Dating a French Woman: General Advice

dating a French girl

What’s the French Dating Culture Like?

It is proved that French women are able to keep the passion in relationships, even being together with men for a very long time. They know how to be interesting, charming and mysterious. In relationships with beloved men, they are very liberated but, at the same time, mysterious. They will be with men only if they truly conquer their hearts and can impress them. French women never complex about their appearance, which can drive any man crazy. In relationships, these ladies will never tolerate a bad attitude. Immaculate self-love is what distinguishes them from all other women.

Quite a Fast Pace

One of the goals in the life of these women is to find a great couple. When they decide to start a relationship with someone, it becomes very serious, and they are ready to marry almost immediately. Yes, French women are those who can quickly get married because their hearts are full of love. This is how French dating culture can be described. They are very impulsive in this term but don’t think that French women haven’t got heads on their shoulders. They can spontaneously go to the registry office, then they can regret it, but this happens only because their love is so fiery, and they just don’t want to wait. Also, French women enter into relationships because it is a way to meet new people and get new impressions and emotions. For them, all dates must be fun and carefree. They are very active, energetic and frivolous. They really enjoy what they have at the moment. And they act very quickly without thinking.

hot French girlsLanguage Barriers

These ladies often don’t learn languages just because they don’t want to do that, or they just pretend that they don’t know any language except their native, and you can make sure of that, dating French women. Although they learn English for at least four years as it is a compulsory subject in the school curriculum, only a few can really speak it. They just don’t like this and other languages. However, if the English of a foreign man is not quite good, then there will be no problems with communication in it in France: they will understand him perfectly. But if a tourist knows French at least a little, then even a few words are enough to establish friendly relations: they will immediately be told a lot of interesting and useful facts. But if they don’t know it, then, most likely, there may be relationship problems in the future.

Don’t Dress to Impress But Be Impressive

When you are involved in dating a French girl, first of all, you have to look good. It means that not only your clothes must look nice, but you must look nice and smell good. French girls pay attention to the cleanliness of a man. If you want to become a boyfriend of one of them, then you have to impress a lady with your appearance – from top to toe. No, you shouldn’t look extraordinary. You shouldn’t try to put on all the most elegant, expensive and fashionable clothes at once. Restraint, simplicity, and elegance are what you need. Of course, the choice of clothes depends on the place where you invited the girl. As a spectacular accessory, you can wear a watch. Pay attention to shoes as they must be clean. Some girls, first of all, pay attention to shoes. In general, on a date, the most important thing is to be yourself. Don’t try to pretend to be who you are not. Your strength is your uniqueness.

Romance Is Crucial

Not knowing French dating culture, men usually don’t understand that they need to pay special attention to French girls, for example, give flowers and small gifts for no reason. No wonder that the beginning of relationships is considered the most romantic. It is accepted that a guy takes care of a girl, gives her flowers and candy, asks her to go out, and does many other things. During this period, the man tries to make the most favorable impression on a beautiful French woman, to show his best sides. These girls love unusual guys who can make interesting and colorful surprises, give huge bouquets of wildflowers, sing serenades under the windows and climb to the loved one on the fifth floor. To win a girl who likes fairy tales, you need to be honest in your feelings for her, and then her interest in you will arouse.

What Are the Peculiarities of a French Woman?

What else can we say about these ladies? They are beautiful, elegant, attractive, chic and sophisticated – these are how they can be described. It is difficult to say whether it is by nature, or they put titanic efforts for that. Nobody knows their secret. Anyway, they are amazing, and this is a fact. So, let’s look closer at them and their distinctive features.

They Are Sophisticated

Yes, they are very beautiful, elegant, and feminine. They are not only intellectuals, but nature has also rewarded them with beauty. They are not deprived of sensuality and deep emotions. But they attract crowds of fans to themselves even at a distance – they are so beautiful and attractive, and there is so much charm in them. Their sophistication is some kind of power, capable of acting at long distances. Pretty French girls become a symbol of the attractiveness of our time. Most importantly, they realize their beauty and are able to emphasize it by all means.

French women dating They Have a Great Sense of Style

The French style of dress is a concept that we would like to designate as a combination of bold innovative ideas and excellent taste. In Paris, in the streets, you can meet fashionistas, not only following the latest trends of high fashion but also creating them with their unrestrained imagination. For bold, sensual and provocative French women, fashion is another means of demonstrating their sexual attractiveness. These fatal ladies always balance on the verge of what is permitted, but in any case, it is impossible to call them vulgar! They love and know how to be the center of attention, and the eccentric outfits of these ladies will not leave indifferent even the most discriminating fashion gourmets.

