Everything You Want to Know About Dating an Italian Woman

beautiful Italian women

Here’s Why Italian Women Are the Best

What do you know about Italian women? Probably quite a lot, even if you are not dating an Italian woman right now. It is probably fair to say that Italian ladies are the most popular in the world when it comes to the amount of attention they get from men and all of the wild stories one can find online or hear from their friends about the character of these beauties. There are no other women in the world like beautiful Italian women, their character is deeply rooted in their rich culture and the way of life. That being said, let’s dive deeper into the complex character of a beautiful Italian woman and find out everything about her.

Wine and dine culture

Wine plays an essential role in the lives of Italian people, both men, and women. Though it were Greeks who brought wine to Italy a long time ago, Italy is now considered to be the capital of wine of the world. And there is a good reason for that, they truly know a thing or two about the craft of winemaking, and they gladly sell their products to everyone who is fascinated with the traditions of Italian winemaking. Italian people are passionate about food, they love all sorts of pleasures of life, and they love to spend their time dining with the people they love. There are various courses, such as appetizers, pasta, meats, sides, and desserts. Some restaurants even divide their menus into two categories, Land and Sea. As a rule, kids don’t have specialized menus and eat whatever their parents eat. There are some other small nuances such as the slow pace of service and no splitting of the bill.

Family is the main priority

This probably won’t come as a surprise to anyone that knows at least something about the beautiful country of Italy. Everything in Italy revolves around the family and, as a rule, Italian people usually have the largest families. Italian people love to get married, and they hate getting divorced. Because of this large emphasis that they put on the concept of family, they stick for each other, and once a family is created – it is for life. Well, at least most of the time, if a divorce is inevitable – the eventual explosion will be a disaster.typical Italian woman body Just imagine a situation when all sorts of relatives that you have never even heard of are running around, arguing with you, with each other, throwing plates around and causing all types of noise, just because of how sacred the family is. This may sound discouraging to a man who wants to marry an Italian girl, but you have to understand that these people create bonds for life, and they hate it when they get broken.

Emotions, emotions, emotions

Oh, that notorious hot temperament of Italian people is truly legendary. These are the people that live by the emotions, and they die by their emotions, they seek to fall in love, and they lose their head in passion, and when a relationship falls apart – they get depressed and devastated, they feel like the wrath of God was unleashed upon them. Watching an Italian family go through a rough patch in their life is like watching an intriguing screenplay, with fights and screaming, and then, just in a few hours, singing, dancing, and sounds of passionate lovemaking. If you feel like your life got too stale and boring and you want to change it, make it a lot more interesting and vivid – visit the magnificent country of Italy, there is no other place in the world, there is no country quite the same as the land of love. Being involved in dating an Italian girl is a wild ride that will surely leave a lot of long-lasting memories, mostly positive ones.

Sexual liberation

The most interesting thing, at least when you consider the current approach of Italian people to sex, is that it was a taboo subject a long time ago. This was mainly because of the strong influence that the Catholic church had on the country. Fortunately, things have changed, and Italian people are the sexiest nation in the world. They love to hug, they love to kiss each other, and, in general, they are the least frigid nation in the world. Sex is the natural part of life, we all know it, and we all accept it, but the hot Italians have truly embraced this approach to sex and made it a big part of their culture. Just think about it, the average age of the first sexual contact is 14 for guys and 17 for girls. It’s not to say that they are not aware of the potential dangers of unprotected sex, they are quite cautious about it.

Inner and outer beauty

What can be said about their beauty that hasn’t been said at this point? There are not enough fitting words in the dictionary to describe the beauty of hot Italian girls. The typical Italian woman body is curvy and absolutely stunning, no sane man will be able to resist this beauty. The culture of Italy has a lot of different manifestations in the character of its citizens. They are wild, they are beautiful, they are very proud of their rich history. They are naturally beautiful, and they are not afraid to use their beauty to their advantage. The family plays a large role in the formation of their character, people stick together, they trust each other, thus, they create strong bonds that can never be broken, these are people that are passionate about life, the joys that one can experience, and they live their lives to the fullest. You only live once, and Italian people have embraced this idea, made it their own.

What Are the Stereotypes for Italian Girls?

Let’s now talk about some stereotypes about Italian women and figure out which of them are true and which of them are false.

All Italian women are dark-haired, dark-skinned, and have dark-colored eyes. That’s a big fat myth.

Absolutely not true. Such Italians may be more common; indeed, these traits are quite normal among Italians, but the fact remains the same, not all beautiful Italian girls fall into this category. In the south of Italy, in the Puglia region, you will rarely ever find people with dark-colored hair, skin, and eyes, these are blue-eyed people with blonde hair, they look a bit different from their northern friends. The same type of Italians is found in the north of Italy, mainly due to mixing with other nations, for example, with nearby Austrians or other visiting foreigners. And I mean, can you blame them for their desire to stay and “unite the nations”?

