The Truth About Dating Vietnamese Women

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Nowadays, when you want to meet a beautiful woman, you don’t even need to go outside your house. Some people truly underestimate the real power of online dating and never use it to the full extent. For example, they use filters and don’t see people who are located further than 20 miles. Surely, this allows them to meet only those whom they will be able to meet in a pretty short period. However, one of many benefits of online dating is its diversity. Consequently, you don’t need to limit yourself with anything. For example, what if you want to date hot Vietnamese women instead of American ones?

Maybe you don’t want to be with some big American girl and want to search for a special girl among small and cute Vietnamese women, maybe you have a passion for Asian girls or want to try something new. You can be sure that pretty Vietnamese women will pleasantly surprise you when it comes to dating. This is all due to their characteristics. For example, they are very shy, modest, and it is very hard to win their hearts. If you still have doubts about whether you need to try dating Vietnamese women or not, you just need to try it. I can assure you that you won’t regret it.

What’s So Special About Vietnam and Its Women?

In this article, we are going to share with you all the truth about the Vietnamese woman. Don’t fool yourself because when it comes to dating Vietnamese women, there are many unexpected pitfalls. You can be sure that beautiful Vietnamese women are very distinct from their western counterparts. They not only look very different but also act and even think differently. So, first of all, we want to share with you the main traits which make Vietnamese girls so special. After all, before trying to date and seduce some cute Vietnamese girl, you need to know what to expect from her.

They are strong personalities

When you are living in a relatively harsh environment, from your very first days of life, you learn to overcome problems and difficulties. Therefore, even the cutest Vietnamese girls have very strong personalities and ready to deal almost with any problem.

They love good manners and gentlemen

If you are one of those men who, with all their hearts, love the old school approach to dating, you will be very happy to know that Vietnamese girls are mostly very traditional. They believe that men should have good manners, be polite, caring, and respectful.

how to win a vietnamese woman heartThey are very loyal

Due to the rather classical approach to upbringing, almost all Vietnamese women believe that they have only one husband during their entire life. Therefore, if you are dreaming about marrying a Vietnamese woman, you can rest assured that she will never betray you.

They are family-oriented

Vietnamese women believe that there is nothing more important than a family. Due to their strong sense of family, they are very loving wives and perfect mothers who know how to be friends with their children.

They are very hard-working people

Without a single doubt, their economy is far weaker than ours, but this doesn’t mean that they are lazy. You see, while many different factors may affect a country’s economy, there is one indisputable fact. All Vietnamese women are very hard-working because their partners teach them to work from a very young age. However, they truly enjoy life to the full.

10 Reasons to Date a Beautiful Vietnamese Woman

As you can see, Vietnamese women’s traits are very helpful when it comes to working hard to build a family. Unfortunately, due to a huge difference between living standards in the USA and Vietnam, many Americans see this country as some kind of a playground where they can have fun without any strings attached. Those people often insult and offend local girls. Consequently, if you are not planning to try to build a healthy and happy relationship with a Vietnamese woman, you should consider other options. Here we are going to share with you the top 10 reasons to be serious about dating a Vietnamese girl.

They are very gentle and lovely

Unlike their western counterparts, pretty Vietnamese women don’t see such words as femininity and beauty as enemies or parts of patriarchal oppression. Girls in this country are very gentle, caring, and beautiful. They try not to abuse modern cosmetics and prefer to use natural means to maintain their beauty. Also, they value their femininity a lot.

They are very devoted

As we have already said, due to their rather traditional upbringing, they are very loyal to their husbands. The majority of Vietnamese girls truly devote themselves to their loved once. They believe that a person should only marry once and live with his or her partner for the entire life.

They don’t smoke or drink

Surely, there are always exceptions. However, the majority of Vietnamese girls don’t smoke or drink. They hate the smell of tobacco and cigarettes. When it comes to alcohol, more than 50% of the female population completely avoids it, and approximately 35-40% consume no more than one or two glasses of wine each week.

They will never speak publicly of your mistakes or shortcomings

Even the hottest Vietnamese girls will never spill anything about your problems in a relationship publicly. Even if you are wrong, she will still support your point of view in public, even if she disagrees with you. Of course, when you are alone at home, she will emotionally explain why you were wrong and how you should change it, but that’s another story.

Respect is crucial for them

A Vietnamese girl will never agree to date someone whom she doesn’t respect, or who doesn’t respect her. Surely, you can find a hooker who will do everything for you for your money, but here we are talking about real gems. These girls will easily break up with you if you don’t respect them. In turn, they will be very respectful of you.

vietnamese women traits

They value honest people

Honesty is another trait of Vietnamese women. They will never hide anything from you. Consequently, you should never hide anything from your Vietnamese significant other. In a relationship with a girl from Vietnam, it is better to immediately confess that you have made a mistake instead of trying to hide it.

