How to Confirm a Date with a Girl via Text

how to confirm a date

Today you don’t have to pay much effort to approach a girl you like if you have Internet access. In other words, you can do that everywhere: while having breakfast at home, on a bus on your way to work, at work, or even while hanging out with boring friends. Like the whole world is open to you if you have downloaded a dating app or registered on a cool dating site. Just make sure that you have applied numerous tips on how to create an attractive profile on a dating site to not screw it up. After that stage, the time will come to start a dialogue and ask a girl out. However, many guys relax too quickly and mess things up, forgetting about one little trifle – you should confirm a date. Well, some people may start arguing about that step, believing it is a completely unnecessary thing. But is it so? Let’s find out.

Is It Really That Necessary to Confirm a Date with a Girl?

We live in an era of fast decisions when everything changes very quickly. The fact that you have managed to impress a girl with your icebreaker and ask her out does not mean that you will be able to go beyond that. It may seem to you that if you agreed a week ago to meet this Saturday, then the date will take place. Well, things don’t always work out the way we want. Everything can happen, starting with “bad memory” and to some incident or unexpected deadline that you cannot postpone. Guys who pretend to be machos but who are not good at female psychology claim that if a man decides to text to confirm a date with a girl, then he automatically looks desperate as if she is his last chance. And a “true” man should be self-confident, independent, and inflexible. Such statements undermine the confidence of other guys who don’t know whether they should bother about confirming a date with a girl or not. Thus, many guys believe that they shouldn’t care about how to confirm a date because it’s an unnecessary thing. While most decent girls think otherwise.

Well, of course, you may still meet girls who really don’t care about the confirmation since they treat this moment easily and carefree. They are not going to build any serious relationships with you and perceive your communication rather like a play, one-night stand, and a possible pleasant pastime. These girls will not spend hours in front of the mirror, trying to look their best for you. They can forget about your date themselves or find a replacement for you in a second if you don’t come. Nothing special, and any option will be fine. If you are looking for a representative of this type, then you can forget about texting to confirm a date.

texting to confirm a dateHowever, if you decide to start a committed relationship with a girl who seems to possess all the qualities of a perfect partner, then you should know how to confirm a date with a girl via text. It is a must. What is the basis of a healthy and happy relationship? First of all, it is about mutual respect when you don’t believe that a girl must do everything possible to come to a date with you because you are her successful lottery ticket. Even if it is so – the girl may find out about that only after many years of living together. But now you are still two strangers. So, when you ask yourself, “Should I text to confirm a date?”, the answer is yes. Your message doesn’t suggest that you have low self-esteem but that you respect and value your date.

Confirming a Date the Night Before: How Not to Screw It Up

If you haven’t confirmed your dates about 100 times, then chances are high that you may face some challenges. It can be not that easy as you may think at first. Only advanced daters are good at confirming a date, and they can do that without any problems. However, each of them did that for the first time back in days. So, you shouldn’t worry that you have no chances to succeed if you are an amateur in this matter. You will gain experience over time, or you might be such a lucky guy who will meet his soulmate at once and never need to do that once again. Life is full of surprises. Nonetheless, we will provide you with some tips on confirming a date the night before, so you will worry much less.

1. Get rid of your doubts

Most girls are used to the fact that guys try to win them over, so it is they who should text or call to confirm a date. A girl may sit at home being ready to leave every minute, but she will not do that without your message. So, if you have any doubts about whether it’s the right decision to get in touch with a girl the day before to confirm your date, you should get rid of them right away. You will not look desperate or ridiculous in the eyes of a normal girl.

2. Don’t abrupt communication

Even though you have confirmed your date, it’s not a reason to become silent before the very date. We don’t say that you should ask her again whether she is definitely ready since it will look awkward, but you should continue to stay in touch with her as always. There are a tremendous number of topics you can discuss, so don’t worry that you will have nothing to talk about on the date.

3. Send her a message in the afternoon

You don’t need to wait till the late night to ask whether your date is still good, or something has already changed. If you know that a girl wakes up late, then you shouldn’t send her a message in the early morning. You can wake her up and spoil her mood even if she wants to meet with you later. Thus, lunchtime seems to be perfect since you still have time to rearrange your schedule if the date is canceled.

4. Call her if you need to cancel or postpone your date

Sometimes our life can be unpredictable, and your plans can change almost at the last moment, so you will have to cancel or postpone your date. There is nothing special about it even if you have confirmed it the night before. Nonetheless, a simple text message will be not enough in this case. You should call her and explain the reason for your cancelation. You should show her that you are sorry that you have to act this way and that you still want to meet with her.

