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What Makes a Good Relationship Quote?

We fall in love and want to express our feelings through cute relationship quotes, but we cannot always choose the right words. We want to write poems, create songs, scream and shout about how much of a power we accumulate inside. But not everyone is able to pass their thoughts to the loved one and formulate properly what they want to say. That is when quotes and proverbs come in handy – they are the same thoughts of regular people. The only difference is that they knew how to express what is on their mind. So, bad relationship quotes or quotes about pure mutual love have always occupied a great position in the all-times wisdom. They can be short or long, complicated or said using simple words, but what makes them work – they speak to our hearts. Everybody understands them and can apply them to their relationship. That is why love relationship quotes are popular in such quantities.

Love Relationship Quotes

These phrases can definitely serve as a great “good morning” text for your partner or as a title for your next Instagram post. Choose your favorite and do not forget about hashtags like “relationship goals quotes.”

  1. After all, life is beautiful when someone’s cheek needs your nose. Elchin Safarli 
  2. To love deeply is to forget about oneself.  Russo.
  3. Marriage without love can lead to love without marriage.  Franklin
  4. The statement that it is impossible to love the same woman all your life is just as unreasonable as it is to assume that a well-known violinist needs completely different violins to play different songs. Honore de Balzac
  5. It seemed to me that my whole previous life was only a preparation for meeting him, and all the men appeared to teach me how to communicate, listen, understand and love him. Martha Ketro
  6. To love is to look not at each other, but together, in one direction. Antoine de Saint-Exupery
  7. Words of love are always the same. It all depends on who says them. Guy de Maupassant

You can send these positive relationship quotes to your significant other to bright up their day and remind how much you love them!

Strong Relationship Quotes

Not every love is unconditional, mutual, non-manipulative and rewarding. But these healthy relationship quotes teach us that love is a great pleasure, and it gives you happiness in its purest form.

  1. love relationship quotesThere is nothing to forgive in love. Remark
  2. I knew two lovers who lived in Petrograd during the days of the revolution and did not notice it. Boris Pasternak
  3. During our marriage, he was repeatedly thinking about the murder, but never – about a divorce. Katerina von Gechmen-Waldeck
  4. There are 10 ways to love: listen, talk, give, value, respond, share, enjoy, trust, forgive, promise. Will Smith
  5. There is crazy passion, but no crazy love. Love is smart. Elchin Safarli
  6. There is happiness, it is as simple as that: it’s someone’s face. “Love lives for three years.” Frederick Begbeder

Long-Distance Relationship Quotes

Being cut off from your second half is the hardest challenge for a person in love. How to cope with it and why such situations appear? Let’s find out the truth in the long-distance relationship quotes of famous people.

  1. To truly appreciate the embrace of a loved one, you must first find out what it would be like without them. Stephen king
  2. Is it really necessary to move away from a person to realize what place they occupy in your life? Mark Levy
  3. For love, distance doesn’t play any role. The contractions of the heart of one half always respond in the heart rhythm of the other. Love has two main obstacles – circumstances and fears. We often lack the courage to step over the stones of the past and the doubts of the present. But, as a rule, someone alone gives in. Elchin Safarli
  4. Kilometers are the best aphrodisiacs. Sergey Minaev
  5. When a person is not nearby, you idealize them, at a distance the feeling worsens, this is true, but when you see them again, you are surprised what you could even find in them. William Somerset Maugham
  6. For honest love, even the smallest distance is too great, but even the greatest distance is surmountable. Hans Nuvo
  7. Remoteness is not measured by distance. Antoine de Saint-Exupery
  8. Some friends are good away, others are good being close; one who is not very suitable for conversation is excellent in correspondence. Distance smoothes out flaws that are unbearable in close communication. Balthasar Gracian Morales
  9. When the distances spread between us, our souls get drawn to each other. Distance tempers the body of love, great undermining the immunity to adultery. Test of strength. Elchin Safarli
  10. I think too much about you. You don’t know what life is here. A sparkling, beautiful prison. I try to get distracted as much as I can, that’s all. Remembering your room, I just don’t know what to do. Then I go to the train station and look at the trains arriving, enter them or pretend as if I am meeting someone. So, it seems to me that I’m closer to you. Erich Maria Remarque
  11. Distance is more a matter of time than space … William Somerset Maugham
  12. Distance muffles the voice but does not destroy the word. Tatyana Korsakova
  13. Sometimes it happens that you are in one city, and your heart is in another.

Such tough relationship quotes show that any distance is not a problem for the feelings. If you are truly in love – you will overcome everything together!

Toxic Relationship Quotes

Love is not always that easy. Some of our experiences teach us a lesson we will remember for life. And they are still needed to get over because everything that doesn’t kill us makes us stronger – the troubled relationship quotes we have prepared for you, prove this.

  1. In German, there is the word “hassliebe.” If according to the dictionary, it means “a feeling that fluctuates between love and hate.” Elchin Safarli
  2. Sometimes it’s unbearable for me without you. And sometimes I don’t care if we see each other again. It is not a matter of morality, but of how much a person is able to endure. Michael Onatage
  3. relationship love quotes– I love you. – This is your problem. Margaret Mitchell, Gone With the Wind.
  4. Love is the deadliest weapon in the world: it kills when it is present in your life and when you live without it. Lauren Oliver.
  5. Tears mean more than a smile. Because we smile at almost everyone, and we cry only because of those we love. Audrey Hepburn
  6. You pay for love by installments, and for the most part, alas, when love has already ended. Coco Chanel
  7. Love is like jumping into an abyss – you can jump into it with your eyes closed only when you are sure that your loved one will want and be able to catch you. But if not, you will end up on the bottom of the darkest times.
  8. Love is a struggle. And the main danger is the desire to give oneself entirely. Whoever does this first has lost. You need to grit your teeth and be cruel, then you will win. Erich Maria Remarque

Keep these toxic relationship quotes in your mind and remember that loving can hurt sometimes.

