How to Date a Korean Girl

South Korean women

What’s So Special About Korean Women?

To be honest, only a person that has never seen the beauties from South Korea would ask a question like that. However, if you want to be convinced, then this article is just for you. Let’s talk about some of the most important things you must know about dating a Korean woman.

South Korean Women Peculiarities

South Korean culture is one of the richest cultures in the world, and there are some important fundamental differences that you may face in this beautiful land. First off, Korean people believe that the group is of bigger importance than the individual. What impact does it have on the process of dating a Korean lady? Well, you should understand the importance, which her family and friends have to her. People share the dishes with each other, and they don’t go to restaurants and bars alone. This might seem like an insignificant thing, but the more you are aware of their culture, the more well-adapted you will be while being involved in dating a Korean girl. This is no secret that Asian cultures are quite different from western cultures, this is why they have been surrounded with mystique and weird stereotypes for so many years. However, their cultures are a lot more complex and interesting than we have presented them for so many decades. That being said, these cultural differences that one may run into, have lots of different manifestations, and while social norms and rules are among those manifestations, Korean dating culture is no different.

There are lots of different social norms and rules that people follow to keep the harmony of their society. There are certain rules of how you should behave in the public, how you should behave on the public transport, how you should talk to your elders and people that are higher than you in a given hierarchy.

hot Korean girlModern Korean Girls

Beautiful Korean girls are complex creatures, at least from the standpoint of a Westerner. In addition to their natural beauty, desire to achieve perfection and common traits of character, there are some cultural and social aspects that you should consider. South Korean women are very caring and loving, they grow up to be great mothers, and the cultural importance of such concepts like “the group” and “the family” greatly influence their approach to romantic relationships and establishing a family. That being said, they are also very busy as the market is very busy and competitive, thus, they will spend a lot of time developing their careers.

5 Reasons to Date a Korean Girl

The information above may have only made it harder for you to grasp the complex character of Korean girls, however, the following information will surely make the situation a lot clearer to you. If you want some definitive reasons to date a Korean woman, then here they are.

Immaculate looks

Sure, opinions differ, and we all have our own personal definitions and preferences, but, as it seems to me, pretty Korean girls are considered to be the most beautiful women in all of Asia. This is not only backed by the things I’ve heard, but also by various sociological polls made over the recent years. That being said, what are the reasons for that? Well, Korean people (both men and women) take care of their face, of their skin, and their appearance in general. Plastic surgeries are also quite popular, and a lot of women do them even at a young age.

Highly educated

Here’s an interesting fact for you, 93% of Korean women visit higher education institutions, and it is a very high percentage when it comes to the world stage. They are smart, they are intelligent, and these are the qualities that are of great importance in a relationship. What are the other implications that come with it? Well, they will become great mothers since they will be able to educate their children and be good at it, as the standards of education are quite high.

Caring and thoughtful

This is a very important trait, not only for the future children that you are going to raise together with your Korean wife but also for yourself and your romantic relationship. Things like helping to learn the language or adapting to the Korean culture seem quaint compared to the things Korean women are ready to do to help their partners in their romantic relationship. The most important thing is that they seem to enjoy caring for other people, not only for their romantic partners but also for their family members and friends.

Sensuous and tender

One of the things that make Western and European men look overseas for wife materials is that some of their domestic women became less sociable and friendly. There are lots of different reasons for that, but the result is the same. But how are Korean women different? Well, for starters, they are feminine and not feminist. The gender roles were different in the past, and they have virtually stayed the same throughout the years. As we’ve already mentioned at this point, they are great mothers, they are caring, loving, and sensual.


Have we already mentioned that they are great mothers? Yeah, well, this aspect of their character repeats again. They are obedient, respectful, caring, loving, and they know the value that the family plays in the life of a person. They love their parents; they respect their elders and their children. What’s not to love? That being said, if there is a downside to this that should be mentioned, it is that the parents of your cute Korean girl may be too intertwined with your relationship, which may be a bit annoying at times.

What to Expect When Dating a Girl from Korea

how to date a Korean girlNow that you know a bit more about Korean women and the peculiarities of their character, you know the main reasons why you should consider dating a Korean lady, then let’s discuss some things that you should expect from dating a Korean beauty. One thing you should remember is that we are all different, and the following things may not necessarily apply to all Korean women. That being said, let’s find out how to date a Korean girl.

Foreigners are considered a hot deal

Now, why is that? Why do Korean women love foreign men? Korean women like foreign cultures, they like all things new, and they like men that are different, intriguing, and extravagant. That being said, foreign men are in high demand, they are sought after and thus, your Korean girlfriend may be a bit too obsessive when it comes to a relationship with you. She may even want to check your phone for all sorts of calls and text messages that you’ve received, and you should not refuse her in this wish. It’s not being rude or overly obsessive, it’s quite normal for Korean women.

