Dating Canadian Girls: Complete Guide

Canadian women

What Are Canadian Women Like?

Canada is one of the most advanced countries in the world. People here are proud of the multicultural composition of the population and the development of the technologies used in their country, but most of all they boast with the fact that they can defend their own culture, even dealing with a neighbor like the United States. So if you are heading north, looking for communication options, below there are some things to keep in mind when dealing with Canadian women. You will find in our article some of the peculiarities of dating a Canadian girl as well as the general characteristics of these women.

5 Reasons to Date Canadian Girls

Beautiful Canadian women will steal your heart with their charming loveliness, intelligence, and strong inner power. They carry secret energy of combining a little bit of maple syrup-like sweetness, bravery, and adventurousness inside themselves. No one will ever know this secret but that is exactly what attracts men from all over the world to this north state in search of love. Here are 5 original reasons why you should date Canadian women.

“Polite” does NOT mean “boring.”

Yes, they are tolerant. Yes, you probably shouldn’t joke about some risky topics in their company because chances are, they either belong to a certain cultural/religious/sexual group or have friends and close people from it. But that doesn’t mean they are at all boring. Hot Canadian girls are always up to your new ideas and can join various activities other females would resist. It is something about their wild gut instinct that tells beautiful Canadian women when to stay silent and when to speak their mind, or when it is ok to add spiciness to the conversation and where you should show respect and let your interlocutor enjoy the illusionary victory. There is a fine line between being polite and becoming a party-pooper having no sense of humor, and Canadians seem to be balancing on this middle ground quite well.

The exciting mix of nations and cultures in Canada

Canadian single womanThis state is a real wild mixture of different people, it is its open politics of welcoming people who did not enjoy living in their native countries that could result in crowds of people striving for this country as their last resort. And once Canada has turned into the capital of the world and nations, it has become a place where you can meet people of an infinite number of opinions, origin, and cultures. What is even more surprising and worth respect is how great the residents of this country manage to live together in peace and support. Here you will feel like at home because people, the country and everything around tells you to relax and just be yourself. And no matter who you are, you will be accepted and understood.

Loving the great outdoors

Like men, women in Canada also love to spend time in the fresh air, regardless of the harsh northern climate. The country of large lakes, fast-moving rivers, vast forests and endless mountain ranges provides excellent opportunities for sports and just everything that is connected with nature. If Canadian men go crazy about hockey, women prefer cycling, skiing, hiking or camping. Even those who live in the city go jogging or go cycling on an ongoing basis. Many have the opportunity to go to the mountains for the weekend, where they are waiting for their own wooden house. So, if you have an eye on a Canadian, you better learn to appreciate nature. Moreover, one of the easiest ways to attract the attention of a Canadian woman is to show that you can chop firewood or set a tent, even if it is very cold outside. In general, Canadians take winter quite seriously and are very proud to be able to withstand almost Arctic frost.

Coolest looks and natural beauty

Canadian women dress, as a rule, in very comfortable, loose, spacious clothes, they do not follow the latest clothing trends or think whether their outfit is fashionable enough on a daily basis. They assume whether they are comfortable or no and that’s it. In the cold period of the year, they can wear slippers, flip-flops, sports pants and some light jacket with a covered head, no problem with that. They cherish the inner world more and will never judge a person for their appearance. And this principle is highly implemented in their life too, they wear a minimum of makeup. To be true, they do not need a lot of it either, their cold strong face features in combination with the beauty of the mixture of cultures gave them the unforgivable appearance, so you will not have to worry about it before you marry a Canadian woman. For example, looking completely different after they take off their makeup or that you will have to spend a fortune on new trendy outfits because simplicity, comfort, and minimalism are what they cherish the most.

French spice

Canada is rich in a variety of cultures that make up a single whole. Moreover, in this country, the policy of multiculturalism is protected at the legislative level. The creation and preservation of pure Canadian culture are supported by federal government programs, laws, and various institutions. In general, Canada can be perceived as a mosaic consisting of a multitude of cultures: regional, indigenous and ethnic, each of which has its own meaning. Therefore, if you meet a girl from Quebec, she will never let you get close if you don’t know anything about French culture or language. This is because the individuality of the culture is strongly manifested here, and many francophones from Quebec do their best to preserve a culture different from the Anglo-Canadian. So, French Canadians are the best ones, there is a magic combination about them formed from the romantic French nature and the bravery of the Canadian ancestors.

