Turning on Your Girlfriend: Professional Advice


What do women want? I bet there’s no man who wouldn’t be curious about it. Relying on my experience, some facts my girlfriends told me, and scientific information, I prepared a summary of turn-ons and turn-offs. I also asked some Russian ladies to help me so you will also get a brief insight into their mind!

Is it really harder for girls to achieve sexual arousal and why?

Yes. And this is primarily impacted by the way a female brain and hormones work. Since we have monthly cycles, our bodies behave differently at various stages. The sexual activity directly depends on what’s going on inside at the particular moment.

Second, women are historically more oriented on non-physical interaction: while men turn on once they see a sexy girl or have a “dirty” thought, we need the special atmosphere to come into the mood. Furthermore, men usually turn on with their eyes and women do it with their ears so our pleasure comes from our deep emotions evoked by your words and deeds. For instance, sex with Russian girls is often about intimate conversations!

Finally, the peak of sexuality comes at different age: 15-25 years for men and 25-40 years for women. On average, it takes up to twenty minutes for a girl to get really aroused while you are ready from the very beginning. As she is turned off by a greater variety of factors than you, it is essential for you to know certain techniques that trigger her passion.

sex tips for couplesHow to turn your girlfriend on in 15 ways

Build the emotional connection. Being a woman is trickier that you might’ve imagined. We are more emotional, which makes us more vulnerable. Of course, different women have different “degrees” of emotionality. For instance, Russian girls just don’t understand lovemaking without the deep bond between partners.

Maintain hygiene a good shape. There are people who get aroused with natural body odors; however, most girls prefer doing it with neat and good-smelling boys. Fit bodies are attractive, that’s all. Now, to your grooming. Don’t forget about your hair – all of it.

Help her get in the mood. It’s not about giving her a time and just waiting for the magic to happen. Foreplay is an absolute must-do! You are 100% free to do it in your preferred way. Have a hot bath together, dress up, play something… Only do what both of you enjoy.

Hug and kiss. No need to start eating her face straight off the bat, it’s sometimes necessary to comfort her prior to kicking foreplay off. Express your affection to let her know she is indeed one of a kind for you.

Use your lips and hands. And your tongue. For partners who’ve already been together for a while, it is quite easy to catch the moment. When you feel she’s longing for some more, alter the way of touching and kissing to feed the flame. By the way, a massage with special oil works too.

Drop hints. In your daily life, it is important to sustain her sexual interest in you. Inspire her and yourself by reading sex stories or watching erotic videos (or even porn if she has nothing against it). Or check out some pieces of art portraying sex – many Russian women told me they loved it.

Feed her with special delights. You must be aware of aphrodisiacs so why not cook a romantic dinner and use specific ingredients? Only make sure none of you has allergies. A glass of wine or champagne (better if you take no more than one or two) is also perfect for turning a girl on.

Impress her with your intellect. Because it is really, really sexy. There is even a term “sapiosexual” that refers to people that fall in love with their partners’ knowledgeability and wits. As a sapiosexual woman, I can’t keep myself away from crushing on smart gentlemen.

Make her pleasure your priority. Seeing that you really care is one of the greatest turn-ons for girls. Not to mention it is easier for men to reach climax every time they make love. Combine both psychological and physical tricks and your significant other will be in the seventh heaven!

Talk and listen to her. The female brain is very sensitive to this kind of stimulation. We adore talking and we need men to listen to us. Confess to her, know what’s on her mind, and discuss fantasies, of course. It is a huge mistake to hide anything from your lover. Let her tell you (and show) what she likes.

Work out together. Exercising is great for your body and hormones. When you two do it together, the mutual chemistry gets even stronger. And if you look at some long-term couples, you will see joint sports activities help them keep the flame alive.

Get creative. It is impossible to forever keep your partner excited if your sex goes under the same scenario every single time. Become a learner and explore new areas of your sexuality. Try out new positions, buy toys, and pick different venues to do it – develop your skills!

how to turn a girl onTouch her body. The way you do it matters more than your size. Learn her preferences by running your fingers through her most erogenous spots and she will get relaxed within a few minutes.

Make surprises. How to turn a girl on over text? Leave unexpected notes and little gifts for her! Make them all love-sex-themed so she will be thinking about what to do with you at night throughout the day. Those who are into Russian women dating know it is essential for the romantic atmosphere.

Find the right tempo. Depending on the situation, she might want you to do it quick or gradually. It is not a blind game: watch her reactions out and synchronize your movements.

What men do in bed that girls secretly hate

Look at these few huge don’ts and avoid bringing your beloved one down with wrong actions.

Ignoring the freshness rule. Manly scents are supposed to be undeniably sexy yet not all of them. Bad smell from your mouth in the morning is definitely one of the worst things ever and not acceptable in dating Russian girls who are obsessed with cleanness.

Skipping the preparation. Regardless of what you are gonna do – traditional vaginal sex, anal, or oral – it is necessary to get her ready for it. This is not only painful when you penetrate her organs without any additional care but even offensive. If your girlfriend is precious to you, never do so.

Too many swear words. Naughty talking may be awesome in some cases but you should know how to use it right. Carefully pick things to say to turn on a girl: some of us don’t like naughty and long for romance. If you are keen on dating Russian ladies, remember they normally can’t stand bad manners.

Not taking care of her climax. Too often, men come and turn away to happily fall asleep while their women have to deal with dissatisfaction. Even if you tend to have an orgasm considerably earlier than your partner, it is your duty to continue stimulating her after.

So this was my list of what really turns a girl on and what probably doesn’t. Your task now is to put these tips to work and enhance your love life very quickly. Remember that every woman is unique and needs personalized treatment. Always approach the matters of sex individually!


  1. It’s a good article, the information is on point. But still, despite a lot of facts, women are really hard to please. My girlfriend seems to be all sexual on Monday, but on Friday she turns into a mess, though I follow most advices naturally. Man, girls are rlly complex and sometimes it drives me insane!!Props to the author tho.

  2. +1 for the intellectual part. Mine always turns on after me dealing with complicated situations or saying clever things. The article is pretty truthful.

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