How Well Do You Know Me Questions for Your Partner and You

how well do you know your spouse

Even if you and your partner have raised three children together (by the way, whose children are they?), it’s not a fact that you know each other’s habits well. But without this knowledge, relationships will never be as productive and happy as possible.

Why Is It Important to Know Your Beloved?

Relationships should be based on harmony and mutual understanding which is impossible when you do not know each other well. In case you are not aware of the future plans of your spouse, do not know their favorite dishes, and which side of the bed they like sleeping at, you will constantly bicker. Fortunately, to avoid baseless conflicts all you need to do is to talk! One easy step will save your nerves and love.

Do these, “How well you know me questions” work? Yes, and to believe this yourself, you will need a few sheets of paper and two pencils. You will take the test in turn. One person asks a question, both silently write down the answer, without peeping at each other’s papers. For example, you ask a girl, “What am I most afraid of?” She writes down her answer, “Giant spiders with tentacles and loud music.” In the meantime, you write down your correct version, “Dark spaces and giant burritos.” You will need to respond to all twenty questions, then turn the papers over, and set them aside.

Take the following two pieces of paper and carry out the same procedure, but with each other as the defendants. Anyone of you should ask, “What am I most afraid of?” You silently write down the answers which your partner would give.

When you are finished interrogating each other, turn over the paper, and check the results. Count the number of exact matches. Accurate in meaning, not in terms of the formulation of a statement. For example, if you answered, “Badminton” to a question about your hobby, and a girl wrote, “That game where they hit a shuttlecock with a racquet” – it’s all the same. It counts. For each correct answer add yourself 1 point.

Interested in strengthening relationships with your partner? Arrange a “how well do you know your partner quiz” for each other. That will help you learn about your significant other, will entertain you in boring times, will bring you closer mentally and physically push you to bring about changes and spend more time together. how well do you know your spouse gameDo you understand each other without words and the mental bond between you is so strong that you seem to be two parts of a single whole? Do your plans for the future and life values coincide? These how well do you know each other questions will help you realize this and strengthen relationships, get close, and have fun when there is nothing to talk about. Give it a try. You’ll like it.

1. My favorite dish

None how well do you know me quiz would be complete without questions about food! This is what we deal with daily. In case you answered wrong to this question, at least now you have a new topic for conversation. Discuss it to be ready to make an order for your partner in case they are absent when the waiter approaches at the cafe, to know how to surprise them on a birthday or which food is better not to order from the delivery as an apology.

2. What is my shoe size?

Such fundamental “how well you know me” questions will once again come in handy when you want to buy your partner a present in the form of a new pair of cool sneakers. Or even when we are talking about small souvenirs like a pair of socks – choose the right one you need to know their shoe size. It is really pleasant to know that someone cares about you and in case your second half will be choosing new home slippers, they will not call you to ask your size.

3. What am I most afraid of?

When we share our deepest fears, we become vulnerable and honest as never. It is important that you remember what your partner is afraid of because this means you are close and know each other well. What is more, this will help you avoid unpleasant situations in public places or in stressful conditions. Because if someone has a phobia of open spaces or crowds or a million other fears, they should be taken into account while deciding on activities and entertainment.

4. What are my parent’s names?

Not the most useful “how well do you know your spouse” question, but this information is vital for those who have recently met. In case you have to call the mom or dad of your partner, you will want to know how you can call them, for this you need their names. And it will come in handy not only in the situation when you want to turn for help. But even congratulating the parents of your beloved on anniversary or birthday, you need to appeal to them personally.

5. What is my blood type?

It might be one of the most vital questions from the list. Nobody knows when you may need this information, but in case of a serious injury, at a hospital or in an ambulance – you, as a partner of someone, will be the first to answer this.

6. What turns me on in sex?

One of the tips to spice up your “how well do you know your spouse” game is to add more erotic questions. After all, throughout the years of cohabiting, you may have learned all of your partner’s eating and sleeping habits. But what you may still know is what they would like to try in bed and what turns them on. To check the current state of things and get inspired to experiment later in the evening – don’t be shy to include such questions too.

7. Name my two closest friends

This is an easy mode. The so-called first level of “how well do you know your girlfriend or boyfriend” test. Because friends are often the first people that meet your partner before you get them acquainted with the parents. So, you may be spending a lot of times in the squads of each other and know who the main two buddies of your beloved are.

8. What do I enjoy doing?

This question is far from being just about hobbies because not always people are happy with their life and what they are doing. Some hobbies we carry on from childhood because our parents once decided we would enjoy dancing or painting, others we acquire in adolescence. Many people do in for sports or follow some diet not because they enjoy doing it, but their goal to lose some weights requires them to. So, it is vital that you know what kind of person your partner is, what brings them pure pleasure like reading, meditating, lying and watching series, cooking, paragliding or hunting.