Dating a Canadian Woman: What You Need to Know

These women are not only focused on building their career and cherish gender equality, they still manage to always look fresh and good and care about their family. They feel liberated when you let them rule but would like you to be a great and stable support. Here are some small tips and not obvious details that you should keep in mind when dating a Canadian woman.

Don’t focus on staying indoors. If they say they enjoy spending time in nature, ride horses in a wild field, swim in a cold mountain river or hike green hills, it doesn’t matter you have to constantly come up with new outdoor adventures and fall asleep tired after them. If there is too much of something, even things you like so much, sooner or later you will get fed up with it. So, know the balance and treat Canadian women with a little outdoor activity but do not overdo it. Otherwise, they could think you only focus on one of their interests and do not really try to know them better.

R-E-S-P-E-C-T. They love being looked after and feel your respect. Still, Canadian girls do not rush into suspicion and defense. In personal relationships, they show intelligence and always look great, so they know they are worthy of your attention. date Canadian womenIf you want to impress your Canadian girl, show signs of attention in the traditional Canadian style like flowers, romantic dates, and gifts for a special occasion or without any particular reason. Get a small, but meaningful gift, and do not forget that she must feel special with you. Do not regret time and sympathy, your efforts will surely pay off, and your chosen one will be crazy about you.

Abandon the stereotypes about Canada. Stop reading articles about Canadians and just communicate with them! Not an article will teach you about dating Canadian women because reading too much about their culture can form a stereotyped attitude towards it. So, before you approach any Canadian girl, do not rush to ask her for a date in a forest or boast with your knowledge of her roots. Let your mind be open and free space to get to know a person as she is. Stereotypes are created to make our life easier, but sometimes they prevent us from perceiving the real image of the world.

Canadian Women VS. American Women

It is worth noting that when you are in Canada, you should refrain from calling indigenous people “Native Americans.” Many Canadians find the term offensive and instead refer to using the wording “indigenous people.” Make sure that you’re not talking to the Canadian women about politics, religion or personal information too much, they are less open than Americans and do not let people in their life as easy. So, do not make yourself or her take sides during a dispute when it comes to discussing national issues.

Sporty and fit. In Canada, the health care system is free for the residents of the state and that is why people here have generally better health. They are keen on sport and activities and prefer home-made meals for junk food. A Canadian single woman always takes care of her shape and try to eat healthily. The culture of a conscious attitude towards your body and mind is much more popular here than in America. Canadians are slimmer and that is not because they are obsessed with exercises or working out, good genes and great physical activity help them in staying healthy and fit even in old age. But from a small age, they are taught to love their bodies and stay active because health starts from within, and it is more about preventing than curing diseases at free clinics.

Better manners. Americans are open and sociable, but those traits are not always genuine. It is more about their culture and attitude towards communication, they would rather joke about what worries them but hide the problem inside themselves. When we talk about Canadian women, they are more straightforward and calmer, they will not try to joke about topics that may offend anyone or hide their real opinion. Women from this country are not afraid to speak their mind, but they will do it in such a way that people will not get hurt. Their approach to this is more of a European character, and you will definitely notice this difference while communicating to people of these two cultures.

Wild things. Canadian girls vs American girls differ also by their spicy characters. While the second can be called more light-hearted and funnier, Canadians are more serious and stronger in certain senses. They will dare to do practically anything that their American neighbors would not and always take the risk. It is a normal thing to see a Canadian wildly dancing in the middle of the street or racing in a car outside the city, they strive for everything wild and adventurous. That means that the difference between Canadian women vs American women lies in general attitude towards life. Americans are more relaxed and humor-focused in moments that require serious actions and deeds, while Canadians dare to behave the way their heart dictates them and are capable of amazing things in the periods of hardships. They are the ones to set records, beat their own achievements and always seek for better results. But any Canadian dating site will tell you they do this not for recognition or to have something to boast about, they just feel like this and live the life others would only dream about.

Canada’s the Best, Eh? Canadians are one of the most individualistic nations, and this is why personal relationships here can differ depending on the cultural or social background of partners, therefore it is best to first know how to recognize a woman before declaring her romantic intentions. It is also not advised to compare Canadians with other nations, their neighbors to the south in particular. Putting all prejudices and stereotypes aside, there is no complete final answer to the “Who is better?” question. Women that we have discussed in this article are spontaneous, independent and freedom-loving. But if you manage to be polite and treat Canadian girls right, they will give you the most out of their love and affection.

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