Pros and Cons of Dating a Ukrainian Woman

Ukrainian women dating

The world is absolutely filled with all sorts of gorgeous women. They come from different traditions, countries, beliefs, and sides of the Earth. The diversity of beauty is obvious, as there are millions of men who travel the world, visiting all sorts of countries in the search of a woman that will satisfy all of their needs. Thus, over the two decades, after the downfall of USSR, the beauty of Ukrainian women became known to the world. It’s not like there hadn’t been gorgeous women before that, it’s just that the iron curtain didn’t allow the men from all over the world to enjoy these gorgeous creatures.

About Ukrainian Culture

To truly understand who a Ukrainian woman is, one must know a thing or two about their traditions. Ukraine is a very old country, it dates back to the 5th century when the first tribes of Antes came to the land and made their settlements there. Ever since those days, Kievan Rus’, as it was known, was one of the leading forces in Europe’s history, traditions, and religion. It is considered to be the Eastern European birthplace of Orthodox Christianity. Thus, Ukrainian people love their country and its rich and vibrant history. The concept of patriotism is very close to the hearts of many Ukrainians.

About Ukrainian Girls

Ukrainian dating cultureUkrainian girls are in many ways like their country, traditional and beautiful. We will go in detail about all of the aspects of these beautiful creatures in just a bit, but it is important to give a short rundown of their main characteristics. Because of their traditions, the concept of the family and the traditional views on the gender roles in the family are cherished and well-respected by Ukrainian women (and Eastern European women in general). These ideas may have been lost by the Western women due to more liberal views and politics there, but family and children are very much sacred to Ukrainian women.

The Pros of Dating a Ukrainian Woman

Just as with any person in the world, despite the nationality and traditions, we are all different in our own way. However, there are some characteristics that unite as depending on the aspects of life that we share in our daily lives. The same goes for Ukrainian women, some may be more liberal in their views, some other may not be as great in the kitchen, but the general gist of things about the Ukrainian women culture will be found below. We will start with the most positive aspects of a theoretical relationship with a Ukrainian woman. Before we start finding out what Ukrainian women are like, remember that this is a subjective list, and your experiences with these beauties may differ.

Girls from Ukraine are beautiful

The first of the reasons to date a girl from Ukraine is her appearance. Of course, there are things that are a lot more important than just beauty of a person, yet still, when we meet people, the first things we see is their appearance, and our attitude towards them is largely affected by their beauty. Thus, most of the Ukrainian women will make a good first impression on you or at any man at that. Whether it is due to genetics or the way of life and food, we can’t really tell you, but the fact of the matter is this, they are beautiful. It’s been a great day for the mother nature when she created these gorgeous creatures, and we thank her for the gift that keeps on giving.

They always look good

There’s a natural beauty, and then there’s artificial beauty. The wording may sound discouraging and not as important but hear me out. While a true connoisseur of female beauty won’t be fooled by these artificial enhancers, they are still quite an important addition to the image of any woman. Not only that they are naturally beautiful, but there are also quite good at making their looks even better, talking about cosmetics or outfits. These two positive aspects may be enough to most men but dating Ukraine girl has more in store.

Ukrainian girls like foreign guys

Now, to some women, their country may get boring, and we don’t blame them, everyone will get boring after long years of constant exposure, thus, it is only fitting that they start looking for some things and people that will be different from their common environment. And it is here that foreign men come into play, lots of Ukrainian women are simply in love with the sole idea of dating a foreign guy, getting to know them, their traditions, habits, different way of living the life. Thus, it is yet another positive aspect in our book if you are a foreign man in Ukraine – then it will be quite easy for you to start dating someone.


Here’s one of the main reasons why Slavic girlfriends are so valued among men, it is that they are quite loyal to their husbands. Just as we’ve said in the beginning, a girlfriend from Ukraine will be quite loyal, that is the concept of marriage, family and gender roles are quite traditional in the country in general. Religion plays an important role as well, as it considered to be the most sacred of bonds that a man and a woman may have. It is something that transcends life, death and any trouble that may arise in the life of two people. Thus, the word “marriage” means a lot to these beauties, don’t fail their trust and they won’t do the same.

Ukrainian women are great cooks

Now cooking is a very delicate subject to everyone, your preferences will be heavily dependent on your country and traditions, your childhood and tons of other miscellaneous aspects. But there’s just something about the Ukrainian cuisine and the effort that Ukrainian girlfriends put into it that makes the fact of being involved in Ukrainian women dating feel special. It is not the most versatile of cuisines, it is not that light, and you will probably become a bit chunkier in the process, but it is hard to rival the sheer taste, quality, and wholesomeness of their cuisine. dating a Ukrainian woman tipsThe cooking is especially important to the mothers of young women, as it is quite important to cook a hearty meal that will taste great and satisfy the entire family.

They know how to love their men

Another component of the entire cultural aspect of a relationship with a Ukrainian woman is that they know how to love their men. As we’ve said, the gender roles are quite traditional, and the importance of the family in the life of a woman is immeasurable. Women are those that have to keep the family in check, they are the ones who focus all of their attention, time and effort on the mental and spiritual aspects of this sacred bond, while men are those that focus their time and effort on the physical manifestations of it. This is kind of the brain and the brawn relationship that seems to work out just fine.

Family-oriented mindsets

It bears repeating how close to the cultural and religious traditions these women are. It doesn’t really matter whether a woman is patriotic or religious, the traditions have left its mark on the perception of family values and life in general. Many women even refuse to make an abortion even if they are too young or they aren’t really financially ready for such a burden because it is a shameful deed, and yet it is sacred to bring a child into this world, give all of the attention and love that they need and require. Thus, they are great mothers, they have all of the instincts for it.