They Are Politically Aware

These women have complete harmony with this: they have developed intellect, worldly wisdom, ability and, most importantly, a desire to learn new things, wit, eloquence, abilities to all spheres of life at once – in general, French ladies have a fantastic mind. You can talk to them about everything, even politics. The majority of these women are interested in everything that happens in their country and abroad. Isn’t that great? After all, politics is one of those topics that can be discussed endlessly. The main thing is not to cross the line. You can express your point of view, and the woman will give you her answer. And here you should agree with her or not. But the fact is that they are very smart, and it is almost impossible to outdo them in terms of politics.

They Are Sexually Liberated

Representatives of this nationality turn on quite quickly when it comes to sex. Usually, to seduce and liberate them, it is not necessary to put special effort. If hot French girls think that you are attractive, they will take the initiative themselves, and if not, they will immediately stop communication with you. They can be described in one word, “fire.” These women are hot and hardy in bed. They need sex constantly. In the most active phase of life, they want intimacy anytime, anywhere, several times a day. These women are impulsive. Passion doesn’t block the mind and morality in them. In terms of choosing a partner, they are idealists. When you find yourself in her bed, she will leave you breathless. After all, the bed is the place where she works best and can teach you a real French kiss.

They Are Very Independent

You can say a lot about the fact that the French are feminists, and, at the same time, argue whether this is right or not. But the fact is obvious – women in France are very independent. And they show it all the time. It’s normal for them to pay the bill in a restaurant, and they will not demand another (and probably unnecessary) thing from a man. French girls, due to cultural and mental features, are quite independent. They are smart and don’t lose their individuality even being in a relationship. These open, purposeful women can easily build a dizzying career or find a favorite thing that will take the major share of their attention.

Dating a French Woman: Important Tips

The issue of dating a French woman is not so much a matter of tactics as to how you understand her, her personality and desires. Your charisma and the ability to interest also play a big role here. Of course, you should have the confidence and courage to make a move towards your dream. So, what else is needed?

Not Just Pretty Faces

How to date a French girl? In such a case as acquaintance with a French woman, an attractive appearance is not the most important factor. However, men are convinced of the opposite because it is extremely important for them what a woman looks like. But French women are different from men. Women don’t fall in love with pretty faces as easily as men do. The personality of a man is of much greater interest to them than his appearance. Of course, all this doesn’t mean that your appearance will not help you in dating a French woman. A spectacular man is really able to attract the attention of women. And yet, the personal qualities of a man interest a woman much more than his face and body shape. French dating cultureHowever, the most important thing to consider is that a woman wants to live life not with a beautiful cover but with an honest, decent person, not with a high athlete with a nice body, but with a kind and responsible man. If a girl has a choice between a rude handsome man, and a modest, caring young man, she will most likely choose the second one because it is more important for her to feel secure and confident with a man, and not to be proud of his beauty, knowing that there is an emptiness inside him.

Learn to Respect Their Culture

A man who chooses a woman of another culture is well aware that by doing so, he chooses a different worldview and specificity. First of all, a foreign girlfriend is the owner of completely different baggage of values and life orientations. She can determine the role of a man and a woman in a family completely in her own way and have a different way look at the upbringing of children. Trying French women dating, you have to know that you may have different rules of family feasts or patterns in giving names to children. To make a relationship lasting, a man and a woman must remember this, and also understand that if he is going to live in another country, he will have to adapt to a different culture. If a man decided to move to her woman’s home country, then new customs should also become part of his life. For many, this can be a painful experience, which will most likely cause quarrels and scandals.

It’s All About the Food (and Healthy Food in Particular)

The French are trying to invest more in a healthy and high-quality diet so that later they can prevent spending on treatment and medication. To avoid consumption of poor-quality food, French women choose restaurants and cafes very carefully. And most often, they prefer to cook at home, using quality food. It is more economical and more useful. They would rather buy one bar of expensive chocolate than a box of cheap ones. They can eat one dessert in two or three steps, enjoying the taste. At the same time, they don’t think about extra calories since they adhere to the measure in everything and can get enough of small portions without overeating. Although the French healthy diet focuses mainly on local and seasonal products, this doesn’t mean that it should be monotonous.

The Way You Smell Is the Way You Look

A man’s wardrobe may consist of expensive suits, chic watches, high-quality handmade shoes, but if a man smells cheap perfume, this wardrobe has nothing to him, no woman with a normal sense of smell will look in his direction. It is known that such concepts as smell and sex are very closely related. A woman chooses a man by the smell at the moment when his natural scent is mixed with the smell of perfume. As a rule, the stronger chances of winning have those men, in whose fragrance, there will be substances that contribute to the relaxation of women. The excessively aggressive smell will push away the lady, while the neutral smell will attract.

Draw Me Like One of Your French Girls

This is a phrase from the movie Titanic from an episode where Rose asks Jack Dawson to draw her nude with a blue diamond on her chest. What does it mean? Each hot French girl considers herself the best. So, show her that you think the same way, and she is yours forever. Admire the girl constantly. Flirt with her more. Love is a game, and it requires a lot of emotions.

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