They are very smart

They know what they want, and they know how to get it. Combine this trait with their hard-working personality and, as a result, you will have a very powerful woman, who is ready to do everything for your family. Vietnamese women make up great leaders and businesswomen. Of course, if they have enough resources.

They want their men to be leaders in relationships

This is another difference between American and Asian women. While our girls fight for equality in a relationship, Vietnamese girls are ready to follow and fully support their men. In fact, they even expect their men to be leaders in relationships. Of course, they also expect that their men will be very attentive to them and value their point of view when making decisions.

They are not religious

Surely, there are religious people in Vietnam. But due to their communist background, they claim to be an atheistic state. According to the statistic, approximately 82% of their population are atheists. Therefore, your new girlfriend will be open to new ideas and things.

They are very emotional

When dating a Vietnamese girl, you will forget about boredom because they are very emotional people. She will emotionally react both to good and bad things in your life. You will never be able to forget her happy eyes when you make her a pleasant surprise. However, you will also never forget your emotional quarrels.

Tips to Date a Vietnamese Girl

So, you finally decided to date an Asian girl. Surely, you want to learn how to win a Vietnamese woman’s heart. Let me be honest with you: this is not going to be a very easy task. However, here, we are going to share with you the main tips on how to date a Vietnamese girl.

Be polite and respectful

We have recently mentioned that Vietnamese girls are into old school gentlemen. Consequently, the shortest way to a girl’s heart is to behave like one. Be polite to her and be a gentleman. For example, set a date in some respectable restaurant and be ready to pay for food and drinks.

Show your interest

On a date with a girl, don’t forget to ask her about her life, family, and culture of her culture. There are two crucial aspects. The first aspect is that you must listen attentively to what she says. The second aspect is that you should never be too pushy. Don’t turn your date into an interrogation.

Make your conversation interesting

It is not a secret that Vietnamese girls are very happy when they can date western wen. However, this puts additional pressure on you because she will expect you to be a very interesting person. After all, you are a representative of a completely different culture. So, make sure that you have a couple of interesting topics in mind. This will help you vary a conversation during dates or walks.

dating a vietnamese girlDon’t rush into physical contact

The easiest way to scare off a Vietnamese girl is to rush into physical contact with her. Without a single doubt, you both are interested in each other, and exploring each other bodies will be very interesting and fun, but make sure that you are not rushing things. Remember, you will have plenty of time for this in the future if you play your cards well now.

Be honest when sharing information about yourself

Without a single doubt, we all want to exaggerate a little bit when it comes to talking about our personal life and achievements. However, if you are planning on having a serious relationship with her, you must never lie. Sooner or later, the truth will catch up with you, and this may en your new relationship once and for all.

How to Tell If a Vietnamese Woman is into You

Unquestionably it is very hard to win an Asian girl’s heart but figuring out whether she has feelings for you is way harder. Unfortunately, the majority of men simply can’t understand the small hints that Vietnamese girls share. Consequently, to be successful in dating, you need to learn how to tell if a Vietnamese girl likes you.

She wants you to meet her family

If she asks you whether you want to meet her parents, this is a clear sign that she is into you. Of course, there is always a risk that she only wants to get marry a foreigner fast. However, if you know that she is a very good person, this clearly means that she wants to bring your relationship to a whole new level. In the majority of cases, meeting her family is a sign that she is very serious about your relationship.

She wants you to learn more about her culture

This sign is way more precise than the previous one. You see, a girl who only wants to get married as fast as possible, wouldn’t bother to introduce you to her culture since she wants to run away from her country as soon as possible. In turn, a girl who truly loves you would like you to know more about her culture and the way of life. Local Vietnamese people are very proud of their culture. It is truly very rich and interesting. Consequently, if she is serious about you, she will want you to appreciate her culture too.

She is very talkative

In the majority of cases, Vietnamese women grow up in very traditional families, and this type of upbringing has its cons. Probably, she has never had equal rights with male members of her family. Therefore, her opinion never mattered as much. What does this mean for you? If you have managed to create an atmosphere in which she is not afraid to express her honest opinion, easily starts and changes topics, it means that she feels very comfortable with you. This is a very precise sign that she is totally into you.

She asks many questions

Vietnamese girls are very shy and usually never ask too many questions. The principle here is the same as it was in the previous sign. However, if she asks many questions, this not only means that she feels comfortable with you but also indicates her interest in you.

She wants to know if you are single

Nope, this doesn’t 100% mean that she is into you, but it clearly indicates that she is interested in you. You see, by asking this question, she wants to find out where she stands with you and what your real intentions are.

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