The Not-So-Attractive Truth about Modern Dating


We all dream about dating. Nobody wants to be lonely, thus everyone is looking for a better half. Of course, dating was never easy, as it always had certain rules. While you may have thought that the 19th-century dating traditions were far more complicated, learning the unspoken rules of the 21th-century dating may make you feel lucky that you are single or stop wondering why you are still lonely.

Some of these rules may become a great help in your search of the prospective partner, while others may seem ridiculous. Before reading the following list of facts and the unspoken rules of the modern dating, you should keep in mind that they really don’t matter when it comes to dating someone with whom you have mutual understanding. So, without further ado, check out the list of the not-so-attractive facts about the modern dating.

1. The careless one has the power

Modern couples rarely get further than chatting online because no one wants to show interest. According to the modern-day dating rules the one who expresses his or her interest in someone is considered to be weak. So, the more careless you are, the more power over your prospective partner you have. Needless to say such relationships rarely evolve into something serious.

2. Wait for hours or days before texting back

As we want to show that we are as careless as we can be, and as we want to show that we have a rich and busy social life, we play the game that requires not responding to the message for hours or even days. This game is not funny; it rarely leads to anything, because sooner or later the one who’s interested in you will lose his or her interest.

3. Zero interest complications

Remember, according to modern rules of dating expressing your interest is a sin, so we all must pretend to be careless. The problem is that it’s almost impossible to figure out who has zero interest just to play it cool and who actually is not interested in you. Good luck with trying to tell one from another.

phone-call4. The dying art of phone calls

Now, it’s time to start learning all the emoticons and their meanings. Phone calls are a dying art, and don’t you dare to phone someone because you’re getting late or in trouble – it’s against the contemporary etiquette. You need to text. The same rules apply when it comes to modern dating etiquette. No one wants to hear your voice, you need to use the most informal way of communication – texting.

5. Plans don’t matter anymore

Plans change every minute, so forget about planned dates. The plans of your love interest may be updating every minute, and he or she will be left with no time for your date.

6. Commitment phobia

You want to commit? Well, you’re probably from another century, as we don’t want commitment anymore. We want to be label-free. Besides, we are not good at relationships. You also aren’t that good at this stuff, you’re just too afraid to face it.

7. Breaking up is the ultimate solution

Working on the fading romance? Trying to fix your relationships when they give a crack? What planet are you from? Nowadays, breaking up is the ultimate solution of your problems in relationships.

reject8. Cheating is okay

Previously, cheating was one of the biggest sins in relationships. Moreover, those who cheated became the targets of public judgment. Nowadays, cheating is no big deal. No judgment, no bad karma for the cheaters.

9. Creepy/ Romantic

You are romantic? Are you eager to wait for your love interest near his or her house? You would like to express your love publicly? Well, look at yourself in the mirror first, because whether your actions will be considered creepy or romantic depends solely on your appearance.

10. The meaning of “Wanna hang out?”

“Wanna hang out?” may mean anything, right? Wrong! Of course, you can either go to movies or to some party, but hanging out must culminate into you getting laid.

11. Sex rules

Honesty has no appeal anymore (if it ever had). When somebody wants to have sex with you, knowing that you may want more, he or she won’t even bother telling you that you are probably messing with the wrong person. We are after what we want, no matter what others want.

12. Being cool is a must

We can be interesting, vulnerable, funny, cute, etc, but we won’t reveal it at all. Being cool is a must. Although, you can lose the opportunity of dating someone, because he or she can’t get your true attitude towards him or her, keep being cool.

13. You don’t know someone’s true face until it’s too late

As we all pretend to be cool, it is really hard to understand your love interest until you are in relationships. Quite often, you find yourself with someone whom you really don’t want to be with.

14. Illusion machine

Social media is a possibility to keep in touch with your friends and family. Wrong – it is an illusion-producing machine that makes you think that whenever you break up with somebody, you can always pick someone else from your friend list.

15. Two scary perspectives

In modern dating we have two scary perspectives. Either you will break up with your partner or you will spend the rest of your life with him or her. Both perspectives are equally frightening, as you don’t want to lose something which is yours, and you don’t want to get stuck in shallow waters with your partner when the world is full of opportunities.

boredom on date16. Expressing love via social media

Why tell someone that you love him or her in private when you can do it publicly, on social media. You partner definitely knows about your feelings towards him or her, why remind him? What you need is to post something that will shout to everybody that you have the best boyfriend or girlfriend. Post as much as you can, because you know that if you don’t have photos and posts that prove that you are in relationships, then you’re not in relationships.

17. Wishful thinking

Your friends must be happy for you and your partner, right? Wrong, as nobody cancelled wishful thinking. If one of your friends thinks that he or she fits your partner better, don’t be surprised with them having zero respect towards your relationships. Moreover, some of them may even try to destroy your relationship.

18. Horrors of a dumpee

Modern dating starts with the fear of being dumped. Yep, it may sound funny, but it’s true. Most of us start getting nightmares of our partners breaking up with us. Needless to say that you always draw what you are afraid of. Those who are scared of getting dumped the most are getting dumped more often than those who are not afraid.

19. Pangs of a dumper

You see that your relationship is getting nowhere, and the most logical solution is the breakup. But you are afraid of having those pangs of a dumper, because your ego is so big that you can’t imagine your partner living in this cruel world without you.

20. Reading articles on relationships

We are so helpless that we no longer trust ourselves. Each time we have some troubles with our relationships or with the absence of relationships, we go and dig some articles on the Internet, as there’s no other way for us to figure out what’s wrong with us.

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