How to Date Estonian Women: a Full Guide

Here’s What You Need to Know about Baltic Women

Baltic girls have an excellent sense of style and know very well how to look good and how to impress their men. People often wonder at their ability to dress modestly but with taste. Another remarkable feature of Estonian girls is their height. Most of the girls from Estonia are above 156 cm. This makes them one of the tallest girls in Europe.

Besides, it is difficult not to pay attention to their beautiful hair. Their hairstyles are so flawless that it seems like all girls there advertise shampoo. Moreover, they have a very beautiful face and a supermodel figure. Most girls don’t have excess weight.

Seducing beautiful Estonian women is not so easy, you have to work hard. But believe me, it’s worth it. In your country, you won’t find such nice women. Of course, a lonely girl can be found on one of the many dating sites. But it is always better to go to Estonia personally. For example, you may try to take a tourist trip there to see their girls with your own eyes. So many beautiful ladies are looking for a couple, try your luck.

The girls there are magnificent and very impressive. Usually, they are tall, slender, and beautiful. Most girls have straight blond hair. They have beautiful green eyes, which makes them even more attractive.

5 Reasons to Choose an Estonian Woman

Sometimes it is next to impossible to go search for a girlfriend somewhere in a foreign country. You must have good reasons to do that, and you have plenty of those. If you have never felt like a real knight on the white horse, then you should try dating hot Estonian women.

· Traditional values are the top priority

One of the biggest advantages of dating Estonian women is the fact that they are very traditional. And by saying that I don’t mean that they always wear their traditional costumes and like to work in the field. Yes, they can wear their traditional clothes, but they usually do it only on special occasions. And they don’t work in the fields anymore. I am talking about the way how they were raised. They believe in traditional family values, for the men and women are two separate worlds that for a very well know reason (love), have decided to live together.

Estonian women are not into feminism, some of the young ladies are affected by this idea, but they represent minority there. For an average Estonian girl, the family stands before a career for her. At first, it is her family with her parents, and then it is the family with her husband. She will easily sacrifice her career for the sake of her family.

· They are good at housework

Estonian girls are incredibly good at doing the housework. There are a couple of reasons for that. The first one is the way how they were raised. In the traditional Estonian family, women tend to do all the housework. As we know, housework takes a tremendous amount of effort. Estonian women were gathering information about ways how to make housework easier and faster for generations, nowadays they are incredibly good at it. It is highly connected with the second reason.

Estonian women like to look nice and beautiful, and this takes a lot of time too. So they try to finish their housework fast to have time for their looks. Thus, they save time by raising quality. It sounds like a lot of effort, right? You should respect your girlfriend for that.

· Baltic culture is extra vibrant (so as the women are)

Estonia preserves its rich cultural heritage in the form of folk songs and dances, colorful crafts, wooden baths, and rustic cuisine. You can learn first-hand both traditional and modern Estonian culture: in markets, workshops, museums, and festivals.Remove term: Estonian women Estonian women

Original Estonian culture dates back hundreds of years. In the Middle Ages, the streets of Tallinn were filled with merchants trading with distant parts of Europe. To see how people lived in Tallinn in the old days, you should visit the dungeons of the bastions and the Tallinn City Museum.

The fortresses of Rakvere, Kuressaare, and Narva are also nice places to visit together with your new girlfriend. In search of even more ancient traditions, visit a wooden sauna, such as in Saunaküla (Bath Village), where you can cleanse your body and soul. The same we can say about Estonian girls. Because they are modern European girls, who have managed to save their historical beauty, femininity, and traditionalism.

· Femininity all the way

They don’t think that their femininity is their disadvantage as their wester colleagues do. Estonian women don’t feel that they need to be more masculine to be successful. This is why they don’t tend to wear short haircuts or men’s clothes. But don’t fool yourself thinking that they are fragile and defenseless, they know how to use their main weapon. Are you curious, what is their main weapon? It is their beauty, of course! They are not ashamed of looking beautiful, petite, and weak.

We have already mentioned that seducing an average Estonian woman is far from easy. If she likes you, then she will seduce you. But at the same time, she will wait for your steps. If you are not good at understanding women’s hints, then you will have a hard time dating an Estonian woman. They are like a riddle, and if you solve that riddle, then you will be happy to be involved in dating an Estonian woman.

· They won’t take the lead in a relationship (unless you want so)

One of the main Estonian women characteristics is the fact that she allows you to lead relationships. Not only allow, they frankly believe that a man must lead relationships. This is due to their culture and the way how they were raised. For them, a man is a leader, and their role is to provide a safe and comfortable house for him. They feel nice if they do all the housework and take care of children. But they won’t tolerate it if you don’t respect them, their parents or their traditions, or if you don’t spend time with them or with your children.

