Dating an Australian Woman: Why They Are the Best

dating an Australian woman

Australia is a young state that is just over a hundred years old. Before adopting a civilized lifestyle, the inhabitants of Australia lived in wild tribes. After the founding of a British colony in Australia at the end of the 18th century, the country began to actively develop in the field of agriculture, mining of precious metals, and only at the beginning of the 19th century, a referendum was held on the formation of a federation.

Since the end of the 20th century, the country has become attractive to foreigners. In modern Australia, there are Korean, Arab and Chinese areas, which way of life differs from the way of life of indigenous Australians. Considering women born in Australia, their way of life, an approximate daily routine, and appearance, we can say that cute Australian girls are not similar to any other in the world. They are not like Europeans or Americans, but it seems they have something from many nations. It is believed that the moral principles of Australians, their attitude towards men and marriage as a whole have been influenced by government policies that protect, first and foremost, women’s rights. But who are hot Australian girls and what their peculiarities should you consider while dating? Read below.

What Are Australian Girls Like?

Incredible beauty. There is a strange misconception that Aussies are not the most beautiful nation and that you won’t find many hot Australian women. However, there is plenty of pretty girls here. Pure skin, a minimum of makeup, well-groomed hair and a gentle smile are things that are the most striking in Australian girls. And, of course, they are very tanned! White teeth, clean skin, healthy hair, a straight back, a slender body, and a wonderful open smile. In recent decades, immigrants from all over the world have been coming to Australia, so beautiful Australian women are a result of many mixed marriages. Good ecology, climate and a high standard of living undoubtedly also matter.

Australians are very independent. And in this, they are somewhat reminiscent of American and British women. But Australian girls are easier to communicate with and do not show caution when dating men. They are open, cheerful and happy. And a happy woman always has a special charm. When dating an Australian girl, you will not have any problems with this.

Australian women choose comfort over chicness. They put on heels only on a date or a special occasion and wear regular shoes to offices. The rest of the time they prefer baggy clothing, shoes without heels, and even sneakers.

And another feature of Australians is that they do not make far-reaching plans for the future, live today and enjoy the moment. Maybe that’s why it’s so easy and nice to talk to them!

beautiful Australian womenAn Australian woman is economically independent of a man. State policy provides a woman with the opportunity to choose any profession and work without limiting by gender. In addition, a woman can be sure that choosing a “male” profession, she will receive the same salary as a man. Therefore, we can say that in terms of work “all roads are open” for the Australian.

In addition to absolute economic freedom, the woman of Australia has a clear priority in the family and society. For example, family courts in the state are set up to protect the interests of women. This is manifested in the fact that in approximately 99% of cases, the court takes the side of a woman, even if she is wrong. A man who has committed (or has not committed) an unlawful act against an Australian girl, in any case, will have to seriously try to protect his rights.

Why You Should Start Dating an Australian Woman

The independence of Australian girls also applies to domestic violence. Sometimes, wishing to seize as much property as possible from a former lover, a woman claims that her husband abused her, which can bring her up to 90% of her property. State policy is designed, in addition to the above, in such a way that in a divorce marriage is often recognized as actual.

It is worth noting that such a government policy regarding women is not new, and it has been in effect for many years. There are many examples in which a woman makes herself a victim of “violence” by a wealthy man, wanting to receive good compensation from him.

Due to this disenfranchised position of men in society, the number of marriages is reduced every year. Men prefer to use the services of prostitutes, which applies a much smaller blow to their wallet than an angry woman who accuses of violence. By the way, prostitution in Australia is fully legalized and supported by the state. Prostitutes have their own union and monitor their health, not forgetting to check the health of clients.

That means that men are in huge demand and if you are a foreigner, you will have bigger chances of meeting and marrying somebody in Australia.

But let’s not focus on the negativity, one of the main reasons why men decide to start dating an Australian woman, is their kindness, openness, and love for adventures. These women seem to have absorbed the wildness of their ancestors and save their freedom of mind equally to the progressiveness of their views. With them, you will never get bored, everything new and exciting attracts them, and these women know how to come up with something unusual.

According to this, they are really good and tolerant interlocutors. Since Australia is a multicultural country, every Aussie girl lives in an environment of respect for other people’s opinions and views from childhood. That is why they are not at all against dating a foreigner and accept people of various religions, sexual orientations, and cultural backgrounds. They will be only ready to listen to the stories about your country and offer you to discover theirs.

