Year-Round Weight Loss Plan for You

weight loss diet plan

Losing weight is definitely a responsible step for you to make. It requires health, nice attitude and loads of good mood. But this seems to be impossible from the beginning – the seduction to drop it all is too big. How to be one of those proud influencers who fought until winning? How can you lose weight and feel amazing about it? This article will concentrate on the main points and help you overview this issue collectively.

Step one: attitude – why should you start with the mood?

We all know that all health problems start in our head, and gained weight is no exception. There are a number of factors, that could lead to extra pounds: stresses, mental conditions, anxiety (we are not talking about natural processes like hormonal changes and genetics). Thus, eliminating the problem that started the mechanism will lead to its solution. We should clean the mess in our head first, quickly moving to our digestive system.

“Why does it take so long to lose weight? Why should I lose weight?” – these are the most frequent questions that are usually connected with each other. We don’t want to lose weight mainly because we know that the process will be long and exhausting. Some people observe no changes throughout the first week, while their neighbor talked about losing weight over a weekend. Poor people are scared of staying at the same scale point, when the organism needs to show maximum cooperation and devotion.

“Why is it so hard to lose weight?” Definitely, the time of gaining and losing pounds are incomparable. Our negativity and stubbornness cause us to abandon workouts and diet in the first week straight. However, taking this pleasure or slowly morphing into a beautiful person away is an unforgiving loss for your positive body image. You can show the whole world how worthy you are by just staying concentrated, fierce and confident.

If you have body dysmorphia and the issue has taken a bigger spin, then you should consider visiting a therapist before going to a nutritionist (the best way is to do it at the same time). This professional will point at your biggest insecurities and, most importantly, recommend you how to tackle them: how to be more motivated, how to stay calm and serene when the process is evolving a bit slower than you would want it to. And finally, a good psychologist will really answer why you should lose weight because the reasons can be quite individual. Maybe it was not your problem at all, you just hear mocking from closest people and perceive their vision as your own.

why is it so hard to lose weightThere is a so-called “plateau” problem. Weight reduction suddenly stops and, despite the continued efforts, one can not get off the ground.

Also, there is a so-called problem of the last three to five kilograms. When the cherished goal is very close, but the most wanted few kilograms cannot be lost, so the person feels overweight forever.

About procrastination

While we are gaining the strength of will, planning to start the “last and decisive battle” with your own body “but tomorrow”, we will eat with redoubled energy and, accordingly, get fat at a faster pace. Indeed, what’s the point in limiting ourselves to something if literally the day after tomorrow (from Monday, from the first day, from the birthday, from the holiday, from the New Year) our bodies will not be in a good shape!? You should eat FOR THE LAST TIME! God damn, those last cheat meals will do no good for you.

Or another, also very common option. We take care of ourselves, start to follow the diet. But in a day, two, or a week, our condition becomes unbearable, and we stop trying. All right, the tactics is too tough, my half-starved existence and exhausting training can slam any motive, so I need to cheat.

But, thank God, the modern weight-loss science more and more confidently abandons the tactics “Losing Weight = Fighting Yourself.” Now it sounds like “Losing weight = finding peace, union, and cooperation with your body.” The basis of modern strategy is an integrated approach – activity, feasible restrictions in nutrition, rather a health plan, plus a good mood and purposefulness. All components of the complex are interrelated and reinforce each other. If you pick everything correctly, you can get the desired result at the cost of small, in some ways even pleasant effort. It will not be a problem to maintain the result.

So, low-fat food with a feasible restriction of sugars, more frequent meals in small portions, a reasonable attitude toward sweets, toning exercises and activities such as walking, plus a good mood and enough sleep. With a real desire to lose weight, these efforts will be enough.

If weight loss does not occur, then the motivation is either too small even for such simple actions, or at this stage of your life, there are other more relevant activities that do not allow you to focus on yourself and your weight loss. For example, it is extremely difficult to lose weight during the exam session, or in the beach hotel when everything is “all inclusive”, during a prolonged, threatening unplanned dismissal, a conflict with the boss.

What should you do? First, take a wait-and-see position and confine yourself to just a healthy diet and lifestyle. There are quite a lot of data that low-fat diet itself contributes to weight loss of on average 1-2 kg per month and its long-term maintenance. And this is without any prohibitions and deprivations.