On the other hand, if you frankly tell her that you don’t want or can’t lead your relationships, but you are very happy with her, she will adapt and will become a leader. They feel pretty comfortable if they have to provide for their family while their men stay at home and do the housework. It is not very common in Estonia, but sometimes it happens.

How to Date Estonian Women: the Best Advice

First of all, you need to know that dating Estonian women take a lot of effort. You already know that they take care of themselves a lot because they want to look beautiful. She will expect the

same from you. You must be well-groomed and handsome. Plus, your Estonian girlfriend will be ready to stay at home and do the housework, but in this case, she expects that you will be able to provide for your family.

Get your online image polished

But before this all happens; you need to meet an Estonian girl. The best way to do this is by using online dating websites. But as you may have heard, it is not enough just to register there. You have to make a nice online image. Take your time to work on your profile because this is very important.

First of all, you need to start with your profile picture. You don’t have to publish too many photos. It is enough to publish just from three to five pics. Save the rest photos for your future conversations. Usually, the biggest problem of all those men on dating websites is the fact that they have no idea what photos they should post.

Remember, you should never post your selfies and nudes. This is crucial. Plus, photos with your friends are not welcomed on dating websites either. Do you want her to know how you look like or how your friends, relatives, etc. look like?

Be genuine

The worst thing you can do is to lie about yourself. At first glance, an idea that you should hide something about your life is a good one. But it is not. By taking photos with someone’s else car or telling a girl that you are 20 years younger than you are, you will only disappoint her. And after the first date, you will never see her again because she will never agree to go on the second date with you. Lying works only in the online world, but your very first real date will destroy the world of lies that you have created.

Remember, you want a girl to date you, not your lies. So, you should be honest about yourself when getting acquainted on the Internet. She has to know you, and she has to decide if she wants to go on a date with YOU and not with your imagined picture. Be careful not to be too honest, revealing our sacred secret to a girl online is not the best idea.

Family first

Today’s Estonia doesn’t depend so much on agriculture, but traditions are still alive there. This is a country that preserves national cultural traditions for many centuries. The culture of Estonians takes its ruts from the peasantry. Estonians were enslaved by their people. In their centuries-long struggle against feudal lords, they managed to preserve their language and uniqueness of life. Nowadays folk clothing, sewn according to genuine samples of traditional costumes, from different parts of Estonia, is used as clothing for participants in folk festivals and carnivals.

Estonian family rituals have preserved centuries-old traditions. For example, according to the strict conviction of the people, a marriage is considered to be concluded after the main ceremonies of the wedding, consisting of putting on the girl’s head a headdress of a married woman and tying an apron and not after a church wedding ceremony. Modern wedding rituals, associated with the civil registration of marriage, include the inclusion of comic rites (blocking the road to a wedding train, checking the household skills of a young couple, kidnapping a bride, etc.). Lutheranism and the funeral rite associated with it are of great importance for modern Estonians. The last journey is escorted by the collective singing of psalms called chorales.

Treat her culture nicely

Remove term: Estonian women Estonian womenAs we have already mentioned, Estonian girls love their traditions because they have raised to the traditions of their nation. The worst thing you can do in relationships with Estonian girl is to insult her nation, traditions, and culture. It is enough just to be disrespectful to insult your girlfriend. In this case, it will be next to impossible to make her forgive you. You must understand that her people managed to save their traditions for thousands of years.

If you have different believes and opinions even though the fact that she wants you to be the leader of your relationships, you should never say that something is right and something is wrong. If you want her to adapt to live in your world, then you should be able to adapt to her one.

Always be the leader

Your girlfriend will like you to lead in every aspect of your life. It is up to you to decide where to spend your holidays and what to do on your vacation. Make sure that you pay attention to what she wants. She may never tell you about her interests directly, so you have to understand her hints. This is very important for your relationships. She likes to be a riddle for you, and she enjoys when you solve “her.” Don’t be afraid if you constantly fail to understand her hints. She will adapt to you and will make it easier for you to understand her.

Don’t worry, to be a leader in relationships with Estonian girl is not that hard. She will help you fix your mistakes and become a better person for her. Oh yes, what nice a girl she will be, she wants you to be the leader in your relations, but she also can teach you how to be one. If she truly loves you, of course.

Beautiful Estonian women are waiting for you!

As you see, Estonian women are very lovely and open, while calm and traditional. I hope that after reading this article, you can decide if you want to fall in love with a vibrant Estonian beauty. Remember, an average Estonian girl seeks old school gentlemen who are respective and active in relationships.

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