9. What will I grab first, besides you, documents and pets in case of a catastrophe?

Does your second half have a diary that they have been writing on since childhood or a favorite piece of jewelry that they inherited from their grandparent? People tend to be sentimental about small things that anybody else would consider worthless. Because their value is in memories, not the price. So, do you know what are the most honored and priceless pieces for your partner?

how well do you know your girlfriend

10. My favorite movie

Some enjoy music, others spend hours reading. And there are also people whose main pleasure and favorite kind of art is the cinema. In case you are movie-junkies, you watch a lot of films, follow the Oscar nominations, know all the Hollywood trends and modern underground directors. But do you remember the simplest thing possible – your partner’s favorite movie of all time? Do they have that one film they can watch many times again?

11. My most unpleasant childhood memory

This is also connected with fears and real intimacy. When people tell you about their childhood, no matter happy or sad, they share with you some of the most intimate memories. What is more, it is the period when our behavioral patterns form for the rest of our lives. That is why analyzing some hateful moments from the times when we were kids helps better understand why we have certain mental traumas and, on the contrary, what brings us pure childish joy.

12. What would I like to receive for the birthday?

This is not so “how well do you know me” question but a way to get some major hints about what your partner would like to get. In case they are satisfied with your answer, you can give yourself a pat on the back because you succeed in knowing the complex entity of your beloved, their interests, and dreams. But in case they give another option, you will know what to buy them in the future – so this is a win-win situation.

13. How do I prefer to spend evenings?

In case all the work has been done, there is nowhere to rush for, no sense to harry and your partner can do what they really enjoy. What would it be? Are these plans connected with you? This question is also large-scales and shows your well you know all the aspects of your partner’s character.

14. How do I want to be buried?

A bit creepy but a majorly important question. We are all headed that way, so it is worth discussing this topic before it is too late. If you are really close, you should know what your partner believes in, what religion they belong to, the way they would like to be buried.

15. The food I cannot stand

Such questions may relate to allergies as well and for this reason, you should be aware of what food your partner hates. Not only that they would like to avoid in dishes, but they may be lactose or gluten-intolerant, have a vitamin deficiency and take supplements, or just suffer from an allergic reaction to certain products.

16. What is my biggest dream?

You cannot tell how well you know your partner in case you have never talked about each other’s aspirations and goals in life. After all, this is what tells you whether you are both looking in the same direction, and your couple has the future. If one of you is dreaming about a big family and the other one wants to travel around the world and build a career, some serious conflicts may arise on this base.

how well you know me questions17. What did I like first about you?

Do you know how you have managed to win their heart? Was it your sense of humor, the way you talked, your stunning eyes, or beautiful arms? You may have discussed this topic, and the trick is you should develop the attributes your partner likes the most about you. Because if one they fall in love with you for being who you were, this shows what they care about in people. So, if you become better each day and put effort to stay as romantic and funny as you were during your first date, the passion will never fade.

18. My favorite music band

To answer this, you can simply analyze what music you listen to the most while together. The genre your partner enjoys tells a lot about them as a person. In case you are dating at least for some time, it should be easy for you to give the answer. If you have been married for some time, just recall the concerts you have been to, chances are you have listened to this band live.

19. What kind of coffee do I prefer?

A simple but cute way to show your attention to the partner. It is nice to know that there is a person who remembers your favorite coffee drink or how much sugar you put in tea. And what is even more pleasant is to cherish your beloved with a morning coffee in bed every day! Do not forget about such small details.

20. What was my favorite class at school?

The final one from the “how well do you know your partner” questions are connected with those pleasant times when the only obligation in life was to study well. What class was bringing your soul mate real pleasure? Did they choose a profession based on their vocation?

Test Results

10 or more points: this is the strength of your marriage. You pretty much know each other in detail. In everyday life, you do not forget to talk about deep topics like your hopes, fears, aspirations, and preferences. You know about their sense of life and surely you are together because your common values coincide. Judging by the number of points, you find options for how to use knowledge about the inner world of another to the benefit of your relationship, strengthening the spiritual connection between you. Try not to take for granted this knowledge. Continue to be sensitive and careful to each other, and you will be ready to deal with any problems that may arise. You should pay special attention to those questions the answers to which were wrong.

Less than 10 points: Your couple would benefit from some improvements. Perhaps you did not have the time or opportunity to get to know each other properly. Or are your ideas about the second half already outdated? A person can change over the years. If now you try to learn more about your partner, you will notice how the relationship is becoming stronger.

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