How to Confirm a Date Without Sounding Desperate

While girls are sure that guys don’t worry about their dates, the latter one is walking around the house with a phone, trying to work up the courage, and confirm the date. A man may even call his best friends with a question, “Do you confirm a date?” to make sure that he should do that anyway. Many guys are afraid that such a step may show their “weak” side and make them look desperate in the eyes of the girls they have a crush on. However, in most cases, these fears are groundless. If you don’t know how to confirm a date without sounding desperate, then you should pay attention to the following tips.

how to confirm a date with a girl via text1. Don’t look miserable

Even if you perceive this girl as your last chance, and you believe that you will not be happy if things don’t work out between you, it’s not true. This date will not change your life dramatically, and your personal happiness shouldn’t depend on one person. Thus, you should treat your date like an ordinary meeting or hanging out with friends but with some romantic moments. The first date always evokes strong emotions and makes us worry a lot, but you should try to calm down if you don’t want to look miserable. Just ask her something like, “Are we still on for 6 pm this evening?”

2. Show patience

You should know that it is a bad idea to send a girl 100 messages in a row, trying to confirm your date. You are two grownups with busy schedules and many different tasks that you are trying to do on time. Thus, it is okay if she doesn’t respond to your message immediately. Besides, don’t forget that she may also cancel or postpone your meeting for some reason. It doesn’t have to mean anything. So, there is no need to get offended or make a scene because of it. You should demonstrate patience and understanding. However, if the girl does it a couple of times, then you should calmly say that your schedules don’t match at all, and it’s better to stay friends since she has no time to go on a date.

3. Don’t ask several times

It’s enough to confirm the date once, so there is no need to get back to this issue once again. If the girl has agreed, then Bob’s your uncle. If something changes, you will not find out about that right away. So, it’s better to talk about something else that both of you will be interested in. If she hasn’t replied to your date confirmation but read the message, wait till the next day, and if she continues to stay silent, then you should move on without this lady. By the way, don’t send a reminder because if she is interested in you, she will come.

4. Don’t create a long message

If you are a romantic nature, then you may have a desire to send her a long beautiful romantic message. However, leave that for later when you are on another stage of your relationships. Don’t attach crucial importance to your date since such an attitude may scary the girl away. You know, something simple doesn’t mean that it’s of low quality or uninteresting. The very fact that you have sent her a message to confirm your date suggests that you are waiting for your meeting and are interested in her personality. So, don’t overdo it.

confirming a date the night before

Text to Confirm a Date: General Advice

Statistics show that most modern people prefer to communicate via messages than call each other to find out some questions. Besides, a lot of people meet their beloved partners online, and it also means that they exchange messages much more often than call. So, there is no surprise that you may decide to confirm your date via text as well. Nonetheless, don’t forget that texting has its peculiarities that you cannot ignore. That’s why we are going to provide you with effective tips on how to confirm your date via text.

1. Don’t pretend that you are too busy

Even though it is girls who like to play this game, some guys don’t mind trying it as well. However, it’s better not to pretend that you are extremely busy and that’s why you don’t respond immediately to her messages. If you believe that such behavior will add you some scores or mystery in the eyes of the girl, then you are mistaken. And if you have managed to reach the stage when you need to confirm the date, then all the games are over.

2. Don’t use swear words

Some guys believe that using swear words make them look cool as if they are “bad guys” all girls adore. However, it may work out only if you are teens. In all other cases, all worthy women will perceive such behavior as disrespectful. It’s about good manners and understanding of the situation. You have never met in real life; you are still strangers who are looking for their soulmates to start a family with. So, watch your mouth.

3. There is no place for jokes

Everybody knows that girls adore guys with a good sense of humor. Nonetheless, it also means that you should understand when the time has come to make a joke. When you try to confirm a date, don’t joke about it. Otherwise, the girl can perceive it weirdly and even get offended as if you have mocked at her. So, leave your jokes and demonstration of a perfect sense of humor for later, when you finally meet face-to-face.

4. Don’t put pressure

If the girl cannot answer you right away, don’t put pressure on her. She should take her time to decide whether she will be able to meet or it’s better to postpone the meeting. It’s not the reason to start worrying and coming up with unpleasant scenarios. You confirm the date to avoid awkward moments, so there is no need to create them artificially.

Base on Your Intentions

If you are still not sure whether there is such a need to confirm a date, you should reflect on your desires and intentions. Who are you looking for? What do you want to achieve? If it’s about casual relationships, then it’s up to you to decide how much you like the girl, but if you want something serious, then you should demonstrate your seriousness and respect. When you confirm a date, you allow the girl to feel secure and be sure that her attempts to look stunning on your date will not be in vain.

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