Psychology behind One-Night Stands

Relationships and sex will never become minor problems; contemporary humans are kinda obsessed with the questions of commitment, promiscuousness, true/fake love, compatibility etc. In this very article, I suggest you a brief introduction to the science of one-night stands.

Why do people want a one-night stand?

It is hard to argue the fact that modern society – its younger part I mean – consists of promiscuous individuals. What does ‘promiscuous’ mean? In contrast to what most people feel about this word, it actually bears no negative connotations. This only means you have sex with a number of partners throughout your life or a certain period of it. For most species existing on the Earth, it is completely normal not to be committed to one and only mate forever.

Now, we have come to the question of what a one-night stand is. Is that something we can unequivocally praise or censure? In my view, the truth is to be found in between these two poles. Fortunately, most of us are already free to choose how exactly we want to live our lives. The main thing to realize is that everyone should be responsible for their own satisfaction, health, and happiness.

The basic reason why many young men and women would prefer a one-night stand to a long-lasting romance is that it brings pleasure, lots of pleasure and imposes no obligations. Indeed, some of us are too busy to waste their physical and spiritual resources on love searches and relationship building. Hedonism is becoming the global motto whether you like it or not. So many adventures, orgasms, and sexual victories are ahead!

No wonder the fear of commitment is so widespread – people are not ready to sacrifice freedom in the name of stability and long-lasting feelings. On the other hand, there are guys and girls who do this in an attempt to prove something to the world (and themselves, what’s way more interesting) or to cure their past traumas. Regardless of your unique aim, there are things to consider if you want to enjoy no-strings-attached connections.

Can one-night stands ruin your future relationships?

Most young fans of it aren’t going to stay singles forever in searches of new flesh. So, it is not a crime to have one-night stands if you are not ready to dedicate yourself to one person right now. But do not approach this matter irresponsibly! Only when you are ready to be in charge of your own deeds, it gets safe and entertaining. The common side effects like STDs, sexual obesity, the feeling of emptiness when the night is over can be very harmful to your body and prospective relationships.

Your reputation is another thing to worry about. Be careful when you share your exciting one-night stand stories – people you hope to impress might think wrong about you. The habit of keeping secrets about your personal life comes in handy here. Stereotypes and rumors do not go anywhere despite all the democratic slogans of today. For women, the situation is even sadder.

You still can be reputed as a promiscuous girl if you change intimate partners on a regular basis. Furthermore, over 50% of women confess that in spite of being generally satisfied with random sex, they yearn for emotional fulfillment. By the way, numerous studies proved that ladies are pickier than men when it comes to making out with a stranger. They are more concerned about his look, his traits, and his intellect level. It actually means one-night stands are often perceived by them as a way to find a proper man for a long-term romance even if they refuse to recognize it.

Hope you are aware of what random sexual contacts may bring. Now, take a look at the simple instruction on how to get a one-night stand and manage it right below.

7 tips to incline someone to get a great one-night stand

Build the connection

You might have heard about great spontaneous hookups from your friends. So you want one too? In fact, this is a pretty rare case when two people suddenly lock eyes with each other and rush to bed/the local restroom/some quiet corner. You have to do certain preparation as a rule, especially if you are curious about how to get a girl to have sex with you. Women often seek more than fantastic banging – they want to feel appreciated and even worshiped. So, talk to your new peer, get to know this person a little bit, and use your flirting skills to build a kind of bond.

Enjoy the game

Quickies can be splendid yet this is not always what you really need. The pre-sex stage of your communication can be alluring and fun, moreover, it helps you get in the right mood for dizzy lovemaking. Why not spend a while in nice conversations that gradually become something bigger? Start with compliments, add body language tricks, then offer your friend to change the location to continue “talking” in a more private atmosphere. All in all, let the flame get stronger throughout your interaction.

Don’t go further without a condom!

Just one word: contraception. It is usually considered to be a man’s job to stock up on condoms but I want girls reading this article to remember they should actually take care of protection too. Ask your man for the upcoming night if he has a condom and if no – go and buy it together. Seriously, this is not something that can ruin the magic of the moment.

Be honest about your intentions

Please keep it all transparent! You know that you want to hook up with that hot stranger you’ve just met at the party or bar. Are you sure he or she probably feels the same? First impression is not always right. Do not try to win someone’s attention only for a night by deceiving this person. If you aren’t about to maintain any relationship after a single sex act, there is no need to make fake promises or make your partner long for more.

Keep the balance between kinks and traditional sexual practices

As this is your first (and probably the last) meeting in bed, none of you can be aware of the other’s tastes. Hence, if you are into any fetish and non-conventional stuff like that, agree on how your sex will go in advance. Your partner might not appreciate any unusual techniques or toys at all, so you will have to hold your fantasy back. This is not the wisest choice to try anything without making sure your mate will like it.

Don’t escape right after it is over

The art of having one-night stands is not only about how to get sex but how to get out of it later as well. Personally, I recommend you always stay for a night if you have already come to this place and there is something between you two. First, you will be able to take a good nap till it is morning; second, it is offensive for your partner to see you leaving immediately. There is nothing wrong about sleeping together if both of you are straightforward and don’t expect anything else from this adventure.

Manage your expectations

Bear in mind that you should be honest not only with your one-night partner but also with yourself. Do you indeed long for random sex and nothing more? ​Over 40% of men and women who experienced one-night stands actually hoped this would transform into a kind of romantic connection. Well, things happen in life and it is fully possible to build a relationship with somebody special you’ve met if this person feels the same for you.

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