Ways to Win a Girl’s Heart

How to win a girls heart

How to win a girl’s heart? This is a common question that many men are looking for an answer to. Not all men know how to win the love of a woman, although it seems that it is given to some individuals by nature. Therefore, there are various methods and tips on how to make a girl like you.

When a man has set himself a goal to win a woman over, he must, initially, approach it with a positive attitude. This is not a competition, not a race, and not a burden. To win a girl is to be interested in her and do everything in your power to conquer her heart. And as a man, it is your duty to do try your best, be confident in yourself and respectful of her. But let’s get to some practical tips on how to get a woman to like you.

Tips which help you to win a girl’s heart:

So, how to win a girl’s heart?

Be confident in yourself

Girls immediately notice confident guys. Yet there is a big difference between being confident and being cocky. It should be known and always remembered. To be confident is to be independent, you do not boast about things, yet people around you can clearly feel your aura, you are determined, you have a strong backbone and will. While to be cocky is to boast, to tell everyone how great you are. Show, don’t tell.

Give her presents

Yes, girls love gifts, and more so, expensive gifts. But this does not mean that if you present her with a diamond necklace, then you will immediately win her heart. If you are aiming for a decent girl, then it shouldn’t matter that much. Do not be obsessed with it – spending all of your savings to please her, you will look like an obtrusive creep.

Sweet things to say to a girlBe caring and attentive

Women want to see in their chosen one a man who can be trusted. Yet, here you need to be careful not to fall into the notorious “friendzone”. Try to be interested in how her day was, how she is doing in general, things at work and such. At the same time, she should be aware of exactly what you feel towards her and what relationship you are counting on.

Be protective and strong

Many girls immediately begin to see potential fathers of their children in the men they are dating. That is why ladies value responsible men so much, because they want their children to be raised by a serious man. So, if you are going to win a girl, then show her that you are a responsible person. Don’t show your weaknesses, don’t appear as a wuss.

 Be a good listener

It is a big mistake not to listen to your girlfriend, she should feel she is valued, that her opinion is respected, known, and most importantly – heard. If you do not listen to her, she will feel like you don’t care about her, that you are only interested in getting into bed with her. If you don’t listen to her, then what’s the reason for all of it? It means that you are not interested in her.

Be well maintained

This is quite frankly a basic need. You may think that this is a stereotype, and handsome looking men are too interested in their image, to the point of it being weird. While it is partially true, you have to keep up with basic standards. Proper hygiene, proper smell, proper clothes, no holes or cracks or unwashed hair, none of that, at least look like you care.

Be interesting and creative

Girls love those guys with whom they are not bored. How to get the girl? Be interesting to her. Constantly learn something new and share this information with your chosen one. Women like to laugh as well, so if you are talented in this department, then congrats. It is in fact quite more important than you might think. This factor may as well be the most important one, in my personal opinion.

Be complimentary

Please the girl with beautiful and original compliments. But do not go overboard with it. Just state the facts. Note some sweet things to say to a girl in advance. And don’t try to come up with stupid metaphors, otherwise you will look pathetic and embarrassing. By doing so, you will just spoil your further conversation. And then it’s all downhill from there.

Smell good

Having fallen in love, many guys begin to carefully monitor their appearance. And this is quite a good thing. The fact is that absolutely all girls like young people who take care of themselves. Pay particular attention to the cleanliness of your hair, body, clothes and shoes. Keep your breath fresh and use a deodorant. Be clean, yet not too clean, in a metrosexual or weird way.

Don’t be afraid to kiss her

Don’t underestimate the magic of touch. But what if the girl of your dreams is shy and to kiss or to hug here may be quite hard? Then you should start by touching her hands. While walking, gently take her by the hand. Put all your tenderness into touches, slowly stroke her hand, because a lot of nerve endings are concentrated on your palms, you will give her pleasure. And only then go for a kiss.

How to get a woman to like youBe romantic and unpredictable

We all understand some of the main goals of dating: to find a partner, yet a lot of men often concentrate too heavily on having sex. But if every time you meet you will turn the topic of conversation to sexual overtones, you will look like a desperate guy. You need to win her heart, and only after that she will think about spending time with you. Therefore, more patience, more freedom in communication, and less perverted stuff.

