Sex and Romantic Horoscope 2019: Be Ready!

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The horoscope for 2019, above all, symbolizes the end of the Eastern calendar. It’s going to be the year of the Yellow Earthen Pig. What did this magical animal prepare for the signs of the zodiac? We learn it by reading the horoscope for 2019! But it can be said from the very beginning that the next year prepares a lot of surprises in a romantic sphere because the Earthen Pig is a symbol of bright moments. So, be ready for an unforgettable year!

Aries love horoscope

Married couples will undergo a difficult test. Partners will find new points of contact in love, family, financial affairs, and personal growth. One will complement the other. However, in some respects, it can “spark” an overabundance of emotions. So, don’t give in to momentary impulses and think ahead.

If you are in search of a soul mate, then this year (especially the second half of the year) promises not only the meeting with an ideal partner but also peace of mind and happiness. Don’t force events and demand responsive fervent feelings from a partner, be patient, but don’t miss the chance and remember that happiness is only in your hands.

Aries sex horoscope

For Aries, the stars predict the best sex horoscope and sex life in March and April. However, other months will not go unnoticed by the opposite sex. In 2019, men of this sign will be quite romantic and sexy, which will attract many women. Their opponents will be able to finally decide who they want to see next to them. But behind blind adherence to standards, it is important not to miss true love.

Taurus love horoscopehoroscope and sex

In 2019, those, who wish to find reliable partners, will suddenly find them. Already existing relationships, in which there are disagreements, will improve and move to a new level.

Midsummer promises Taurus a new relationship. Couples in love, which are ready to create a family, can safely go to the registry office at this time. But it is important for you to learn to be tolerant of the shortcomings of your soul mate. Take your feelings and emotions under strict control.

Astrologers note that the second half of 2019, especially the last months, will be very rich in fateful meetings for Taurus. It is likely to find a companion for life. It is better for these people to increase their social circle, learn to let strangers into their lives. In general, the next year will be favorable for serious relationships and the creation of strong families.

Taurus sex horoscope

Taurus people will have a favorable sexual period in 2019. You can try what your partner has long dreamed of and decide on experiments in intimate life. However, the beginning of the year will be quite boring. But since July, this dullness will be dispelled. In summer, men will have “dizzying adventures” in bed. It is recommended using your charm – it will win any heart. The main thing for women is to show a little imagination.

Gemini love horoscope

It is critically important for Gemini to have a like-minded person nearby. It is especially difficult for this zodiac sign in love affairs because there are frequent failures, disappointments, and insults from scratch. But the Gemini love horoscope is favorable in 2019. The stars promise that a lot of interesting things will happen, provided that the right choice of partner is made. People should pay attention to the stable signs of the Earth – Taurus or Capricorn because they can later become an excellent husband or wife. With these zodiac signs, Gemini has minimal differences even in sex horoscope compatibility. In 2019, Gemini will have many meetings and acquaintances, some of them will grow into a strong friendship and then into marriage.

Gemini sex horoscope

Imagination will work at full capacity and you will be ready to become the initiator in bed. However, you will also listen to the wishes of your partner and will enthusiastically accept some ideas. Men will have to alternate the typical passion with the manifestation of quiet romantic feelings. Women should relax a little, hiding from the constant working fuss. Keep time for your loved one, take a joint bath and arrange a dinner by candlelight.

Cancer love horoscope

Cancer pretends that love and intimate relationships are secondary for them. These people perceive everything through the prism of “like or dislike” but this happens unconsciously, at the level of the subconscious.

The family representatives of this zodiacal sign will feel a surge of fresh love wave; feelings will slightly stir and bring a relationship to a new, more serious level. The transformation process activated by Pluto will also have a positive effect on personal growth and relationships. In whatever age you are, you will feel wiser.

The horoscope of 2019 says that Jupiter will have a special beneficial effect on lonely Cancer people until November. Take advantage of this to best arrange your life and build relationships with the opposite sex.

Cancer sex horoscope

The sex life horoscope says that the coming year is not the best time to experiment in the sexual sphere. Well, maybe this is the time to go back to what you and your partner liked. Show that you can be romantic and interesting. Otherwise, the flame will go out pretty quickly. Keep it burning!

Lonely representatives of this sign can count on passionate relationships that can suddenly become “hotter” by the second half of the year. You will start a stormy and interesting relationship, full of passion and sincere love.

Leo love horoscope

Those who wish to preserve a relationship shouldn’t engage in meaningless disputes. For lonely Leo people, the year 2019 will prepare an opportunity to start a new relationship. The period from the beginning of the year to the end of spring will be stable. Take care of this harmony even if it seems to be a routine. This is much more important than a new dubious relationship.