Love Quotes From Movies

Good cinema teaches us a lot. And so that you do not forget about simple truths that will be useful in real life, we have made for you a selection of touching, serious and ironic relationship love quotes from the most famous films about love. Perhaps you also have a couple of favorite sayings for special occasions!

  1. -I will seek you in a thousand worlds and ten thousand lives until I meet you. – I will wait for you in each of them … ( “47 Ronin”)
  2. If I knew when I saw you for the last time that this was the last time, I would try to remember your face, your walk, everything connected with you. And if I knew the last time I kissed you, that this is the last time, I would never stop. (“Friends”)
  3. Saying “I love you” is not difficult. Difficulties begin later.(“Sex and the City”)
  4. I do not need to love you to prove my love for myself. (“Eat Pray Love”)
  5. What you call love is a little indecent, quite funny and very nice. (“Ordinary Miracle”)
  6. I’m not that smart, but I know what love is. (“Forrest Gump”)
  7. Love is passion, an obsession when you cannot imagine life without this person. Fall in love with someone, find the one you’re going to go crazy for, and they are for you.(Meet Joe Black”)
  8. Death cannot stop true love. All it can do is to put it aside for a while. (“Princess Bride”)

Inspirational Relationship Quotes

Want to confess your feelings or share your wisdom, but don’t know how to express them in beautiful words? Take on board the most touching and deepest quotes from the great minds. We share a selection of cult expressions from the best writers, social figures and creative people.

  1. Love is denied by those who need it most. Frederick Begbeder
  2. At least once I wanted love to get enough of it. So that I would like to say, “I have had enough love, now, thank you, go away.” At least once, at least once. Haruki Murakami “Norwegian Forest”
  3. True love is one that cannot be resisted. Bob Marley
  4. Love is neither a habit nor a compromise nor a doubt. This is not what romantic music teaches us. Love is … It goes without clarifications and definitions. Love and do not ask. Just love. Paulo Coelho
  5. The women I knew, were like this glass of water. And you are the ocean. Jonathan Carroll
  6. Everyone who suppresses love in themselves turns into a jerk and gets sick. Frederick Begbeder
  7. Here is one of the miracles created by love: it gives a person enchanted by its power to look at the world without being disappointed. S. Lewis
  8. Love is a butterfly that you can’t catch in any way, but when you stop chasing it, it suddenly sits on your shoulder.

Love Quotes to Think Over

cute relationship quotesThey not only touch your heart, but they also make you realize something you did not know before. And since love is complicated – it gives thousands of quotes to consider!

  1. Perfect love is possible only by correspondence. George Bernard Shaw
  2. If you have love, then you don’t need anything else. If you do not have love, then it does not matter what you still have. Sir James Barry
  3. Falling in love is a very bold act. You need to be able to trust someone with your whole being. It is extremely difficult and very bold. Nicole Kidman
  4. Friendship sees everything and doesn’t pay attention to anything. Love pays attention to everything and sees nothing. Don Aminado
  5. They say that our whole life is a theater, well, if so, then love is its best performance. Igor Khobotov
  6. You should know that freedom is the highest value, and if love does not give you freedom, then it is not love. Osho
  7. Love is a magician who pulls a man out of his own hat. Boris Grebenshchikov
  8. We love because we love. There is no reason for it. Paulo Coelho

Pieces of wisdom without an author

A lot has been said about love, but still, some funny relationship quotes can melt the heart of even the most cynical people. The originality and insight of these phrases make them no worse than the famous aphorisms and statements of great people. Be they cute or realistic – they speak to us through the centuries.

  1. -What do you think, if this is true love, will it return? – If this is true love, it will not go away.
  2. Take care of the relationship, otherwise, you will take care only of the memories.
  3. All of us are driven by some motives, some motives push us to act. For example, a motive called “love” pushes us to idiotic, crazy and wild actions.
  4. Without going through the suffering of unrequited love to the end, few can truly love.
  5. Remember, you can reproach a person with everything, past, temper, deeds, even appearance, but never blame them for love, you cannot know how a person feels, and how pure their feelings are.
  6. It is those we love who can cause the most severe pain.
  7. I have one habit that I can’t get rid of: I fall in love with you more and more every day.
  8. To love or not to love is a matter of luck, but to truly hate someone, you need to be aware of their personality.
  9. If you hear the phrase “no love” from someone, don’t believe it. Know, this person had it, and very strong. Just then someone hurt them.
  10. Never ask a person why they love you: if they think about it, it may turn out that there’s nothing to love you for.
  11. Loving a lioness or lion, do not complain about scratches.
  12. Many of us are trying to play ″ Romeo and Juliet, ″ but it turns out to be “Dumb and Dumber.”

Final Thoughts

There is a grain of truth even in all sad relationship quotes, you can apply each of them to your life at a certain period. Because love is the feeling known to everyone. Hopefully, classic, as well as new relationship quotes, will help you confess your strong feelings to your beloved one.

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