Be a gentleman

Today, not all men know the rules of modern etiquette. But it is not necessary to know such information. How to keep a girl happy? The main thing is to be a well-mannered person. Girls like it. And it goes for some old-fashioned traditions and for more logical stuff. Be sure to make her feel respected and loved. And the most importantly, she should feel your care for her.

Be yourself

But the most important thing that you can recommend to guys is to be yourself and always be honest with the girl. As you can see, there are many ways to tempt a woman’s heart, but they all require a lot of effort from a man, great endurance and self-control, and only true romantics can truly understand: “How to win the heart of your girlfriend?” – don’t be anyone else but yourself.

Be patient

Patience during the phase of getting to know each other, patience towards the things that may annoy you, patience towards her in general. If you like her, then accept her as she is, without being annoyed at all times. The most important thing is that you like her, you will go a long road to win her heart, you will do your best; everything else is not important.

Be sincere

To be sincere is to be yourself. If you are confident in a girl and this is a woman that you want to win, then open your heart to her. Do no go into all of the most intimate subjects but make her feel that you trust her, that you rely upon her. This is quite a strong sign for her that you are interested in being with her.

General advise

How to make a girl like you?

To conquer any girl, you need to explore her. All girls are different and if you just keep a close eye on them and look into their souls, you can easily seduce any beautiful girl. Some say that one can seduce a girl can only by gifts and money, but if we are talking about a decent sincere girl, then no amount of money or jewelry will win her heart.

Therefore, to win any girl, study her and understand what she needs: your soul or your money. After all, not all girls are interested in what you think and what you are passionate about. But if you need a girl for a serious relationship, find your way to her, do not buy your way to her. That is why many have come to the conclusion that girls love with their ears, which means that only communication can win the heart of a girl.

Cautions (what you should not do)

Do not impose yourself

The girl will simply lose interest in you, because if she is pretty, you can be sure that you are not the only one to point that out. Therefore, you need to know when and what to say to a girl.

Too many gifts

Any woman loves to receive gifts. Based on this well-known fact, some men decide to buy the love of the ladies with the help of various presents. However, it is not always possible to achieve a girl with gifts alone.

Do not complain

Guys are not about complaining, they should be confident, stoic, and patient, not wusses that are constantly complaining about stuff.

Do not tell about your ex-girls

Don’t do it, it’s a no-no. Women get furious when you mention exes. For whatever reason. At least when you are just starting out, don’t do it.

Now, let’s conclude all that has been said above:

How to keep a girl happyCreate spatial proximity. As a rule, a girl falls in love with the young man she often sees. You just need to always be with your beloved as if under random circumstances. Every person is attracted to something that is constantly nearby but for some reason is still not available.

Find more similarities. As a rule, if a person likes you, then there are certain similarities between you. And an opinion that attraction exists only between opposing people is not always true. A girl in love with a young man must necessarily have something in common in the form of interests, values, skills, tastes. Therefore, if you fell in love with a girl, you should look for topics for conversation that will be of interest to both of you.

Cause reciprocity. There is a certain rule: the girl most certainly will like the guy who likes her. Therefore, to fall in love with a girl, you need to hint about it with the help of compliments, praise, and smiles. Each girl will be pleased to be with a person who pays her so much attention. According to experts, if you show love and affection for a person, you are more likely to receive a mutual reaction in response.

Watch your physical attractiveness. It’s that simple, a young man with a beautiful appearance is much more likely to interest a girl. These can be both simple things, like hygiene, fitting clothes, proper haircut, to more advanced things. Yet, always remember that this should not be the main point of your relationship. You cannot go too far by simply being physically attracted to one another.

Show love for yourself. Not in a weird way. As we’ve said, your love for her should be about her, not you. Yet, it bears repeating, be prepared for a date, keep proper hygiene, look sharp, smell good, you are not a homeless man after all. Put yourself in her shoes, and ask a question in front of a mirror: “Will she go for a guy like that?” However, do not hide behind suits and haircuts but show your character.

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