You pay for the dinner

Now, the financial aspect of a relationship is the one that highly depends on the country of your interest. Western women nowadays prefer to be more independent and pay for themselves, but this isn’t true for some countries that are more traditional, especially when it comes to gender roles. As for Korean women, they are more traditional in this regard, and you should definitely not come to a date with an empty pocket. The modern trends and the state of the market made women a lot more independent and thus, in some cases and scenarios, you will probably be able to split the bill.

Contact frequently

As we’ve already mentioned at this point, Korean beauties may be quite obsessive at times, and this may seem like a very annoying thing to some foreign men, but you should not treat it as a sign of rudeness or yet another reason to dump a clingy girlfriend from an unknown country. No, this is quite a normal thing, and this is done because they care for their men and don’t want anyone to steal them. They may also bother you with phone calls and text messages at times. A bit obsessive, sure, but isn’t this just a sign of love after all?

How to Date Korean Women

As you can see, there are quite a few peculiarities that a man will face in a relationship with a Korean woman, they like foreigners, men should bring their wallets, and they want to always be in touch with their men. So, if you do want to date Korean women – what else should you know about them?

Social media competition

What does it even mean? You haven’t entered any competition, of what competitors are we talking about? Well, social media plays a very big role in the life of Korean people, maybe even to the fault. Don’t be surprised when she will post every single photo that she is going to take during a date with you (and there will be quite a few of them). Their lives are deeply intertwined with the social media, and in the case of romantic relationships – this puts a lot of pressure on you, your girlfriend has access to lots of dating apps and online services, and thus, you are competing against lots of other men, even if you have never met them in your life. What should you do about it? Well, she will always be in touch with her friends and her peers, and thus, she will compare herself to these people, and it will be very disappointing for her to not feel the same joys of life as they do. So keep up with the life of her friends, fulfill her desires and be the best boyfriend you can be.

dating Korean womenFamily always comes first

As we’ve already said, Korean people respect their elders, they respect the hierarchy of a given institution that they are a part of, and thus, they respect their parents and family members. Family is the highest form of a social unit, and Korean women do their best to be great wives and great mothers. Korean people strive towards perfection and becoming the best version of themselves, which also applies to family relationships. Another important aspect of family relationship that should be mentioned is that Korean women and men seek approval from their parents when it comes to romantic relationships. This may seem quite old-fashioned, and it is, but still, considering the respect they give to their elders – it is no wonder that it is the case. A woman from Korea may even break up with a man that her parents don’t like. Thus, you have to prepare for the first meeting that you are going to have with her parents, it is of great importance, and it should not be neglected.

The food culture is essential in Korea

Korean women are great cooks, and the Korean ways of cooking and eating their culinary masterpieces are quite different from the things we’ve used to. It is absolutely normal for them to share food with each other, eat from the same dish, be quite open around the table. A lot of their foods may be unexpectedly sweet to most foreigners, especially from the countries of Europe and North America. There are lots of spicy dishes, everything is vivid, everything is tasty in one way or another. If you are a fan of street food and all the types of quick snacks that you can pick up on the go, you will love the streets of Korea. In general, Korean people love to go out to cafes and restaurants instead of cooking at home, as we’ve said, this doesn’t mean that Korean people can’t and don’t love to cook, they do. In general, if you love to eat, and you are fascinated by vivid tastes and great cuisines of the world – you’ve come to the right place.

The initiative is all yours

How to date a Korean woman? Take the initiative. That is just the reality of things that you have to accept, most Korean women are quite shy when it comes to approaching men. This is just a part of their culture, women expect men to be the initiators of a relationship, and you should not avoid this responsibility, there is no reason to do that, as Korean women are actually quite open to establishing a relationship or, at the very least, talking to an interesting man. If you are a shy man, and you don’t feel like you can approach a woman in real life and ask her out to have a date with you – this is not that big of a problem, as we’ve already said that social media plays a large role in the lives of Korean people and the same goes for dating sites, apps, and services. Don’t be afraid of using them if you want to.

So, You Want to Date a Korean Girl?

Let’s conclude the things about dating Korean women that have been discussed during the course of this article. First off, Korean women are quite interesting and intriguing, their culture is unique and fascinating. They are gorgeous, highly educated, caring, loving, sensual, and tender. They respect their elders and love their family members. Korean ladies love foreign men, which usually end up paying for dinner. They are very much sought after, they love their food, and the only thing it takes from you is a bit of initiative. If you are interested in dating a hot Korean girl – then follow the advice that we’ve given to you and do your best to be a good boyfriend to your woman.

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