7 Signs That the Relationship Will Not Last Long

how to know if your relationship will last

Eager to know what are the main signs that a relationship will not last long? Check this expert review which is based on the latest achievements in the area of psychology, and you’ll find out how to check whether your current relationship will last long.

Unfortunately, not all relationships end with a wedding. You might understand this before you start dating. The beginning stage is the most pleasant one. You have just got acquainted and have no idea what bad habits this person has. Therefore, experts call it a “honeymoon stage.” You are madly in love you and refuse to believe this relationship can be over. However, if your objective is long-lasting love, you should look at your partner without rose-tinted glasses. Your relationship can get deeper in course of time or slightly rocky. Nevertheless, the first stage of any relationship cannot tell you everything about your future together. But, how to forebode if your relationship will last long? Are there any signs you must take into consideration? Certainly yes!

The overriding objective of this expert review is to guide you through the key signs that a relationship will not last long. Simply put, we’ll show the detailed instruction on how to notice these red flags on time and either do anything to save your relationships or break up. Keep in mind one simple truth – you cannot dream of your future together with your partner during a “bunny” phase. You should be realistic and turn attention to the good and bad things that happen to you. As a result, you’ll reduce the pain your lover may cause.

The Core Signs that the Relationship Will Not Last Long

Have you ever noticed that when you meet someone attractive, you wish to snuggle up with them? You even imagine that you will have a perfect family, pretty kids, a nice house and a prestigious car. However, new love is intoxicating, and you can miss the wake-up calls that your relationship might be doomed. Our primary aim is to provide a glimpse of reality and help you understand what aspects you should consider while dating someone. As a result, you’ll avoid that pain you may cause to each other.

how to know if a relationship will lastWell, how to know if a relationship will last long? What are the red flags showing that you aren’t a perfect match? Check our tips below.

1. No Trust

What is the main formula for a successful relationship? The answer is evident – you must trust each other! You should believe them when they tell you that they are just going to hang out with friends. You shouldn’t imagine that the one you love is going to spend a night with another person.

To trust each other means to be honest with each other. When there’s no trust, you don’t believe each other. Simply put, you start obsessively checking on your loved one. You check their messengers, social media accounts, talk to their friends and monitor every step. Unfortunately, you won’t build up a good relationship when you constantly think that your partner is cheating on you. In this case, you should either have a heart-to-heart talk and solve this issue or break up. This relationship won’t make you happier. Keep in mind that trust is a compulsory component of any relationship. If you feel like you lack trust, it is time to break up.

2. Bad Sex

When you just start dating each other, you can’t get enough of your loved one. Otherwise stated, a whirlwind of lust is the main component of a healthy relationship. When you realize that you don’t want your partner anymore or you start avoiding sex, this means that something is wrong. The same applies to your lover. If you see that he/she doesn’t want to jump in the sack with you and constantly trumps up an excuse why you can’t have sex right now, you should turn attention to this sign.

However, there’s another side of the problem, which you should also take into consideration. One of the main signs a relationship will not last long is when you feel like nothing, but sex unites you. Simply put, when you see that your relationship is centered around sex only, then you won’t go too far. If only passion holds both of you, keep in mind that your couple is out on a limb.

3. No Respect

You might know that mutual liking and respect are the foundation of a sane relationship. This is the main sign showing that the interests of both partners are valued. If you see that your loved one doesn’t consider your opinion and doesn’t want to hear you, that’s a wake-up call showing that you aren’t a perfect match. You should feel that your beloved respects you and your viewpoint even if they have an absolutely different opinion. We all are different, and we all have different life experiences. Your beloved partner should be reconciled to a fact that you may think differently. Besides, they should respect your opinion. If you get the sense that your loved one values their own beliefs and opinions above yours, that’s the key indicator, showing that you must do something to change the situation.

4. Little Time Together

The rose and candy stage is the most pleasant one. You spend the whole day together, but when you go away, you start missing each other. As time goes, you may spend less time together, and it’s also okay as well. It’s normal when you take time to do some other things (not with your loved one). However, if you get the sense that you start avoiding each other, that is one of the mains signs your relationship will last for a few weeks or months.

When you see that your soulmate prefers spending time together with their friends or at work but not with you, you must have an honest conversation and try to solve this issue. If it is impossible to do that, and you see that nothing good will come out of it, then you should break up. It will be better for both! You will start living your life without the necessity to pretend to be a different person.

5. Bad Communication

You should understand that at the beginning of any relationship, you are just two strangers who have come from different spaces. Therefore, it mayhap that both of you will have different opinions. To avoid difficulties, you should learn to find a compromise. Besides, you should try to be open-minded. You should be honest with each other and shouldn’t be afraid of sharing secrets.

By the way, it doesn’t mean that your relationship should be polished to perfection. Normal couples are also prone to clash with each other. Disagreements may appear, but you should learn to solve them.

However, if you get the sense that very often, you can’t obtain consensus, you frequently quarrel and don’t want to hear each other, that’s one of the red flags showing that nothing good will come out of your relationship in the future.

6. No Support

The main sign of any healthy relationship is support. Simply put, you should support each other in absolutely different situations. For instance, you are undergoing a very important life event. It means too much for you and you need both physical and emotional support. If you see that things get too difficult for you, and your loved one doesn’t do anything to help you, that’s a bad sign. signs a relationship will not lastYou should support each other constantly. Besides, your partner should always take your feelings seriously and be interested in your personal life. Simply put, they should take interest in what you are doing, where you go, who your friends are, etc. Surely, it is not about total control of each step you’ve made.

7. Still Obsessed with the Ex

If your partner frequently mentions their ex or even stalks them on social networking sites, you won’t have a successful future together. It goes without saying! Nevertheless, if your beloved one still can’t forget their ex, you should let them be together. This relationship is not healthy. You won’t be happy together until your loved one calls to their ex, shares messages online or they even secretly meet in person. You see that the heart of your partner doesn’t belong to you. You should either talk to each other and solve this issue or break up as soon as it is possible.

However, it is up to you to decide whether you want this relationship to go on or not. Only you can make you a happy person! Keep in mind this rule and never let anyone hurt you. Do you feel like your partner doesn’t support or trust you? Do they have secrets from you? You shouldn’t have a rough time! Pay attention to all these wake-up calls, and you won’t be stuck in an unhealthy relationship. If you are unhappy right now or have a sense that this person near you is not the one you’ve dreamt of, you shouldn’t make yourself suffer. Your future depends only on you!

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