Cool Relationship Goals to Try Out With Your Girlfriend

real relationship goals

What is relationship goals meaning? How important are common goals for a healthy romantic relationship? Are relationships and family building itself the main goals of men and women in love? Let’s figure it out and consider the best list of relationship goals to try out with your girlfriend.

Here’s Why Setting Relationship Goals Is a Good Idea

Common goals are the foundation of all romantic relationships. Of course, you can get down together with a loved one, find common interests, and learn to strike compromises, but you will have different understandings of how your life should develop if there are no any relationship goals. “We are together, so as not to be single or to fight against the aches and pains of life” – all this is just a delusion which has nothing to do with happiness. Real happiness is when two loving people can create something together. In other words, relationship goals are what both partners work for.

Unfortunately, very few couples in love set common goals for themselves. Most people discuss their dreams and life plans at the beginning of family life, but after a while, they simply forget about it. Inconsistency of life goals leads to their non-fulfillment and internal disappointment, not to mention misunderstanding and even conflicts in a relationship. Therefore, loving couples should discuss their desires with each other and set common goals. This is one of the best relationship goals quotes you should take into account.

There are some more positive effects of relationship goals.

Coming closer together. When a common goal appears, relationships change. Instead of the usual watching TV shows, spending time together is replaced by a more interesting and effective activity. Partners set goals and achieve them together.

New topics for conversations. When you have a common goal, your conversations with a significant other take on new directions.

Self-development. When you have common goals, you strive to achieve them together and thus, develop with equal speed.

No disagreement. You no longer come up against situations when one of you says, “I want one thing, but you want entirely different,” because there is already a common goal, and you both are considering how to achieve it most effectively.

cute relationship goalsNo feeling of the vicious cycle and everydayness. With proper planning, achieving goals leads partners to new results every day. You approach a common goal step by step, observe the daily result, and rejoice at it together. Every new day becomes interesting and fulfilling.

Cute Relationship Goals to Try

The secrets of happy long-term relationships have long been of interest to psychologists. Studies have shown that there are four common features in such relationships:

  1. partners can easily and pleasantly communicate with each other;
  2. it seems to them that they match each other perfectly
  3. they have great sex;
  4. they have common goals and plans for the future.

And so, let’s start with some cute examples of relationship goals to strengthen your relationships and make them happier.

Make pleasant surprises

A surprise does not mean either a bouquet of roses on the 8th of March or expensive jewelry. We are talking about small amenities – a cup of tea, a bar of favorite chocolate, an ironed shirt, etc. You can choose a specific day of the week to exchange pleasant surprises with each other or do it whenever you want (at least every day).

Kissing before work

For the day to be positive and good, you need to start it right. Herewith, the emotions that a person experiences in the morning play a very important role. Couples, who spend the morning in deathly silence completely ignoring each other, risk setting such a mood for the rest of the day. Psychologists advise starting the day with kind and affectionate words to each other, as well as with gentle kisses. This is one of the most effective cute couple relationship goals.

Cooking for each other

You might already know what your partner’s favorite dish is, so why not cook it today? Do not worry if the dish is not super tasty, your lover will appreciate your efforts in any case, especially if you cook for the loved one very rarely. It will be even more interesting if you attend a master class and cook something together.

Set an evening date

Choose at least one day a week and dedicate it to a real date with a loved one. It does not have to be something extravagant. You can even stay at home and order food; the main thing is that you spend this time together with each other.

Arrange a spa day

Choose a cheat day and spend it pampering each other at home. Enjoy a massage performed by your partner, take a bath together, and make love every time you feel aroused. It can be considered one of the sexy relationship goals.

Funny Relationship Goals

Now, let’s consider some fun relationship goals examples to try with your girlfriend. They can both strengthen your relationship and bring you both a lot of positive emotions.

relationship goals meaningExperience unforgettable emotions

Try to go up in the balloon, make a jump with a parachute (and an instructor), or admire the starry sky from the roof of an ordinary high-rise apartment house. In general, you can do everything that allows you to “rise above the city bustle” and experience strong feelings without extreme risk.

Spend the whole day in bed

Who said, “There is nothing more to do at home”? A lazy day is a great compatibility test. Eat, sleep, watch TV shows, hug and kiss each other. By the way, finding a TV serial that will impress both of you is a huge advantage for each loving couple. You may have even seen such a relationship goals meme.

Visit a place where you have never been before

To make the choice interesting, you can close your eyes and thrust your finger at the globe. Also, you can buy a ticket for the first nearest train at the railroad station and go somewhere with a loved one or simply “test the waters” in the vicinity of your hometown. Such a trip can bring an authentic experience and a lot of bright emotions. Moreover, discovering unknown places can be referred to the best long-distance relationship goals.