Australian Dating Sites

Meeting online has become a regular thing and especially in Australia, no one gets frowned upon if they use dating sites. It is a completely normal thing because Aussies are quite open and friendly, people do not judge each other by appearance and prefer to meet via the Internet without any fear because it is convenient and exciting.

A popular Australian dating site is, it is the first link you get when googling dating sites in Australia.

Among other popular options are

A very useful site is, which tells all the information about the latest dating trends in Australia, publishes reviews of the majority of popular dating platforms, and you will find all the information needed concerning Australian dating there.

Australian Dating Rules

Australians are very friendly and energetic people. They care about their health, especially mental, do what they love and love what they do. They are attentive to the personal space of other people and try to solve the problems without conflicts. It is unlikely that you will experience pressure, jealousy from the side of a woman or constant arguments, being engaged in Australian women dating. However, here is a list of rules and tips that will help you better understand how to deal with an Aussie.

Value her vacation. Most Australians use their vacations in parts so that they can take several breaks of work during the year. Therefore, when they return from vacation, they feel well and take their duties seriously.

It should also be noted that this applies to prospective students: they may take an academic leave to travel or do whatever they like after school and before university. In this gap period, young women often meet their love.

She is most likely an early bird. Many Australians wake up with the sun, take the first train, and go to work at 8:30. There is nothing better than starting your morning with something that makes you feel great. So, breakfasts are welcomed (if you make her a coffee and a French toast in the morning, she will surely appreciate this gesture).

cute Australian girlsTraining is one of the priorities. In Sydney, even at 6 am, the traffic is quite heavy, but not on the roads but on the beach. Even at such an early hour, you will find many active people running, swimming, or simply walking there. So, you should be ready that the girl will make you get up early to go to yoga and please show at least a slight interest in this sports thing to prove her that you care about your health too.

They like walking outdoors. The weather in Australia is great. Throughout the year, as winters here are not at all severe, you have the opportunity to get the vitamin D you need in the great outdoors. Beautiful beaches and rainforests encourage people to leave their homes and enjoy nature. That means the best date for an Aussie is a hike to the hills or a forest, a cozy evening near the city lake or just a walk around the city.

She will be into tanning a lot. Although Australians love beach holidays, they also face a serious problem with UV rays. That is why campaigns are being conducted to encourage people to protect themselves from the sun and check their skin regularly. If you are involved in Australian dating, you will notice that they are all about smart tanning. They do not chase beauty standards; these girls think about the health in the first place and enjoy the sun for this particular reason too. Get ready to spend endless hours at the beach and use tons of SPF.

Once again, she will never skip breakfast. There is a whole tradition of breakfast in Australia. Cafes and restaurants open there early even on weekends. For Australians, breakfast is part of a healthy lifestyle and should contain lots of fresh fruits, avocados, and eggs. If you start dating a girl from here, she will let you in the exciting world of healthy eating and enjoying the delicious nutrition free of any junk. Fast food and on-the-go snacks are not their habits.

Drinking is not preferable. In Australia, people know exactly how much alcohol is consumed since alcohol is indicated on all drinks. And as part of the Dry July campaign, people give up alcohol for a month, donate money, and support people with cancer. They are perhaps the soberest nation in the world, so if you are into drinking, do not show this straightaway as such behavior can scare the girl away. To get strong alcohol on the first date is not the best idea, better stick to a glass of wine if you want to relax.

They worry about mental health a lot. Psychologists treat Australians seriously and encourage people to use government-funded services to receive appropriate help during depression, anxiety, or addiction problems. You should get ready to talk a lot. No hidden offenses or violent conflicts, you will pretty much discuss all your problems without putting the argument aside. That is an extremely important and useful feature of all Australians, they are one of the happiest nations in the world exactly for this reason. Do not get surprised when she asks how you feel, what emotions you experience towards certain issues, so ask about her mental state as often as you can.

The minimum wage is high here. Today, the minimum wage per hour is $17.29 (that’s in Australian dollars, and it’s twice the minimum wage in the US). Therefore, even with the minimum wage, everyone has a chance to earn a decent living, and women here are very independent financially. She will love you for the personality, and money is what matters the least for her. An Aussie is able to provide her leaving on her own, so never insist on paying for her when she refuses. Because this runs against her feminist views and will be considered as a sexist and irrational gesture.

They are happy! According to statistics, for example, Australians are happier than Americans. They are characterized by the ability to laugh at themselves, which in turn is a sign of healthy people. If you are a pessimist, you will either have to change your attitude (which is likely that an Aussie will talk you into) or never date a girl from here. She will not tolerate your constant grumpy face and negative vibes; she radiates positivity and expects you to do the same.

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