Is It Bad to Break Up with Someone Over Text?

is it bad to break up with someone over text

Why People Break Up Over Text?

A farewell letter is a very common tool in romantic relationships. Usually, it plays the role of a diary, when we write about our feelings. We do it primarily for ourselves. It is important for us to understand our own experiences, it is more important than a response itself. Such a way of breaking up gives time to think everything through, give some additional meaning to a message and, perhaps, allows a person to be bolder than in a real conversation. You are filled with emotions when you write a message like that, you are serving your own justice. But your thoughts and all these efforts can be absolutely incomprehensible to another person, “Why? What has happened? Everything was great between us.” People perceive such a way of breaking up as a softer alternative, it will ease the pain of their partner. But it is rarely the case. We really don’t want to hurt ourselves. This is a self-justification behind which there is a reluctance to feel guilty. In breaking up, both partners are most often to blame, but those who decide to take this step will feel more guilt and pain in the end.

With that being said, let’s define all the pros and cons of breaking up over text.

Pros and Cons of Breaking Up Over Text

We will start with the cons, as to continue on from what has been said above, and frankly speaking, there are more negative things to say about this way of breaking up than positive ones.

  • Cons

A greater sense of guilt. This is mainly due to the way of sending this information because neither you nor your partner gets the full picture of the situation. how to break up with a girl over textYou were trying to do poetic justice to your message. So much effort has been put into it, but you cannot get the full range of emotions across because all of the elements of a real conversation are missing.  To make your message sound great, make it poetic and all, isn’t the same thing as giving it more meaning, no emotions can be sent over text. The same goes for a person who receives this text, they cannot respond properly to it, their hands are shaking, and they feel a great deal of discomfort. While this discomfort will be present in real life as well, it easier for you to soften the blow.

Ignorance. It is, considering all things, quite easier for a person to just type a message, block a user and let it all go. And while yeah, this is a great way of solving this situation for yourself, but what about a person on the other side? In a real conversation, there is a room for some negotiation, there is a room for something more than just spilling tears into a pillow. So, if you have any remorse left for your now “ex-partner,” don’t block them right away, in fact, do it only if nothing good comes out of their response. I am talking about threats, accusations and stuff like that. If you were able to settle things calmly, so be it.

  • Pros

Convenience. As I’ve mentioned above, it is a lot more “time-efficient,” if you consider the time to be a valuable priority in an act like this. But the most important thing about this aspect is the ability to cut allies ties at once if a relationship was just too hard to handle. If you were suffering in it, it all blew over, and this was the result, then yeah, I suppose that there is no other better way about doing things. Pack your bags while your partner isn’t home, leave a note and delete yourself from their life. In most cases, I wouldn’t recommend using this way of parting under normal circumstances, but if you feel abused, and if you feel all the pain that has been gathering in you over the years, and it will all culminate with this action, then really, there is no other way about doing things. And when it comes to new relationships, this is the best way of doing things.

In conclusion of this part: Is it bad to break up with someone over text? It depends, but in most cases, yes. Break up text messages cause lots of discomfort and pain to everyone involved. But if you see no other option, then a breakup text is your only way to go.

How to Break Up Over Text

So, for whatever reason you’ve decided to do it, but how to break up with someone through text?

First off, forget about being a poet, for the love of god, no one wants to read this type of stuff. Get to the point, your time, browsing the Internet for “the best poetic ways how to break up with your boyfriend over text” won’t be appreciated. You should convey your point.

How to break up with a girl over text? Don’t be afraid of sending a long message, is this the right time to be in a rush? If you are going to send a message or leave a written note, convey your point to the fullest extent. You should know how to break up with someone nicely over text.

how to break up with your girlfriend over textIf you feel like no harm has been done to you, you were just either bored or you had lots of goals, which you wanted to achieve for a long time now, then don’t forget to mention all the good stuff that happened to you in this relationship. Don’t leave a person hanging, don’t let them question their actions and grieve all of their missteps.

While the oldest excuse in the book, which is “it’s not about you” is rather banal and overused, it is still the best way of breaking up over text. Your ex-partner will feel less pain this way.

How to break up with your girlfriend over text if you’ve been hurt for a long time? While it may seem like a great idea to spill out all of your feelings, don’t do it, be short and to the point. If you decide to make an elaborate and highly-detailed description of all the ways you’ve been tortured over the years, then: 1) Your partner will decide to patch things up and get you back, promising to become a better person. 2) No one can just admit their guilt in a matter of a minute.

