What to Do Instead of Attending the Gym: 21 Ways to Keep Your Body Fit


Physical activity plays a huge role in our lives; particular kinds of it actually made us humans. It is surely not a secret that modern people are very prone to hypodynamia that may lead to serious health problems. One of the recipes for avoiding it is to go to the gym on a regular basis. But we face another issue here: workouts of this kind can really be monotonous and they are not for everyone.

Yes, attending such places gives you a chance to have a great gym date yet there are many other opportunities to meet dating material. In this article, I wanna tell you how to work out outside the gym and stay in a perfect shape.

10 ideas for indoor workouts

Even if you are a homebody, there are numerous free alternatives to the gym workouts.

Buy a jump rope. Do you think only little girls should jump a rope? Oh yeah, it is widely used by boxers too. This is a pretty cheap and productive footwork idea.JumpROpe

Do jumping jacks. This is another way to improve your coordination and strengthen your ankles. If you jump for a few minutes every day, your body spends as many calories as if you were jogging.

Accept the plank challenge. Did you know there are many different types of planking? Each of them has some unique benefits yet they all help you build a nice waistline and improve your posture.

Bring a stair stepper in. Step aerobics is one of the most effective ways to lose and maintain weight. Steppers do not cost much nowadays – pay once and have a workout without the gym anytime.

Take up Yoga/Pilates/Stretching. These kinds of workout are both relaxing and very good for your whole body. All the muscles get fitter and your physical abilities boost.

Clean your living space. In fact, this is a proper way to take up fitness without the gym and keep your place tidy at the same time. The bigger your house is, the better the effect will be!

Go dancing. Some people hate dancing but it is definitely splendid. Choose the best style for you and you will get surprised with the results! Some kinds (e.g. pole dance) make all your muscle groups work really hard.

Use water bottle weights. Yes, you can easily do exercises without the gym equipment. If you do not struggle to build the muscle mass, simple plastic bottles with water will come in handy.

Search for online workouts. There is a plenty of opportunities to train at home and extend your knowledge of fitness.

Do high knees. The weather doesn’t always allow you to go running but here is a great alternative. Why not work out while watching TV instead of sitting on the sofa when it is cold outside?

10 outdoor workouts to try

You can’t obtain the maximum from your physical activity without getting enough of fresh air. Let’s see what kinds of exercises you can do outside.

Roller skating. People of different ages enjoy it and you can have fun together with your significant other, your family, or your friends.

Hiking. This is what you can do travelling around the world: the variety of hiking-friendly landscapes is truly endless. Include camping if you wish and you will completely escape your daily routine.

Bike riding. Casual, fun, and absolutely not hard to do. There is barely a better way to make your lower body look amazing and gain muscles without weights.

Skiing. Even though you live in a warm climate zone, affordable ski resorts are to be found worldwide. Again, this is an awesome family activity that makes your life healthier.

Ice skating. It is considered to be the most beautiful kind of winter sports – and for the good reason. Well, maybe, your performance won’t look as great as those on TV but your body will love it.

Horse riding. Communication with animals is good for your mind state if you behave properly. When your skills get quite sufficient, you will be able to take long rides across your preferred area.

Rock climbing. Surely, if you are not a professional climber, you should start with the very basic things. After all, climbing walls – indoor and outdoor – are easy to find in any relatively big city.rock-climbing

Walking. I can’t remember an activity that would require fewer efforts. As human beings, we were born to walk so this is one of the best outdoor cardio workouts. And it may be extremely diverse too!

Boating. I should admit this is a very broad term – boats of various types, from simple canoes to fancy sailing yachts, can change your life entirely. Try different variants to find which is yours.

Golf/tennis/baseball. Group sports games enable you to exercise without the gym and recharge. Regardless of how skilled you are, there is always a chance to surpass yourself.

Swimming instead of the gym

Why did I put this into a separate paragraph? Well, swimming is actually the most popular and universal thing to do instead of going to the gym. It is as diverse as you can imagine: you can swim practically wherever and whenever. You do not have to waste money on expensive fitness clubs and spa as there is a plenty of free or cheap options.Swimming

The colossal advantage of swimming is that it puts all your muscles to work so you can effectively lose weight and effortlessly maintain a good shape – if you do it regularly, of course. 30 minutes of swimming a week are actually all you need to improve your overall health! You can mix it with some other activities like aqua aerobics too.

Finally, swimming (especially outdoor) has always been among the most relaxing activities. It connects you to nature and helps restore your energy and calm you down. As a bonus, this is “the cleanest” workout routine since you don’t sweat.

To wrap it all up

As you can see, there are myriads of cool ways to work out without visiting the gym. The hardest thing here is, probably, to stimulate your urge to exercise. It is always possible to carve some time out of your daily schedule. So muse on your purpose to get motivated and remember what you do it for. You can work out exactly whenever you want and in the most convenient way.

Last but not least, plan your healthy diet because it is as important as training. This is what actually enables you to enjoy life!

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