both of you don’t want to feel cheated, you should respect your desires and inner limits as well as morality rules.

Use social media

There is no need to avoid social media and consider it to be the main stumbling block towards live communication. Nowadays, social media opens the door to the world of opportunities, and you should not miss a chance to use at least some of them. There are not so many occasions to meet a partner offline. On the Internet, you can find many sites with excellent matching systems that are able to connect different singles with the same faith and help them become happy. Nonetheless, you should remember that a flirting attitude will not help you meet the right partner. In some cases, social media create an invisible but very strong barrier between people and provide them with an opportunity to try different roles without undertaking the obligations.

Be faithful whatever happens

In any case, you should not let any person overshadow your true faith. Only God can be the top priority in your life. You can face many challenges, and in each situation he will be the first who throw you a lifeline. The right partner will always understand and accept your faith. You will have one shared faith.

Don’t close your heart to amity

If you are engaged in Christian online dating, and you are eager to find your future spouse on the Internet, don’t forget that the best ground for a healthy relationship is amity in many cases. It begins usually with common interests, hobbies and desire to meet offline.  Being on the same spiritual page is much more important than physical attractiveness, and if you like each other both on physical and spiritual levels, then it is a success. If you don’t feel a spark, give your amity a chance to blossom in a while.

Tell the truth about your motives

When you close your eyes and imagine your life in several years, what do you see? Maybe, it is a house where your family has a breakfast, and your kids playing with a dog. Maybe, you are a big boss of an international company, and your assistant brings you a cup of coffee.  Maybe, you live in some other country far from your homeland. Maybe, you are a bachelor, and you enjoy your life in a company of your friends.visit godatenow to find single ladies

Write down a list of your priorities and highlight the most important things in it. You should be honest with yourself and your future partner, discussing all things in advance. Doing that, you will increase your chances to have a healthy relationship and happy family life.

Lead your relationship

You have the right to be a leader within your couple, supporting and taking care of your woman. It is you who should make a foundation for the fruitful relationship, respecting her. It is you who should make a proposal to get married and become a family in the sight of God.

When you adhere to the Christian rules for dating, you get an opportunity to become closer and to understand whether your feelings are alike, and you are ready to take responsibilities. There is no time frame, so don’t be in a hurry, however, you should not delay for no reason.

Be followed only by true love

Don’t let different feelings make you blind, especially if you are young. You will surely learn how to discern true love from lust, you will learn how to stay firm. Facing some challenges can be a very difficult task. You should always listen to yourself, dividing all your feelings and giving them the right place in your soul.

Christian dating tips9 Tips for Christian Singles

In order to make people a little bit wiser with Christian singles dating, there are some tips that can help you avoid mistakes and, maybe, find some answers.

1. Don’t draw a perfect image of a person

Sometimes, people’s imagination does not correspond to reality. When you spend time on Christian dating sites, you look at a photo, have small talk chatting online or talking via phone, and then you go on a date. Subconsciously, your imagination draws a picture of this person, you feel that you know this woman for all your life, adding her some fake features. However, the reality is different, and this perfect image is only in your head. In this case, any relationships with single Christian women will be doomed to failure. You need time and patience to get to know the person better, it is the only right way. Otherwise, you have an illusion based on wishful thinking.

2. Be smarter

The first date is always filled with some excitement that can obscure a talk, especially if there is a chemistry between you. In order to avoid unpleasant moments in the nearest future, try to perceive this date like an interview. Imagine that you want to recruit a good specialist, however, your tone should be friendly and informal. You need to find the golden mean between formality and informality getting to know a woman better. Listen to your talk, participate and ask the right questions. Usually, if a woman feels comfortable and safe, she will tell you almost everything you want to know. This is just one of the Christian dating tips.

3. Ask pertinent questions

Search for some dating tips for Christians that will provide you with the whole list of the good questions. You should create your own one, adding some new constantly. On the first date, you can ask some light questions and some more serious on your second date. However, your questions should not be only serious, ask something funny that will make a woman smile and give a response with pleasure. Ask about her childhood or about her favorite books.

4. Be ready to meet your nightmare

If you cannot recognize liars at first sight, and you are afraid to fall in love with such a liar on the Internet, you should be ready that there is always a chance to face your nightmare. So many people tend to show themselves from the best sides, forgetting the rules of morality, and the Internet gives them such an opportunity. In order not to be dragged into the swamp, use this Christian dating advice, don’t communicate too long on the Internet. Ask her out and make sure that she is a sincere person.

5. Keep something a secret

You try to learn your new acquaintance, and she tries to learn you. Unfortunately, nowadays, there are so many people who want to find out as much information about you as possible in order to get some profit of it. You should remember about this almost the main Christian advice for dating, and guard your language and your heart. This doesn’t mean that you should always have your heart closed, but you should be very careful. Both of you should be honest with each other, and if you notice some inconsistency, then it’s time to move forward.

6. Don’t judge

You might have already had time when you were a very judgmental Christian single. You knew that only you were right, and you were alone. If you like to argue the intricacies of theology, and you always have to be “right”, then you’ll always be single and no other Christian tips on dating will help you. If you are too arrogant, you will not attract any worthy woman.

7. Find some other interests

True Christians find meaning in their faith in Christ, enjoy church, and value what Christianity brings to their life. Nonetheless, they don’t think about their faith 24/7. Nobody reads theology every day. You need to broaden your horizons. Even if your date is also a true Christian, don’t make religion be the only topic to talk about. Many women consider the topic of their faith to be too intimate, and, usually, they prefer to discuss something else.

Christian advice for dating8. Use your resources

Try to find other ways to be engaged in Christian groups. Don’t limit yourself to your church, go to some studies, join other groups, visit larger events or gatherings of Christians. If you want to find your soulmate within Christian group, look for all possible ways to communicate with like-minded people.

9. Realize the consequences

If you are going to date a girl who is not Christian, you are playing with fire. If you fall in love with her, what will you do? Don’t let the relationship cross the certain point, don’t hope that you will be able to break up with her later.

Guard your heart and remember who you are

Only you are responsible for your actions and your choices. You should always listen to your heart and be ready for whatever God has planned for you.

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