How to Date Beautiful Greek Women

beautiful Greek woman

Greece is one of the most ancient civilizations on Earth. Greek culture continues to conquer the imagination of people and makes them treat it with great respect. It is a popular travel destination and a homeland of hot and beautiful Greek women. Well, in the history of Greece, all great things were done by strong men, the heroes of the country. However, a smart and wonderful woman always stood behind every such Greek winner, being in the shadow or acting on equal terms. Modern beautiful Greek girls still look more like ancient Greek goddesses. You know that Greeks are a relatively small nation: today about 18 million of them live on the planet. We will assume, conditionally, that half of them, that is, 9 million, are women. It is like a drop in the ocean compared to 7 billion of the world’s population. A prominent, bright and spectacular drop. The world knows many beautiful supermodels with Greek roots as well as Hollywood actresses, and even the winners of the Miss Universe contest.

From Ancient Greece to Modern Days: Greek Women and Their Peculiarities

Who is a Greek woman? An ordinary woman who will create a cozy nest and raise children? Or a goddess in a tunic and gold jewelry, with a high hairstyle, smart and talented in the arts? Historians still have different opinions.

A woman of Ancient Greece was a standard of beauty for Europeans. Their unearthly beauty became a source of inspiration for sculptors and artists who captured images of Aphrodite, Athens or Demeter in art. A typical beautiful Greek woman of past years was slender, graceful, with a swan-like neck, dressed in a flowing tunic, had golden curls in a high hairstyle, decorated with ribbons and a diadem. Thus, she was almost a goddess who descended from Olympus.

However, there is no reliable information about how a woman of that period looked like since only a hypothetical description is given in the literature. Also, some guideposts are provided by statuettes and reconstructed murals of the Knossos Palace in Crete. Thus, for example, Cretan women had an unnaturally narrow waist, were of short stature and a slim physique. They hid their faces in the shade, so their skin was pale, and dark eyes and hair seemed deep black. Women had curls that frame the neck or braids with woven ribbons. The feet were often barefoot, but upper-class women sometimes wore embroidered leather shoes. Women of Ancient Greece always had their own culture in the management of the family and raising children. They received education from childhood, and this gave them an advantage over other cultures, where women began to learn much later.

Modern women from Greece have been influenced by different cultures and world vogue, even though they have preserved some individual features that help them stand out from the crowd and draw the attention of other people. Most women have the same dark eyes and hair as many years ago but in combination with a Mediterranean tan. Hot Greek women have amazing curvy bodies, even though they watch a diet and keep fit. beautiful Greek womenIn general, they adore to watch their appearance in all possible ways, it’s not for nothing that Greek is famous for numerous beauty procedures. An average cute Greek girl will dress stylishly and feminine, highlighting all the advantages of her body. If you start dating Greek women, you will see that they are proud of their appearance and everything connected with their country.

What Do Greek Women Look Like?

Guys who are interested in Greek women dating try to imagine what these amazing girls look like. There are many legends and stories about them, and of course, many things are just fairytales. Nonetheless, it is still possible to highlight some common features that every daughter of Hellas possesses.

Thus, Greek women are bold, prideful, strong-willed and powerful. They are mystical and mysterious, emotional and temperamental. If necessary, they can turn into cunning masters of intrigue and manipulation. Moreover, you wouldn’t even notice how you did what the Greek woman needed. They are often the heads of families and some of them hold clans because matriarchy has reigned in Greece since ancient times. They are smart, talented and always interesting women who can keep a conversation going.

One can say that if a Greek woman chooses you as her partner, you will get a successful lottery ticket because they will try to do their best to make your life as comfortable as possible. However, most girls still adhere to old traditions and try to create families only with the Greeks. It may be connected with the fact that Greek men treat their women with respect, they cherish and support them in everything. Of course, the young generation is more liberal in this matter, and they use international dating apps like many other people around the globe. They say that Greeks are very similar to Italians when it comes to family values. Greek women believe that their main destiny is to create a healthy and happy family. They are jealous of both husbands and children; thus, they are strict but very loving mothers. As a rule, children that have been brought up by Greek women become extremely successful people. Apparently, it is true that all the wisdom of the civilized world is in the blood of these women.

7 Sure Reasons to Date Greek Girls

If you are interested in dating a Greek woman, but you are not sure whether she is worth all your efforts, it’s necessary to study the advantages of these charming ladies to make the final decision. Of course, these ladies, as well as representatives of any other nation, have their drawbacks, but you know – a thing that one may perceive as a drawback can be a great advantage for someone else. So, let’s better find out what’s special about a hot Greek woman and what the main reasons to try Greek dating are.