Go camping

Forget about the rest of the world, leave the city, and enjoy hanging out together with a loved one in the fresh air. Tent, kayaks, starry nights, and just you two away from city noises – it is so wonderful! Such a rest can bring you not only a lot of fun but also numerous health benefits.

Take a foam bath together

After all, bubbles are loved not only by children but also by adults. Moreover, this is a great way to relax, and at the same time, become closer to your partner. Light candles, turn on romantic music, add a few drops of essential oil to the water, and take a bottle of champagne for that matter. This is one of the funniest and most romantic activities to try with a girlfriend.

Change into weird clothes

For example, dress up in Halloween costumes and go for a walk around the city as if nothing has happened. It brings people together and brings an unforgettable experience. This is one of the freaky relationship goals.

Healthy Relationship Goals

To make your relationship strong, long-lasting, and happy, you should consider some healthy relationship goals and achieve them together with a loved one. So, look at the following goals to improve your romantic relationship.

Seek common interests

Common interests are a hobby or a usual pastime with a loved one, except for lying at home in front of the TV screen. There are many options for common interests:

  • Engagement in some classic sport: morning or evening jogging, gym, pool, athletics, volleyball, basketball, football, golf, ice skating, etc.
  • Engagement in some kind of extreme sport: downhill skiing, skateboard, windsurfing, yachting and sailing, diving, rafting, mountain climbing, paragliding, sky-jumping, etc.
  • Performing any musical and creative activity: painting, sculpture, DJing, graffiti art, poetry, prose, etc.
  • Regular joint walking a dog near the house. And the breeding of any pets in general: cats, mice, rabbits, fish, hamsters, turtles, frogs, parrots, etc.
  • Participation in festive and ceremonial events, making excursions and travels.
  • Collecting things.
  • Attendance of training courses: culinary, management, marketing, psychology, computer design, photography, etc.

examples of relationship goalsLearn to praise and criticize at the same time

Obviously, each of us has flaws, and your partner is no exception. Some of the flaws are worth trying to change, for example, to show your loved one a healthier way to resolve conflicts or explain how important it is to respect personal boundaries. However, some things are easier to put up with – the habit of sitting up late in front of a computer or leaving dirty mugs everywhere. There is nothing wrong with telling your loved ones what annoys you in their behavior. But try to add praise to criticism. For example, say, “I’m upset that you left a bunch of dirty dishes in the wash-basin, but I’ve liked the dinner you cooked.” So, the partner will understand that you love them and react to the point of criticism more positively.

Learn to take a break during a squabble

In a relationship, it is more important not how rarely you quarrel but how you do it. Some phrases should not be pronounced at the time of conflict. To avoid them and other offensive words, try to take a break during a quarrel. If you feel that the tension is growing, offer your loved one to stop and take a few deep breaths. It’s good if you can tell your partner, “I love you,” or hug them — it will quickly calm you both down and bring you back to reality. But, when the irritation is too strong, and you are more likely to kill than hug the beloved, just go to another room for a couple of minutes. Such a practice will help both of you separate momentary emotions from real feelings for the partner and avoid hasty words and decisions.  

Make thanks lists

It is very easy to bog down in the negativity – people more often notice when something goes wrong and not when everything is fine. But one simple exercise can help you concentrate on the positivity. Make a list of good things, for which you are grateful to a loved one, and exchange lists with each other. Decide how often you will do this: once a week, every day, or a couple of times a month. Remember all the good that the partner did you during this period. All the little things are important: washing the dishes, cooking dinner, making a cup of tea, etc. However, it does not mean that you should stop noticing problems. Just do not let yourself concentrate on them more than on good moments of your relationship.

Spend time with your loved one regularly

Not to be distracted by smartphones at all is a task from the category of almost impracticable in our time. It will be easier for you if you allocate a special time for the “digital detox.” It can be Sunday without phones or several hours on weekends. Spend this time only together with your beloved, ideally, without movies or other distractions. To strengthen relationships, you need regular live communication with your loved one which goes beyond the usual discussion of everyday problems. Remember the best moments of your life together, share plans, and dream more.

Bottom Line

To sum up, relationship goals are an essential part of any romantic relationship. After all, common goals bring people closer, help strengthen relationships, contribute to self-development, and brighten up the daily grind. Therefore, be free to set real relationship goals and strive to achieve them together with your loved one. Make your life brighter and be happy!

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