Step two: healthy weight loss diet plan

After finding consent with yourself, you should get to the next stage, which is finding a perfect weight loss meal plan. Mind that they are extremely individual, so if you want to have a quality weight loss, you should ask a nutritionist and manage a weight loss diet plan that will include all of your nutrition tendencies together with various allergies and cravings.

Here is an almost universal meal plan for weight loss that will suit anyone:

  1. Refuse eating sweets. That is a tough decision, but a low carb diet plan for weight loss needs you to refuse sweets as they usually contain lots of carbs.weight loss workout plan
  2. Stop eating products made or flour. The most difficult is to refuse from buns, pies, and other flour products. Don’t worry, with the passage of time you will be able to calm the stomach with a handful of nuts and fat-free yogurt.
  3. No sausages, ham, bacon and other non-natural products! Eat some boiled chicken and be sure to consume meat! If you do not eat meat, then the level of hemoglobin in the blood decreases and overall health worsens.
  4. You need to eat as many vegetables as possible. Consume them in incredible quantities!
  5. No coffee! Replace your coffee with chicory (you can drink it with milk), include tea and a wide variety of juices in the diet (healthy homemade juices).
  6. It is important not to eat after 18.00. And try to keep devoted to this rule!
  7. It is necessary to arrange unloading days. They are important because you can drink only water or eat yogurt, but this procedure is much recommended.
  8. In no case should you drive yourself into the rigid diet plan for weight loss. If you really want something delicious, choose one day a week and eat whatever you want. The main thing is that it does not become a habit!

Step three: healthy weight loss workout plan

Sure, eating healthily is only a start on the road to happiness and perfection. You want to visit a qualified coach to arrange a weight loss exercise plan. The trainer must tell you that a weight loss workout plan for men is aimed at strengthening your muscles while weight loss workout plan for women should be aimed at eliminating fat from the tummy and thighs areas, as well as the buttocks. Since women are “designed” to give birth, the places of fat location are different in males and females.

If you don’t want to go to the gym and work with heavy weights, that’s totally fine! You can always search for a weight loss workout plan for beginners and start your own journey at home.


This exercise is directed at the abdominal muscles and it must be performed with a small amplitude. To do this, you must lie down on the floor and squeeze your lower back. Bend your legs at the knees, point the elbows in different directions and get your hands behind your head. Get the head and shoulder blades off the floor, lifting your chin up. Return to the starting position.


Reverse twists

Like the previous one, this exercise is performed with a small amplitude. Lie down on the floor, bend your knees, get your hands behind your head and spread out your elbows. Get off the shoulder blades and head from the floor, lifting the pelvis. Then get back to the original position.

weight loss workout plan for beginnersCrunches

Lie on the floor, bend your knees, get your hands behind your head and stretch your elbows to the sides. On inhaling, get the body off the floor and, slowly, go up to your knees. On exhaling, return to the starting position.

Raise your legs

In this exercise, a large amplitude is important. Sit on a chair and lean on the edge. Inhale, lift your legs to the body, and on exhaling return to the starting position.

Exercises for oblique abdominal muscles

To do this, sit on a chair and make oblique turns of the body. For oblique muscles, all the above-listed exercises will also totally work, but they should be performed with small turns.

  • Remove flabbiness from the inside of your thighs in this way: lie on your back and spread out your legs. Lift them and do not lean them backward or forward.
  • If you are concerned about the fat deposits on the outside of the hips, lift the straight leg up while lying down. During this exercise, you should pull your toes to your torso. After eight approaches, change the leg.

To get rid of the saggy butt, it is enough to perform a set of simple exercises on a regular basis:

  • Sit on the edge of the chair, put the soles of your feet apart. Try to squeeze any object (sofa cushion, book, etc.) between your knees. You should sit directly and hold on to the hands. Strongly squeeze the thigh muscles with this object and stay in that position for one minute. After that, you can relax and start the exercise again.
  • Hold the right knee with both hands and pull it gently to the chest, fixing this position for at least 20 seconds. Repeat these same steps with the other leg. This exercise should be done 5-10 times with each leg.

Do you see? These exercises are very easy! You can definitely perform a set of exercises each day, combining it with keeping a healthy diet and staying positive. It is difficult to start, but as the process evolves, you should be more and more satisfied with the results. Enjoy yourself! Stay fierce, healthy and happy!

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