1. They are very passionate

If you are into passionate girls who are not afraid to express their emotions, then you should start dating a Greek girl. They don’t hide emotions or pretend to be someone they are not. They are passionate about everything they do, so these are really hot girls both in life and bed. If she wants to touch your hand even though you haven’t reached the second base, she will do that. Well, maybe sometimes they are overly dramatic, but you cannot be passionate and calm at the same time.

2. They are beautiful

You know how these girls look like, so if you dream about dating them, then you like their appearance, tan skin, and amazing curly hair. These girls try to maintain the status of “Greek goodness,” so they always watch their appearance and try to look their best. Usually, they use only natural cosmetics made of olive oil and alike natural components that help preserve their beauty till old age.

Greek dating3. They are great cookers

Don’t be shy about the fact that you would like your beloved girlfriend to be a good cooker. All men like to eat delicious dishes created by loved ones. Greek cuisine is amazing and offers a tremendous number of tasty dishes, so you will not stay hungry since most Greek girls are really good at cooking.

4. They have great family values

As we have already mentioned, family comes first for all the Greeks. They have great respect for their parents and family traditions. So, if you are interested in committed relationships and dream of creating a family, then a Greek girl can become one of the most suitable options. They are used to having each other’s back no matter what, so the family will be the main priority for these women. Besides, a woman who respects her parents a lot will more likely treat you in the same way.

5. You like to spend your vacation in Greece

If you like this country in general and want to spend your vacations there, then a girl with Greek roots will become a win-win option. She will definitely not mind getting back to her homeland to meet with her parents and friends. Even though Greek families are big and noisy a bit, you will get used to this fact very quickly. So, you will be able to enjoy stunning Greek landscapes with your beautiful woman.

6. You will have a wonderful interlocutor

If it is important for you to communicate with a partner on different topics, then pay attention to a hot Greek girl. Usually, they are very good at maintaining conversations since they are smart and well-educated. They are also looking for a partner with whom they can share everything they want and discuss both social events and some more complicated topics.

7. You will get a partner in crime

If you like parties, then you will get the best company ever since these girls adore to dance and visit parties. She will not turn into a couch potato but will join you whatever you will offer her to do. In general, Greek girls adore all the festivals and big gatherings of people, so your life will not be boring with such a girl.

Dating a Greek Woman: Tips and Advice

If you want to conquer your Greek beauty, you should treat this task with all the seriousness. If you are not Greek yourself, you will have to make double efforts to win this charming woman over. You should especially pay attention to the following moments to succeed and get the best out of your dating.

1. Show your interest in Greek culture

Of course, you may know some well-known facts about this country and culture since it’s one of the oldest on the globe. However, you should make some research and study this question a bit deeper to impress your beloved one and make a positive impression on her and her family. They are brought up in this culture, they respect and value it very much, so study some more information besides the name of the capital. This country has a lot of different traditions, you can learn about the main ones at least to not find yourself in an awkward situation in the a Greek girl

2. Behave like a gentleman

As we have said above, Greek girls prefer their countrymen because they treat them with respect and care, so if you show your date that your manners and attitude are not worse, you will have good chances to win her over. Behave like a gentleman, watch your language and don’t be rude. These girls are looking for a soulmate who will love and cherish them. So, it’s all up to you whether you will be able to conquer them or not.

3. Don’t forget about compliments

Like all other girls in the world, Greek women like compliments, so don’t forget about them. Many girls are critical of their appearance, so your compliments will not be superfluous. Just make sure to not say anything rude or vulgar. Besides her appearance, you can pay attention to her jewelry since most of them wear something bright and catchy. You can compliment her country and culture since these women love their cultural background a lot. The main thing is to pay sincere compliments. If you don’t like something, you shouldn’t lie saying how great this thing is.

4. Make presents if you are close enough

As we have mentioned, Greek girls are very passionate about different jewelry and accessories, so if you have already become closer to each other, you may think about making a present. It’s not necessarily about some precious metals or stones, just choose something beautiful that will suit her image and appearance. Greek girls are amazing fashionistas, so you have a great range of possible options that will become a great gift for your beloved girlfriend.

Dive into the Beautiful Mediterranean Identity and Have All the Fun in the World

All nations are unique and wonderful in their own way. However, there is something special about Greek women that attract the attention of so many foreigners. If you are interested in Greek dating, make sure to pay attention to all the above-mentioned peculiarities and features of these amazing women. If you are a fan of Greece, then all your researches and preparations will bring additional pleasure and turn into a great pastime. Greek women know how to enjoy life to the fullest and find joy even in some small things. So, leave all your doubts and just start dating these stunning ladies if they make your heart beat faster. There is nothing impossible in this world if you have serious intentions and a big desire.

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