Unfortunately, the summer period can bring breakups. But if you are lucky enough to get acquainted with somebody close to you, you will find true friendship for the rest of your life.

sex life horoscopeAbsolutely unexpected changes in personal life are likely in autumn. Most representatives of the sign will only prove to themselves that they have the best soul mates.

Lonely Leo people should be more careful, it is possible that you are looking for your happiness in the wrong place.

Leo sex horoscope

Are you ready to say “No!” to the routine in sex? This love horoscope and sex compatibility horoscope will open the secrets of how to do it. Although heightened timidity is not peculiar to you, sometimes you yourself will think about what has changed your habitual behavior with a partner. The reason is simple – you understand intuitively that relationships need new energy.

Men should be braver. You must show who the stronger sex is. Women also have to open to partners and fully trust them. But it is important not to overdo in the manifestation of your feelings.

Virgo love horoscope

These smart and practical people often suffer in love relationships due to their excessive attention to trifles, bias to their surroundings, and a little snobbery. From the beginning of 2019, the period promises to be unremarkable in terms of love. At this time, fateful meetings are possible and the stars indicate that the acquaintance has already taken place. If it is Sagittarius or Leo, a relationship will quickly grow into a marriage and a full-fledged family. Affairs with Cancer and Capricorn people will remain a pleasant flirtation, and Aries with their stubbornness and ambitions can make life difficult – it is better to avoid the typical representatives of this zodiac signs. Judging by the more detailed horoscope for 2019, Virgo will have success in the love sphere only when the basic life positions are revised – respect for a partner and tolerance for minor details.

Virgo sex horoscope

The coming year will bring the representatives of this sign a desire to diversify their sex lives. But don’t rush things. Before starting even the most insignificant sexual affair, it is necessary to think dozens of times. Until March, there is a great risk of running into deception and disloyalty.

Representatives of the stronger sex shouldn’t be too hot-tempered. You can try tantric sex or joint yoga classes to better understand your loved one. Women need to give more freedom to their loved ones and look at them with fresh eyes. Role-playing games are recommended.

Libra love horoscope

The next year will be filled with a variety of events. They will often distract you from your loved one, switching your attention to something else, but don’t forget about your personal life. You are awaited by very extraordinary events in the love sphere, which can be fateful. The love sex horoscope is excellent, so go ahead and don’t be afraid of anything. Everything will go well; everything will come into balance. The reason that can destroy the harmony in a relationship can be unjustified jealousy and the unpredictable explosion of emotions. Be attentive to yourself and your partner, forgive your mistakes and mistakes of others. Perfect people don’t exist.

If you have long hesitated to confess your feelings to your partner or to legalize a relationship, then summer is the best time for action.

Also, if you feel that it is time to break up with a partner, then do this in autumn. However, don’t make serious decisions at the peak of emotional excitement.

Libra sex horoscope

The second half of the year is a good time to go on a joint vacation with your loved one and decide on sexual experiments. It is important not to miss your chance and then you will be happy. Men shouldn’t be inert. You will have to be active not only in life but also in sex. Women, on the other hand, shouldn’t enter into fleeting intrigues. Get into bed with only those who truly love and respect you. Don’t let lies and don’t allow anyone to use you.

Scorpio love horoscopesex and horoscope

The next year will be somewhat ambiguous for Scorpio people. The first months of the year are suitable for clarifying relationships. If you understand that insurmountable disagreements interfere with your feelings, then it is worth breaking off a relationship. If your love is mutual and strong, then fight for it.

In the middle of spring, changes will begin, including in relations with relatives. Show diplomacy and calmly understand the conflict.

In summer, the stars advise representatives of the sign to take a good rest. Free Scorpios shouldn’t now get involved in a new relationship. Those Scorpios who managed to keep their relationship in spring need to preserve the calmness and show the depth of their feelings and not let anyone spoil it.

In the autumn and winter period, it can bring breakups both with your partners and friends. The reason will be the reluctance to understand each other. But everything can be avoided if you can push back your pride and tame hot temper. Before you explode out of indignation, look at yourself from the outside and assess the consequences.

Scorpio sex horoscope

Throughout the year, sensual and emotional Scorpio will be ready to express their desires frankly and unequivocally. Men will not be shy about what they want. Your partner will appreciate the frankness and ability to tactfully express all your desires. Sometimes your desire to diversify sex may seem too assertive. Girls should learn to be weak. Follow this rule everywhere. Most importantly, keep your bedroom door closed and you can avoid the negative energy of envy from friends and acquaintances.