They are honest and straight-forward about everything

Ukraine women dating will be easy. This is the characteristic that lots of men lack in their relationship, especially in the more vibrant countries where everything feels hard, love is like a puzzle that a man has to go through. This is why men seek honest and straight-forward women so that life will be easier in every aspect.

“Is there a problem?”


“Well, let’s discuss it and solve it.”

This is the approach that many men want in their relationship. Love can be quite puzzling, and to try to understand what exactly your woman wants is quite damaging to a man’s psyche. It is also quite easy to find Ukraine women for dating because of this.

The Cons of Dating a Ukrainian Woman

As we’ve said, each and every human is unique, all of us have our own upsides that we are prouder of than others. Yet, in the same vein, all of us have our own downsides that we like to hide, negative aspects of a character that may be our wrongdoing in any relationship that we enter. The same goes for Ukrainian women, and while we have to mention that these cannot really compare to all of the upsides to such a potential relationship, they can be ignored neither in the confines of this article nor in a future relationship.

Relationships with Ukrainian girls aren’t cheap

Ukrainian dating culture is quite conservative. One of the key aspects of simple gallantry that are expected from every man in Ukraine and all the other Slavic countries is that a man should pay for a date, not only the first one but all the others that will happen. In general, women are widely considered as housewives, who don’t work at all or whose income is significantly lower than that of their husbands. Thus, it is expected from men, with their larger salaries and financial independence, to be the sponsors of such a relationship. This is a big downside that men must consider, but one can easily find a woman that will be able to pay for herself in a restaurant.

They pay too much attention to their looks

Just as we’ve said above, they are quite good at keeping their beauty going even to the latter stages of life, while women from all over the world will struggle to attract a man at the same time. However, it comes at a cost. They find this excessive attention to looks to be absolutely crucial to any relationship or life in general, so you won’t see a woman going out to get some groceries without doing her makeup before that. It has become the topic of a lot of anecdotes, the stereotype that it takes women ages to do their makeup, do their haircut and pick the right outfit. Thus, expect to be late on most of the parties that you will want to visit together.

They can be too emotional

It is not about every single Ukrainian woman, but it rather applies to women in general. The gender differences are still prevalent in every aspect of a couple’s mutual life, women feel weird to men, they like to speak with lots of subtexts, they like to fill their life with emotions, and they find it absolutely necessary to start crying for no reason. This is just something that you will have to deal with, but remember that this may be only due to the fact that a woman may have her period on the day of a scandal, it makes her feel irritated, and she may act irrationally, so be tolerant and don’t criticize or offend her during this period of time.

Cultural barrier

This goes for a lot of things. It is here that the answer to the question, “Why can’t we just all get along?” lies. Well, it’s because we all perceive life differently, and it is quite hard to work in the same kitchen, cooking the same soup if deep inside we completely disagree on every aspect of the process of making one. Some Ukrainian women may find it ridiculous that someone would criticize their traditions or religion, these are sacred things that are rarely criticized in traditional countries like Europe. Thus, one of the dating a Ukrainian woman tips to mention is that a man should be tolerant of her country’s traditions.

main reason why Slavic girlfriendsThe priorities in a relationship

This is the seedy underbelly of a potential relationship with a Ukrainian woman, and it may be quite hard to pinpoint it before it’s too late. We won’t dive in all of the reasoning and economic aspects of Ukrainian life, but the country is quite poor, the living conditions are quite lower than that of the European countries, even the Polish and Russian neighbors. Thus, lots of people (not only women but men as well, who seek to find a better job and life abroad) seek all sorts of ways to immigrate from the country. And while they are justified in their desire to seek the best future to themselves and their future families, a single Ukrainian lady can just use a foreign man for this reason.

Relationship will develop slowly

They are straight-forward and honest, they are charming and beautiful, but it will take a long time to get the trust of a Ukrainian woman. If it is appropriate to use the financial terms in this, Ukrainian women are long-term investments, they are great mothers, they are great at long-term commitments and value everything that has to do with the family, they seek to get it going and make it strong. Yet there is a cost to it, Ukrainian women are quite bad as short-term partners, they seek long-term commitments, giving birth to children and reaching the old age together. If you are interested in a one-night stand, then Ukraine is not the country for you.

Language barrier

While this is not a unique problem to women (and people from all around the world, especially the poorer countries), but the average level of English in the Slavic countries, including Ukraine, is quite low. Yet we have to mention that this level is slowly getting higher and higher because of the rise of the Internet, the prominence of Western mindset and the desire of many people to find a new life abroad. Yet still, it will cause a few problems in terms of communication if a woman’s English is terrible, yet it is one of the lesser downsides one can find in this entire deal, and the cons listed above are much more important and prominent than this one.


The conclusion is the following. Ukrainian women are beautiful, they have their well-deserved place in the hearts of millions of men from all around the world. They are gorgeous. Their traditions are fascinating. They are good at cooking. They find foreign guys to be quite intriguing, they are very loyal and committed to long-term relationships. They want to be great mothers and value the traditional gender roles in the family, they are honest and straight forward. Yet they can be expensive, it may take them a few hours in front of a mirror to get dressed, they may be too emotional and value their traditions too much, it will take a lot of time to get their trust and their motives may not be clear, but the one thing remains the same, they are worth fighting for.

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