67 Original Pick Up Lines

pick up lines for guys

The first impression that you make on a person will remain in their memory forever and will run like a golden thread through all your subsequent meetings. An acquaintance is like a blank sheet, so you should do your best to immediately set an intriguing tone to achieve the necessary effect.

Boring and standard patterns will create exactly the same tedious impression as well-worn cliché, so you should better avoid them. If you take an original approach from the very beginning, then you will be able to surprise and interest the person in front of you. This is exactly what your goal should be about.

A young man who likes a girl should know how to use pick-up lines successfully to win the favor of the girl he likes. Besides, you should be decisive and confident even if the girl looks amazing because women do not tolerate cowards and weak men. You should also look neat and stylish as well as show creativity and originality in order to interest the worthy woman. Any phrase should be pronounced clearly, not mumbling and stammering, this is the key to a successful acquaintance.

Pick Up Lines for Her

Imagine your acquaintance is a blind date. If you come to it with a sincere desire to get to know the woman better, have a pleasant conversation and leave a positive impression, then you will be able to conquer the heart of the special lady. Work yourself up to a certain enthusiasm that you are worthy of this girl, and that she may be interested in you. A positive attitude will help you feel much more comfortable. Below you will find examples of memorable and vivid phrases to use on girls, after which it will be extremely difficult to reject you or stay indifferent. All of them are different, and not everything will be suitable for your case, so look and adopt exactly those that you think are the most relevant.

Pick Up Lines for Tinder, Instagram, Badoo, and Other Dating Sites

Sometimes, you can find interesting and attractive girls even without leaving your cozy chair. Of course, printed statements cannot be supported by emotions and gestures, but this is for the better, as fewer complications may arise. You should prove yourself in a special way on Tinder or Instagram since there are dozens of interested men who can try to draw girls’ attention. Your main task is to stand out from the crowd. It is on the dating site that girls are more likely to appreciate male attention. You can use compliments, easy flirting and good-natured banter.

  1. You are perfectly dressed in all photos, are you a professional stylist?
  2. I love Labradors and want to have a puppy. Could you tell me how much it is hard to look after this kind of dog?
  3. Did you enjoy Paris as much as I did?
  4. pick up lines that workHi, a charming stranger. You have made me dream to meet you in real life. Would you fulfill my innermost desire?
  5. I dreamed of you today, and then suddenly I saw you on Tinder. I am sure that this very fate has decided to bring us together.
  6. When I opened your Instagram for the first time, I thought that you have a great sense of style. Could you give me advice on how to improve my page to attract your attention?
  7. I am sure that one day our children will ask me, “Daddy, tell about your acquaintance with mom!” What will we tell them?

Pick Up Lines for Nurses and Doctors

You never know where you will meet the very person. Of course, it’s better to meet online or just in the street, but sometimes, a hospital can become not the worst place especially if you don’t have any serious health problems. So, if you see a hot doctor without a wedding ring or a charming nurse who shows little sympathy for you, don’t miss a chance to use pick up lines that work both for nurses and doctors.

  1. Have I fallen in love with you or is it just volatile blood sugars?
  2. Do I have a chance to become your emergency contact one day?
  3. You are the reason for the increase in my dopamine levels.
  4. Can I take your temperature? It gets too hot when you come in.
  5. I am ready to become your organ donor if necessary. Can you favor me with a smile?
  6. I feel a little off today. Will you turn me on?
  7. The way you talk to me makes me feel much better.

Pick Up Lines for Teachers

What a man has never dreamed about his hot and attractive young teacher? You know it’s never too late to go back to school again and apply in practice the most effective pick up lines for teachers. You will double win because you will get a chance to learn something new and make your teenage dream come true.

  1. I am weak in studying, but you can punish me as hard as you can.
  2. You are so sad. Can I take your sadness? I need it for experiments.
  3. I like you so much that I’ve been attending your lessons for two weeks, although it is not my specialization.
  4. Do you look at everyone this way or only at those who you like?
  5. I looked in the dictionary a synonym for the word “beautiful,” and your name was there too.

Pick Up Lines for Girls in Office

To become addictive, you should regularly appear in those places where the young lady goes, examine her interests and find common ground. It’s quite easy when you are working at the same company.

  1. It seems to me that you are a creative person.
  2. Do you believe in love at ninth sight or I should come in again?
  3. What is the secret to your perfect look every day?
  4. Is it okay that I’ve approached you so self-confidently?
  5. I know that many guys wanted your attention, but I’m better than any of them, would you like me to prove it?

Pick Up Lines While Dancing

Some people believe that dance is the most effective way of talking. Usually, you don’t need to tell anything to show your sympathy while dancing, but if you still want to come up with pick up lines for her, then look at the following phrases.

  1. You are good at dancing the Tango, aren’t you?
  2. I’ve just realized that you look like my perfect dance partner.
  3. Would you like to dance without any excuses?
  4. If you think that I am going to dance with you, then you are mistaken because I also want to date you.
  5. I bet you are a stubborn person. I’ve read in one magazine that girls who dance like that are very stubborn personalities.

pick up lines for herFunny Pick Up Lines

Everybody knows that the best way to draw the attention of a girl is to make her smile. If you’ve managed to do it, then that’s half the battle. However, don’t overdo with jokes.

  1. You know, I have absolutely no idea what I have to say to get to know you, so let’s better imagine that I have already said something interesting.
  2. Do you have stuffed animal at home? Me too! Let’s introduce them to each other.
  3. How have you found out that I’ll be here?
  4. What do you look at me as if your parents are out of the city?
  5. I would like to ask what time can we have a dinner date?