Sagittarius love horoscope

In 2019, these people will finally experience the happiness of family life. They will end up with flirting and unhealthy relationships in favor of a strong marriage. Strangely enough, the unions this year promise to be long and reliable especially if the partners are Taurus and Aries. These are the signs of the zodiac that understand the inner world of Sagittarius better than others. The most successful period for solving love issues (marriage, divorce, engagement) are the summer months of the year when the influence of Mars will be minimal, and Venus will come to the forefront of all the planets. Under its patronage, the second half of the year will be successful in the love sphere.

For lonely Sagittarius, the time of new acquaintances and the renewal of the circle of communication begins in spring. And it is possible that love at first sight will happen to you.

Sagittarius sex horoscope

In the coming year, you are open to experiments and don’t mind making diversity in an already established relationship. If you want to diversify the intimate life, then take care of the appropriate entourage. Men should stay straight and clear in their judgments. Hints are good, but nobody understands them besides you. Girls should forget about their usual behavior. It is necessary to establish a romantic atmosphere because men need more tenderness and romantic feelings from you in bed.

Capricorn love horoscope

The horoscope will be formed in such a way that a new round of development will come in couples. You will want stability, tenderness, and warmth the whole year. For this, it is necessary to forget the old grievances and open the heart for love without conditions. Revise your own feelings and emotions in order to come to a harmonious state. Attachments in relationships will be replaced by constructive mutual understanding, which will also exacerbate sensory feelings.

Lonely Capricorn people – it’s time to think about serious relationships, but it is better to carefully analyze past love experience and pull out valuable pearls from there. If there is not enough experience, then serious decisions should be made with care.

Lonely and family people should know that the last months of the year will be the happiest and most successful, good luck will come to you with very weighty gifts!

Capricorn sex horoscope

The time when you have to overcome natural timidity and talk openly about your desires comes. If, after all, embarrassment in discussing intimate details is stronger than you, then this is no reason to despair – act as you wish, and believe us, your loved one will gladly take any initiative in a relationship. The sex horoscope says that men need to start keeping pace with the active sexual rhythm of their partners. Learn new positions and techniques. Otherwise, a girlfriend will think that you have lost interest to her. Girls should give their sexual energy the right direction, be active and interesting.

Aquarius love horoscopebest sex horoscope

Everything is going well already from the beginning of the year. You are magically settling all conflicts and strengthening relationships. Spring is a wonderful romantic period both for singles and for family Aquarius.

In summer, there will be some problems at work that will affect a relationship, bring tension and baseless quarrels in it. You just need to wait if you want to stay together. Some Aquarius conflicts will even be beneficial because the contradictions will open your eyes and help you make a decision about the future of a relationship.

The most successful period for Aquarius is November-December. This time is truly life-changing because you can meet your fate. But you will have to fight for your happiness.

The end of the year will give every Aquarius a chance to change their destiny, but it depends only on how you manage to use your experience.

Aquarius sex horoscope

A craving for a variety of impressions at the beginning of the year can turn into a misunderstanding on the part of a partner, so it’s better to discuss all your desires with your loved one. You can honestly admit that you want to try something new and invite your partner to make the first step. However, radical experiments in sex are not the best cure in 2019. Romance will have a much greater effect for the renewal of intimate life. But if you are a woman and don’t have a permanent partner, you will be able to please a man with unusual experiments and activity in sex life. And the unobtrusive holiday romance “threatens” men. But don’t expect something enchanting from it. However, it will help brighten up the summer days by enlightening them with sensual sex.

Pisces love horoscope

For Pisces, 2019 will be successful in all respects, especially in the love sphere. If you feel happy in an existing relationship, then, most likely, you will marry this year. This new marriage promises to be strong and reliable.

For lonely people, the horoscope points out that there is a high probability of finding a life partner in other countries; this relationship will entail a change of residence. The year is favorable for strengthening love relationships and focusing on one’s own values, not to the detriment of a partner. Be careful with deceivers who play on people’s feelings. It will be not difficult to recognize them in the crowd. Build a love relationship only with sincere and mutual feelings.

The love and sex horoscope will be formed so that lonely Pisces will be lucky in love in April and July.

In November, you may return to old but not fully completed relationships; it is not recommended to build new long-term relationships in autumn.

Pisces sex horoscope

Don’t imitate the heroes of erotic films if you don’t like it. But you shouldn’t avoid frank conversations about your desires, especially if you have been in a relationship for a long time. It is possible that your mood can also be transmitted to a partner who intuitively feels your desire for change and begins to act. Guys should be caring and attentive. But you shouldn’t relax. Stay dominant in a relationship. Girls should think a few times before doing something. Don’t rush into adventures and strange sexual exploits.

So, in 2019, many people will have big changes in their personal lives. The Yellow Earthen Pig, which will become the totem of 2019, is a sign aimed at creating a family and strong, healthy relationships. This year, many people will want to make a cozy nest, and existing couples will finally feel that their family boat is quietly floating on the waves of life.

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