Dating a British Girl: Why She’s the Best Ever

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Consider Dating a Girl from the United Kingdom

International dating is trending in 2019. You may have already been searching for girls online, but have you ever considered dating a British girl? You definitely should! Are there other two countries that are closer to each other than the USA and Britain? We speak the same language, and our cultures are quite similar. This means that it is very easy for our people to find common ground in dating. Plus, British girls are very magnificent and vibrant creatures, and their accent is something purely lovely.

British Dating Culture: Peculiarities and Rules

If in the USA friends greet each other with a strong handshake, hugs and smiles, and ladies with a kiss on the cheek, then in Britain this is not to be seen. The manifestation of physical contact when meeting with friends and acquaintances here is considered uncivilized and even abnormal. Men shake hands very rarely here, and girls only imitate a friendly kiss, without actually touching each other. By the way, the British tend to avoid physical contact with both unfamiliar people and good friends. So, be careful when you decide to hug your girlfriend on the first date.

Love in Britain is more reminiscent of affection or a manifestation of tenderness, and it is rarely shown in public, here you can hardly meet couples hugging or kissing in the streets. It is customary to show all warm feelings for each other only in private and without prying eyes. Although you may try to hold your girlfriend’s hand. By the way, the local population can be called homebodies. Because the house and the family they are living in will always be the main thing for them in life because the British are quite loyal, and they don’t usually search for lovers if they already have a family. They are much calmer when relationships are stable and smooth, and they don’t cheat. Therefore, residents of the UK can be proud that they have a fairly low number of betrayals and divorces for this reason.

hot British womenAs in most other countries, a man is traditionally considered to be the head of the family in the UK. He solves almost all the financial issues of the family and quite often does it alone. And women, even being very successful in their careers, strive primarily to get the title of the exemplary wife. In general, relations between residents of the UK are based on restraint, some detachment, and the ability not to show their own emotions. Such cold politeness at first greatly surprises tourists and visitors, but you will get used to it over time.

Online dating in the UK

For the British, sites are almost an ideal environment for dating since at least two conditions from the SAS link (Sociability, Alcohol, Shared-interest) necessary for a productive contact, are fulfilled here. For them, it is way easier to start a conversation on a special dating website or app because usually starting conversations about love with strangers in common social networks is considered impolite. Besides, they pay close attention to their partner’s social level. They very rarely seriously date someone from different social levels. This doesn’t mean that you must be very rich since they identify a social level according to education and interests.

Offline dating in the UK

British men are not very romantic people, so their women usually not very familiar with romantic relationships. Both men and women in the UK search for stability in relationships. It is more important for them to go on a date to a soccer field or pub once a week than having spontaneous romantic dates. But this doesn’t mean that they don’t want it! If only they knew how a real romantic date feels. This is where you come in, with hot American temperament and desire to show her a real romantic date. Generally, they have the same approaches to online and offline dating.

Here’s Why Dating a British Girl Is a Great Idea

Nowadays modern means of transportation and globalization provides us with the ability to date almost anyone from almost every place on the planet. Especially if you are rich enough to be able to pay for the Internet and buy tickets on a plane. If you are still drowning in doubts, and don’t know a girl from what country you should choose, then read our list of reasons why dating a British girl is a great idea.

She’s got class

Education is the most important thing in Great Britain. They know their way in a style not only in clothes but also in behavior and language too. We are going to talk about their speaking language later. You can’t expect that British girl will like you if you are ill-mannered ogre, and it is very easy to seem like that when you are in Great Britain. Remember, they all respect their queen, and old-school manners are still very strong there. Modern feminist tendentious hasn’t affected them as much as they have affected our country, so old-school gentlemen are still in trends there.

The Accent    

Although the UK can be covered with one finger on the world map, English is very different throughout its territory. There is the concept of RP (Received Pronunciation) normative British pronunciation. However, it is normative not because most people say so, but because the queen says so, and so they do on television. According to studies, only 3% of the British population speaks RP. Other people speak different dialects of British English, and it is very hard to predict what dialect your future girlfriend will be using. hot British womanAmericans hear British English much less often than British hear American English, but we know that the language they speak is derived from that special, classic, royal language. Therefore, the British accent for some of us is surrounded by a halo of something sublime. Some people in America admit that the British accent sounds to their ears as something very “smart.” So, even, if a British girl talks about making pancakes for an American it sounds like talking about quantum mechanics.