How to Break Up Over Text: Examples

Are you still wondering about how to break up over text? Well, here are some good break up text messages.

  • Having sent this text message, I will cross you out of my life, and, while overcoming the heartache, I will look to the future with an open heart. You are in the past.
  • Until recently, I was crazy about your touch, and today I find it hard to remember everything that happened between us. Our dreams are not destined to come true and sadly, but this is the end!
  • I want to immerse into the routine of everyday life in order to forget you as soon as possible. Thank you for the wonderful moments that you gave me, but my heart cannot give you a second chance.
  • The wind of change took my addiction called love. I choose freedom, freedom over you.
  • After this message, I will set up an invisible wall that will protect me from all the lies in which my love for you has drowned. I will rather say “Goodbye!” now than I’ll continue to torment my soul.
  • I am no longer pleased with our relationship, in which any understanding has disappeared. This is the end.
  • Get someone else, but not me, I am done. Now we have tickets for different flights in life!
  • I have no longer the feeling of wings behind my back, which means that the waterfall of love has already dried up. Now I want to be alone. Goodbye!
  • All good things come to an end, and so did my love to you. Goodbye!
  • It was a wild rollercoaster, but we got stuck by the end, we had to wait for a guy to get us out of there, it was scary… and then we got some tacos on our way home. I thank you for this journey, but we have to move one. (funny break up text messages are weird to consider but don’t through them out the window, they will greatly soften the blow)
  • Lots of great memories pop into my head, I am thankful to you for them, but there have been also lots of terrible memories, for which I cannot forgive you.
  • Do not come to my doorstep anymore and do not seek to meet me. This is a new beginning for you and me, and I am only concerned about the latter.
  • I will never forget our dates, but I also don’t see a future with me by your side. It’s time for us to move on.
  • Love is the engine of life on Earth. But our mechanism of eternal feelings has broken and cannot be repaired. Be happy, but without me!
  • Let’s agree on one thing, we’ve been just children when we’ve met. We have been so passionate about each other, yet now, we are just two people who live together and have occasional sex, and this is not something that I want to have in my life. I am sorry.
  • good break up text messagesOur book of love has been written, now it’s time for it to gather dust on the shelf. The last chapter of the novel has already been written and cannot be changed!
  • I imagined our love to be completely different. Instead of a paradise, I see the impassable jungle. Complete disappointment in you makes me want to forgive the last few years of my life. There is no more “us,” there is only me and my future.
  • I’m not looking for a beautiful and elaborate apology – this is no longer necessary. The time came when our relationship finally died. I hope that the experience with you will help me become happier in life.
  • I felt like we have been making love for all of this time, but in fact, we’ve been making enemies out of each other. There is no coming back, yet there are many things to find in the future.
  • It is unbearably painful for me to look at you, even if I happen to meet you by chance. I want to be on another planet in order to forget you and all that was between us. This message will be the last, and tomorrow another life will begin, a new chapter of our lives will begin, but I don’t need you to play a role in mine.
  • Quiet sadness overcomes my mind, I am sorry, but this is all over. But the reason for this message is your attitude. I don’t know the taste of your lips anymore, I don’t know the reason for us to be together if there is one…
  • I will never forget you, but we have no future. That pain that is still boiling inside me, I want it to go away, but I can’t. But I no longer want to see your strange indifference – this is the end!

How to Respond to a Break Up Over Text

Now you know how to break up with a guy over text, but as you can see, some of these can be very mean and straight forward. And it feels great from the standpoint of a person that sends them. But what about a person on the other side? What should you do if you receive a message like that?

Well, perhaps, if you are reading this after you’ve got a similar message, just don’t do anything stupid.

First off, statistically speaking, it is very unlikely for you to get a person back to love you. It is very hard for us to change, and while you might be filled with all the excitement about changing your ways for the better, this is not how it works.

Remember that, as a receiver of a message like that, what you should do is to seek to have a rational meeting, remind your partner that you don’t want to get them back, but you just want to settle all the things that have been left behind.

Another important rule, perhaps the most important one, is that you shouldn’t behave like an asshole. Don’t stalk your ex-partner, don’t hack their accounts, don’t do anything that may get you in trouble. You don’t want to get a restraining order, you will not achieve anything, and I repeat, you will not achieve anything by stalking your ex-partner.

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