Pick Up Lines for Girls with Glasses

Some men are fond of girls with glasses because on the one hand, they consider them more intelligent and on the other hand, such girls look sexier. Oh, these male fantasies!

  1. Your beauty has blinded me. Will you become my sighted person because I’ve lost my sight because of you?
  2. You are so beautiful that I forgot the phrase I wanted to approach you a minute ago.
  3. Would you like to flirt a little?
  4. Unfortunately, now I do not have time to melt your cold look, but I can call you in the evening.
  5. I urgently need your help! The fact is that I’m going to drown, and your eyes are the best fit for this purpose. Your glasses make your eyes even more beautiful.

Ghetto Pick Up Lines

It’s necessary to be ready for different acquaintances. One day you might meet a nice girl in the ghetto and decide to get her out of there, who knows.

  1. No offense, but I’m gonna put you on my bucket list!
  2. I’m digging u like a shovel ma!
  3. I got some sugar for ya.
  4. You look so exotic.
  5. You must be a coach because you’ve taken balls with you.

Pick Up Lines for Him

Flirty, love game and the ability to seduce men are a part of women nature. The gallant French women are the standard of flirting, they have mastered the art of seduction from time immemorial. During the reign of King Louis XIV, flirting was the norm of behavior. Everyone was flirting, starting with the king and to the courtiers and maids. The coquetry was significantly different from today’s art of seduction.

Nowadays, having met a cute male stranger on the street, a girl is often shy to approach him and show her sincere interest. There are several ways to attract the attention of the guy you like. You should have an attractive appearance and be able to strike up and maintain a conversation with a man. Here are some great pick up lines for guys, which can come you in handy if you cannot make up a worthy icebreaker.

Funny and Cheesy Pick Up Lines

In principle, it is possible to approach any handsome man with a standard, “Hi! How are you doing? Let’s get acquainted.” Even though pickup wizards do not really welcome such a beginning of a conversation, the phrase works. Of course, if the man likes your appearance. However, there are plenty of successful, funny and cheesy phrases, which it is possible to use on guys both on the street and on dating sites.

  1. Are you a cake? Cause I want to take a bite of you.
  2. I like this city. Here are so many handsome guys.
  3. Pass by him, then abruptly turn around and ask, “Have you just pinched my ass? No? Damn! It’s pity.”
  4. Kiss me if I am mistaken, but isn’t your name Rudolf?
  5. Aside from being hot what do you do for a living?
  6. After long attempts to make eye contact, tell him smiling, “Why are you looking at me so intently?” If he says, “I do not look at you.” Then answer him, “Well, why don’t you look at me?”
  7. Look at the guy and smile, trying to provoke a response. If he does not smile, show your tongue and smile again.

pick up lines tinderPick Up Lines for Halloween

Don’t miss a chance to get acquainted with a handsome pirate, Puss in Boots or any other character who seems attractive to you. Halloween parties provide you with a great chance to spend time with pleasure and find new friends.

  1. If you a vampire, then you can boldly tell him, “I wanna suck you dry.”
  2. If you were a monster, you’d be Frankensexy.
  3. That pirate outfit looks very hot on you. Do you want to search me for hidden treasure?
  4. Is that a bat in your pocket, or does my costume excite you?
  5. You are dead hot. Literally.

Pick Up Lines for Army

You know that men who wear uniform look much sexier than ordinary guys. This uniform has some hidden magic that makes a lot of girls crazy. If you are one of them, then feel free to use the following pick up lines.

  1. Are you an officer? Coz I just love to be in your company.
  2. Listen to the woman and do the opposite! So, I do not want you to get to know me. So, what will be your actions, sergeant?
  3. I want to cheer up someone. Do you want to be my choice?
  4. I saw a stunningly beautiful sea in your photo. Where is that?
  5. Have you ever met a really interesting girl on the Internet?

Pick Up Lines for Dating

Times have changed for the last twenty years, and it’s quite possible to ask a man out on a day, not leaving anything to chance.

  1. I urgently need a man to go to the movie! Are you interested in this offer?
  2. Your profile says that you are listening to Maroon5. We might meet at their concert next Friday! Do you want to enjoy the concert together?
  3. You look like a man who is good at coffee. Would you like to go to a café and share your deep knowledge with me?
  4. You know, after a long search, I’ve found a cafe where we can have a wonderful time together.
  5. Are you interested in a committed relationship?
  6. Do you think we will look like a young dynamic couple?

Give Yourself a Chance

Everyone knows that it’s scary to talk to a stranger, especially if the stranger is a beautiful girl or a handsome man. However, let’s get serious, it’s time to grow up and face your fears. Nobody will do it for you. Just talk less and do more. What’s the worst that can happen? A stranger will blow you off. However, the sea is full of fish. What’s the best that can happen? A person will consider your confidence and charm irresistible, and you will get a partner. So, you have nothing to lose.

Remember these things and start acting. In any case, you shouldn’t try to pretend to be someone else. Be yourself and be self-confident. Most people are smart, so do not try to play hanky-panky with them, lying about yourself, work and anything else. There is nothing less attractive for a person than a stranger who tries to look cool. Be honest. You do not want them to fall in love with some unrealistic version of you, do you? You do not want to constantly pretend next to the partner. If you don’t fit one person, it doesn’t mean that anyone else will not like you.

A worthy person will give you a chance even if you do not look like a superstar, but you are funny and smart.

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