She’s always a challenge

Dating a British girl who belongs to a different culture is not the easiest thing in your life. Due to various British dating habits, you will be forced to adapt to them and search for ways how to impress a girl you like. It is not that easy to impress a hot British woman, sometimes even understanding them is a challenge. But this is actually a good thing. Because death for humans comes as soon as we stop doing something. Thus, the more challenges you face, the stronger you become. You will have to learn many things about her culture and will struggle to understand her accent, but after all, the victory is not that pleasant if it was easy to get it.

The drinking culture in the UK

Alcohol for the British is not just a way to relax or celebrate an event. Alcohol is part of the country’s daily life, a habit that is hard to give up. Yes, and is it worth it? Without cozy old-fashioned pubs and noisy restaurants, the UK will no longer be the same and will lose some of its charms. But what do the British drink after all: old-fashioned ale, dry martini or scotch tape? You should not puzzle over this question and recall stereotypes and clichés from books and movies because the answer to this question is simple: everyone drinks in modern England. Beer is the favorite drink of the British of all ages. Fans of this drink often spend the whole weekend exclusively in the pub and can safely drink more than 10 pints per day (1 British pint is 0.5 l). For most, this drink is a daily reward after a hard day. So, be ready to drink a lot if you are thinking about dating a British woman.

She knows a joke or two (a ton, actually)

One of many benefits of dating a British girl is her ability to memorize an incredible amount of jokes. The specifics of English humor are well known. A sense of humor is a national trait, and it scares and annoys many foreigners. There are no barriers to humor. The British laugh at everything that can cause a smile, including over what has been considered sacred to us for centuries. A good joke is often coming spontaneously. Humor haunts the guest everywhere: in television programs, ads, and advertising. It is their way of thinking to which you must adapt, and adequately respond. You should always be ready to answer a joke in the most unexpected circumstances.

Basic Tips to Date British Women          

When using a British dating site, you must follow certain rules, otherwise, your chances of dating British women will drop significantly. During your conversations with hot British women, you should be very careful and polite. Remember, in online dating, the only way how you can impress hot British girls is not just with your stories but with the way how you tell them. There are certain topics that you should avoid in chat. Keep reading this article to learn more about important tips to date British women

Avoid asking about BREXIT and other political issues

Your girlfriend and you belong to different countries and cultures. By talking about political matters, you can only begin to argue sooner or later. You should especially avoid recent political events such as BREXIT. Don’t start talking about politics because you don’t know what political ideas she likes, and you may easily offend her. If you see that she wants to discuss something very disputable with you, then you should try to be as polite as possible, or sometimes it is even better to pretend that you don’t know anything about those matters.

Learn to distinguish her sarcasm

As we have mentioned before, beautiful British women can easily joke about themselves and any other topics, including you. But this is only a small half of a big problem. Sometimes (most of the time) they joke with absolutely serious faces. Thus, it is hard for us to understand if she is talking seriously or just having fun. British datingYour girlfriend will do it utterly automatically, without even realizing that this may be not very pleasant for you. The one way to solve this is to ask her to explain if she was serious about things that she said a moment ago. But the best way is to learn to distinguish her sarcasm, this is not the easiest one, and it will take a lot of time. But when you finally will master this skill, you will be able to impress her with your own sarcastic jokes.

She understands etiquette – and you should too

When dating British women, it is important to know at least something about etiquette because they not only understand it but also are very serious about it. You don’t want to look like an uneducated idiot who doesn’t respect her traditions, right? Etiquette may not be very important during your online conversations, but it is definitely vital if you decide to visit her country. There are many books about etiquette on the Internet. So, take your time to read a couple of them, plus you may try watching British movies or TV series. Usually, they pretty decently represent British life.

You may have troubles understanding her accent (but never make fun of it)

Everyone who tries international dating sooner or later faces the accent problem. Especially with Asian girls because sometimes it is completely impossible to understand them. But who would have thought that you may face this problem in a country where everyone speaks English! Unfortunately, this is the reality we are forced to live in. Don’t be afraid to tell her that you have a hard time understanding when she is saying something because she may actually have the same problem. It is absolutely normal to face this problem. I am sure that two loving people will easily deal with it via the help of honesty. But you should never make fun of her accent because it is highly insulting.

Yeah, Mate, Some British Girls’ Waiting for You!

As you see, it is not very easy to date a British girl, but this venture is highly rewarding. They are very vibrant and magnificent people, you will never get bored with one of them, and they will easily beat you in every alcohol game you can find. There are many British women dating websites that will help you find a proper girl. Remember, relationships are all about having fun together. Don’t be too pushy, and take your time to learn everything you need to know about British dating traditions. Many girls in Great Britain would like to spend their lives with you.

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