Italian women cook only pasta and pizza. A ridiculous and idiotic myth.

As I have already made it clear, Italian cuisine is very diverse. Firstly, Italy is a very diverse country, and it became a separate country only in 1861, and before that, in Italy, everyone spoke their own languages, which are now called Italian dialects. That is why Italy is very diverse in its cuisine. Northern Italians are sometimes even called polentone because polenta was once the most common dish of the region. The most delicious pizza is prepared in Naples, and Sicily is known for its delicious sweets. In the mountainous regions, women very often cook all sorts of stew with pigs, and as for the seaside – there are no words to describe some of the dishes you can find on the coast of Italy. As you can see, Italians do not eat pizza and pasta every day, their cuisine is very diverse, and having an Italian girlfriend will make it perfectly clear to you.

Italian women are unpredictable and moody. Well… it depends…

If you’ve come from a different culture, and you are less emotional by your nature, more straightforward and to the point – true, Italian women can come off as being unpredictable, they are very emotional and have a hot temper. However, if such traits of character won’t be all that surprising to you – you are in for a treat. It’s not like they are just ticking time bombs, and you cannot truly know what they will do next, but, as we’ve said, these are the people that live and die by their emotions. Everything is vivid and vibrant in the lives of these amazing people. The more open you will be to their way of life – the more open they will be to let you in and accept you as their own.

Dating Italian Women: Tips and Advice

That being said, we hope that, if you weren’t interested in Italian girls before reading this article, you are now more excited about dating one of these beautiful creatures. We already know most of the things there are to know about them, however, what should you know about dating Italian women?

beautiful Italian girlsMeeting the in-laws

As you might have probably figured out at this point, the family plays a big role in the lives of Italian people, not just women but also men. Italian women have very close relationships with their mothers, this bond is sacred, and it will be very painful for a woman to have to choose between her lover or her mother. To not lose this fight, you have to establish great relationships with her parents. If you are a foreigner, and you are dating an Italian woman, this might be quite hard, not to say that Italian people don’t like people from other countries, it is just that they have their own way of life that they will never abandon for anyone else. That being said, how should you approach such an important event as meeting your new parents? Well, the easiest way to win their love will be to be sincere about your feelings for their daughter and to show your love for their culture. The key to success here is this – they are not too picky, they just want to realize that you won’t break up with their daughter after a few months of dating and make her cry, and shame on you if you do. Thus, if you want to establish a relationship with a woman from Italy – make sure that you are certain about it, test out your feelings, give it some time and if you do love that woman – tell her that you love, you will never let her go, and she will feel the same to you.

Treat her like a goddess – she deserves it

One of the most important things you have to know is that you should be the one to make the first move, not your Italian crush. This will be the first and most important step in the process of conquering your Italian goddess, she truly deserves all of the love you can give her. It truly feels like Italian women are the most passionate and the most loving out of all the women that we know of, thus, the more effort and love you give – the more of the same you will get in return, that simple.

Gender roles are fluid

While Italy is a very traditional country, there are lots of Catholic people that love their way of life and their culture, their gender roles are different from most of the countries of Europe. Women are strong and willing, they can be great housewives, but they can also be very successful at climbing the career ladder and making a name for themselves. There are millions of men who love to cook and, sometimes, take on the task of the main cook in the family. This vibrant country has its own unique perception of the concept of love, marriage, family, and gender roles.

Your humor is essential

Find me a woman that doesn’t like men with a good sense of humor, I’ll wait… It’s hard, isn’t it? I will probably go as far as to say that it is impossible to find such a lady. A man with a great sense of humor can conquer the heart of virtually any woman he encounters, the same goes for Italian ladies. They love exciting men, those that have something to talk about, those that can tell them a ton of different exciting stories and make them laugh, even if they feel dour and depressed. This is one of the sacred and most important keys to the heart of an Italian beauty.

Find Your Curvy Princess!

Let’s conclude all the things that we’ve discussed during the course of this article. Italian women are the best women in the world, they have a vibrant culture, especially when it comes to wine, dining, emotions, sex, and life in general. There are some stereotypes about Italian women dating that are nothing more than myths, not all hot Italian women have dark hair and dark skin, they are great at cooking, and not all of them are unpredictable. To conquer the heart of an Italian woman, you have to get prepared to meet her parents, treat her like a goddess, be ready to adapt to a new role and learn a few decent jokes and interesting stories. The rest is up to you and your ability to be the best boyfriend that you can be.

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